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Aam pana

Aam Panna is an earthy,rustic, refreshing drink made from roasted raw mango. In Allahabad as it is very hot villagers make small fire out of fallen twigs of trees & roast raw mangoes over it.They make Aam panas in large quantities and stock it.They just have to take some pulp mix it with water from pot(matka/surahi). This summer cooler is not only refreshing but it helps to protect one from the loo(hot breeze)which blows throughout summer here.


1 raw mango
6 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoon kaali namak/black salt
1 teaspoon roasted jeera (powdered coarsely)
juice of half lemon


Roast the raw mango on the gas stove, until it is soft. Allow it to cool slightly, then peel it the skin, remove the pulp from the seed and mash it.  Add sugar while it is still warm so that the sugar dissolves quickly. Mix kaali namak & powdered roasted jeera. Strain the aam pana pulp and store it in clean container.

To serve - Take 4-5 teaspoon of aam pana pulp in a glass ,add ice cold water & squeeze in half lemon juice and serve. A very earthy, rustic,refreshing summer cooler is ready. 


The raw mango roasted on gas burner tastes better than the oven roasted one. Use icy cold water to the pulp instead of using ice as ice dilutes the rustic flavour (typically village(y)one)