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Jyothi Rajesh is an engineer by profession. Food and any thing related to food is her passion. She loves to cook, style and photograph food. She spends half of my week teaching Robotics to children and the rest of my week she get lost in cooking and photography. She cook for two reasons. First, cooking is, in all honesty, a way to show that she cares about people. It gives her great pleasure to make something that someone enjoys! Second, "I love the quest … the quest for great ingredient combinations, for unexpected flavors, for those “wow” recipes."

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Moroccan Roast Chicken with Apricots Recipe

Sunday, 26 February 2017 00:13

The secret to making tender roast chicken is the spice blend that goes in marinating the chicken along with basting the chicken at regular intervals while baking to keep it moist. This Moroccan spiced roast chicken is a mixture of spice, sweet and sour taste all together at the same time. To speed ...

Labra Assamese Chunky Mix Vegetables Recipe

Friday, 24 February 2017 00:13

Labra is a very popular Assamese dish which uses a lot of chunky vegetables in it. It’s a popular side dish that goes well with rice and roti. It is flavoured with subtle spices and is very light on your palate. This recipe is one of the best ways to use up a lot of small stock of variety of vegetables ...

Chickpea & Date Tagine Recipe

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 00:20

Tagine is a food culture of the Moroccan and Algerian countries. Tagine is a shallow earthen pot which has a tall lid and food cooked in tagine tastes amazing. Dishes made of tagine are usually slow cooked mostly on fire or grill, these days the tagine is cooked in oven too. Chickpea and date is cooked ...

Assamese Style Dil Pasand Recipe

Saturday, 18 February 2017 00:19

Assamese Style Dil Pasand Recipe (Stuffed Sweet Puris) is a traditional sweet puri with rich and delicious filling of khoya-coconut-raisins from the Assamese cuisine is a special dish that can be included to your festival recipe collections or even for treating your guests during your party. A very delicious ...

Coconut Thumbprint Cookies With Pineapple And Apricot Preserve Recipe

Saturday, 18 February 2017 00:12

Be it festive season or not, making these thumbprint cookies and storing them for few days to enjoy with your milk or evening tea is a wonderful idea. Making these thumb print cookies is so much fun. Involve your kids and the fun is doubled. Thumbprint cookies are also called jam cookies and adding different ...

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Karela Kadhi Recipe

Friday, 17 February 2017 00:11

Kadhi is a comfort food for all seasons. Kadhi chawal is one of its best combinations and Karela Kadhi Recipe is a kadhi made with bitter gourd. This is a versatile and delectable dish is a food culture of India, different regions of India make kadhi slightly different from the other. This buttermilk/yogurt ...

Brunch Omelet Torte Recipe

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 00:19

An Italian layered dish that is baked and served for breakfast or brunch is this omelet torte. Layers of chicken ham and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes and omelet all layered inside a buttery crispy perfect puff pastry makes every bite very satisfying. Every element of this torte is homemade and the ...

Muga Ambat Recipe

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 00:19

Indian cuisine is so diverse that every region has its own way of cooking and using ingredients and has its own specialty dish that is very popular among the locals. Curry is one of the quintessential dish of Indian cuisine and each and every region cooks it in such a diverse method, the result is amazing ...

Spiced Cauliflower And Almond Soup Recipe

Sunday, 12 February 2017 00:21

Meaty cauliflower cooked in aromatic spices and harissa together with almonds makes one of the most delicious and satisfying soups you would prefer to have for your dinner. If you are looking for light, low fat dinner recipes then this one is just for you. The North African flavors in the soups makes ...

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Vegetable Tagine Recipe

Saturday, 11 February 2017 00:20

Tagine is a food culture of the Moroccan and Algerian countries. Tagine is a shallow earthen pot which has a tall lid and food cooked in tagine tastes amazing. Dishes made of tagine are usually slow cooked mostly on fire or grill, these days the tagine is cooked in oven too. Vegetable Tagine a mix of ...

Maash Ki Dal Khasgi Recipe (Dhaba Style Urad Dal)

Wednesday, 08 February 2017 00:19

Maash Ki Dal is one of the most popular dish from the dhaba. It is a lentils based slightly creamy, spicy dal recipe which is made of urad dal. It is one of most preferred dal when people eat in dhaba. The authentic maash ki dal is usually cooked in an handi on open fire. The urad dal is cooked to perfection ...

Awadhi Style Kathal Ke Kebab Recipe

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 00:19

Awadhi Style Kathal Ke Kebab Recipe is a popular appetizer from the kitchens of Uttar Pradesh that uses jackfruit (Kathal). It is a vegetarian delight! These delicious, meaty, wonderful kebabs are sure to impress the vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Kathal Ke Kebab is a simple recipe, barring the ...

