New to Yoga? Get your fundamentals right by these Yoga for Beginners asanas that not only help beat stress, but also improve posture, concentration and blood circulation. It’s easy to rid your skin off toxins. All you need to do is dry brush and scrub, but what should one do to get rid of the toxins present inside the body?

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Here is how the day looks for a working individual - wake up in the morning, rush to the toilet, wake kids up, catch a brisk walk (may be), have a shower, get a quick breakfast and into the car or the bike to head to work. Work until end of day, sitting on a chair and possibly changing chairs to go into meeting rooms. And when you get back home, you are back to spending time with family, doing homework, fixing dinner, catch up on news or books and wind down to bed.

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The ancient yogis were aware that alignment is the key to good posture; they knew that wrong postures disturb the anatomical alignment and cause strain and discomfort. Overtime it can lead to neck pain, back pain, knee pain, headache, respiratory problems, fatigue, anxiety and so on. But many of us are not aware that posture plays a vital role in one’s well being.

The human skeletal system is not designed for sitting on the chair or on overstuffed couches as they cause misalignment in the legs, hips, pelvis and spine and lead to various health issues. Ergonomic chairs also do not align the body properly. Sitting on the floor provides perfect alignment and strength to the legs, pelvis, hips, abdomen and spine.

Asanas are designed for the anatomy of human body. They improve alignment, stability, strength and balance; heal damages caused due to improper lifestyle. Note all the asanas mentioned in this article is recommended for people who have already been practising yoga or can be done under the guidance of an experience yoga teacher. 

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Jala Neti is a nasal cleansing technique that cleans the nasal and sinus passages. When seasons change, there are some parts of the body that react faster to the change and one of them is the nasal passage and throat. With these seasonal changes, we are eclipsed by the itchy eyes, sneezing, and congestion and other allergies.

Some allergies tend to get severe and require the attention of a health care professional. For milder cases of itchy nose and other common allergic symptoms, Jala Neti may provide all the relief you need.

Practicing Jala Neti technique helps removes excess mucous and bacteria and relieves the nasal and sinus blockages. It refreshes the brain, face, eyes and improves mental clarity. It helps to get relief from allergies, asthma, sinusitis and headaches. 

Jala Neti, is just one such home remedy or technique that we can use to fight back seasonal allergies. To combat allergies, we also need to make sure we exercise right and have a balanced diet. The more oxygen we get into our system through cardio activity, the more toxins we get rid off and more rejuvenated our cells will become. You can also try the Homemade Immunity Boosting Recipes to build your immune system and resistance to seasonal changes.

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Yoga is a systematic discipline and an amazing inward journey that illuminates the practitioner’s life beyond pain and suffering. It is a soothing balm that heals and strengthens and way of life that moulds the personality of the practitioner, bestows love, knowledge, wisdom and good health. Practicing yoga provides relief for many health issues like headaches, arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes and other ailments, caused due to high stress and unhealthy lifestyles. It also removes negative emotions and ego, develops confidence, and promotes peace and lasting happiness.

Published in Yoga Asanas Pranayam

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