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Whipped Cream and Mango Crepe with Walnuts- whole wheat

The delicious whole wheat crepes made with mangoes and creme make a perfect after school snack or even a dessert when you have friends over. The crepes can be made ahead and refrigerator for a week and they stay well.


1 cup ripe mangoes, peeled and cut 

1/4 cup chopped walnuts

whipped cream with little sugar

5 whole wheat crepes



Lay the crepe out on a flat dessert plate. Spread each crepe a dollop of whipped cream and top it with mangoes lengthwise in the center. Sprinkle some walnuts over it and fold the crepes from both sides to made a roll. Turn it around so that the fold faces the bottom. Repeat this with the remaining crepes.

Optionally you can add more whipped cream, mangoes and walnut to the top of this rolled up crepe.