Dali Thoy Recipe (Karwar Style Toor dal Curry)

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 00:19

The quintessential of Konkani dish which is popular among Mangaloreans (from Kongunadu) is this dali thoy. It is a spiced toor dal stew dish which is a simple dish. When you crave for something very light, comforting yet delicious you can rely on this simple curry. Paired with steamed rice, Dali Thoy ...

Parsi Style Chaas Payelo Sakarkand Recipe

Thursday, 02 February 2017 00:21

Parsi Style Chaas Payelo Sakarkand Recipe is sweet potatoes and this Parsi dish is a very simple caramelized sweet potatoes recipe. We use Indian sweet potatoes for this recipe. This recipe is very basic, cook sakarkand with salt, red chili powder and bit of roasted cumin powder until it gets caramelized ...

Parsi Style Khaman Pattice Recipe

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 00:21

Looking for a easy but amazing vegetarian starter recipe for your party? I have got one just for you, it’s Parsi style Khaman Pattice recipe. This patty is not a regular potato pattice, this one is unique and interesting. These are stuffed potato pattice with a center filled with a mixture of coconut, ...

Ghee Tooria Per Eda Recipe (Parsi Style Ridge Gourd With Fried Eggs)

Saturday, 21 January 2017 00:21

Ridge gourd is a very delicate vegetable and you can make variety of dishes using this humble vegetable. Ridge gourd itself tastes bland and we always spike it up with some bold spices. Ridge gourd stir fry with a combination of spices is one simple dish and it tastes amazing. But to make it even more ...

Menthya Jolada Mudde Recipe (Methi & Jowar Balls Recipe)

Saturday, 14 January 2017 00:14

Menthya Jolada Mudde Recipe (Methi & Jowar Balls Recipe) is one of traditional, dish from North Karnataka which may not be known to many. It is a twist to regular ragi mudde recipe that is a common inclusion in Kitchens of Karnataka and Andhra. If you love to include healthy millets to your diet ...

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Stuffed Mushroom Recipe With Italian Sausage

Wednesday, 04 January 2017 00:21

Stuffed Mushroom Recipe With Italian Sausage are another addition to the stuffed mushrooms. The earthiness from the mushrooms with delicious sausage filling will be welcomed by all age groups. You can even make these for any party starters and it makes for best finger food dish that is not just delicious ...

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Kerala Varutharacha Mutton Curry Recipe

Monday, 02 January 2017 00:21

Kerala Varutharacha curry is ground masala added to the curry. Mutton curry made from ground masala along with coconut is a spicy, delicious curry that goes perfectly with appam, idiyappam, and rice. It’s peppery, spicy and delicious. With added freshly grated coconut, the spice is balanced out. Here ...

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Mediterranean Dajaj Mechwi Recipe

Sunday, 01 January 2017 00:21

Dajaj Mechwi Recipe is Mediterranean grilled chicken which has wonderful spice blend in it. When you have friends over make these for them and you are sure to receive a lot of appreciation from them. With grilled chicken with wonderful spices in it, Dajaj Mechwi Recipe makes it a perfect lunch ...

Christmas Carbonara Pasta

Saturday, 24 December 2016 00:00

Christmas is in the air and we are all getting ready for a grand celebration. A lot of delicacies will be lined up for the Christmas party. Something for the pasta lovers as well. It’s Christmas Carbonara pasta with chicken ham and bacons in it. Made this at home and we had an early Christmas celebration. This ...

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French Toast Recipe With Oven Roasted Streaky Bacon

Thursday, 22 December 2016 00:21

French toast is the most loved toast by kids and adults. Top it with your favorites like roasted streaky bacon and you have the most amazing breakfast dish ready. One the most popular topping on French toast is bacon, here we are doing oven roasted streaky bacon over the French toast along with fresh ...

Mughlai Style Chicken Haleem Recipe

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 00:21

Haleem is a Mughlai recipe popular in Hyderabad and Andhra cuisine. Haleem is usually made from lamb/mutton with chana dal and broken wheat. Mughlai Style Chicken Haleem Recipe has chicken as the main ingredient along with chana dal. you can also try the same one pot dish recipe with various dals like ...

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Patra Ni Machi Recipe (Fish Cooked In Banana Leaf)

Sunday, 11 December 2016 00:20

Anything wrapped in banana leaf and cooked to perfection is the most amazing food to eat in the whole world! I love food cooked in banana leaf. The flavour which the leaf imparts to the dish is just amazing. This kind of food is rustic, homely and lip smacking delicious! Patra Ni Machi is a very popular ...

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