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Jyothi Rajesh is an engineer by profession. Food and any thing related to food is her passion. She loves to cook, style and photograph food. She spends half of my week teaching Robotics to children and the rest of my week she get lost in cooking and photography. She cook for two reasons. First, cooking is, in all honesty, a way to show that she cares about people. It gives her great pleasure to make something that someone enjoys! Second, "I love the quest … the quest for great ingredient combinations, for unexpected flavors, for those “wow” recipes."

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Creamy Potato Egg Salad Recipe with Herbs

Sunday, 15 November 2015 00:00

The Creamy Potato Egg Salad Recipe is a delicious healthy twist to the classic creamy potato salad but without the mayonnaise. The creaminess in the salad is from homemade sour cream that is made from yogurt and flavored with herbs to add to the punch.  The Potato and Egg salad makes a great dish ...

Published in Salads

Tomato Uttapam Recipe

Friday, 13 November 2015 09:13

Tomato Uttapam Recipe is yet another classic South Indian Breakfast item. Similar to dosas, but made thicker, giving them a soft and fluffy texture, Uttapams are usually served with a variety of toppings or stuffings. Regular Dosa Batter may be used to make uttapam and a choice of toppings can vary from ...

Homemade Canape Papdi Chaat Recipe

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 00:26

The Homemade Canape Papdi Chaat Recipe is a very exciting and fun way to eat chaat that is loaded with all the healthy ingredients like sprouts. The canape chaat makes a great inclusion in your late evening "chaat party". The canapes are not just easy to handle and pop into mouth, they can also be made ...

Published in Indian Street Food

Cauliflower Paneer Kofta Curry Recipe

Sunday, 08 November 2015 00:10

Cauliflower Paneer Kofta Curry Recipe is another variant of the much loved range of kofta curries. I love kofta curry! Who doesn’t, right? A tangy tomato-based curry, with a whole lot of other spices to make an interesting medley, kofta curries are zesty as well as comforting thanks to the soft outage ...

Microwaved Egg-Omlette-In-A-Mug Recipe

Tuesday, 27 October 2015 00:59

Microwaved Egg-Omlette-In-A-Mug Recipe is a fantastic addition to your daily breakfast options. It is definitely a good habit to eat breakfast in the morning before you begin your day but with busy schedules and work taking over, few of us have time to sit and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. That's when ...

Potato Pizza with Gluten Free Pizza Base Recipe

Monday, 19 October 2015 00:32

Potato Pizza with Gluten Free Pizza Base Recipe is a gluten free variant for good old pizza - that retains all the goodness of eating pizza, without the guilt. Who doesn’t love pizza? I love pizza! It’s one of my top favourite foods, but always wonder whether the pizza is nutritious enough to feed ...

Published in Pastas and Pizzas

Garlic & Pepper Mushroom Stir Fry Recipe

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 00:48

Garlic & Pepper Mushroom Stir Fry Recipe is a quick and delicious dish that comes together in about 15 minutes. It makes a delightful side dish as well as an appetiser when served over toast or along with crusty bread on the side. It is perfect for those busy weeknights when you want to quickly whip ...

Kara Vegetable Pidi Kozhukattai (Savory Spicy Vegetable Modak)

Tuesday, 06 October 2015 00:04

The Kara Vegetable Pidi Kozhukattai is a twist to the savory version of the traditional kozhukattai that is made for Ganesh Chaturthi. Adding vegetables to the Kozhukattai makes it even more nutritious and delicious too. Serve the Kara Kozhukattai warm as it is or along with a spicy ...

Instant Kalakand Recipe (Indian Festive Sweet Recipe)

Friday, 18 September 2015 00:51

Kalakand is a delicious milk fudge cake that is very popularly made in India during the festival season. Kalakand is an popular Indian sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese. It is a rich sweet made from concentrated milk called Khoya and homemade Paneer called Chhena. This is ...

Chocolate Modak Recipe

Thursday, 17 September 2015 12:03

Chocolate Modak Recipe is delicious and festive twist to this Ganesh Chaturthi favourite. Also called kozhukattai, modals are a staple for this festival, along with Sundal, served as the favourites of Lord Ganesh. Chocolate Modaks are a great option for those looking to make an assortment of homemade ...

Easy Coconut Ladoo Stuffed With Pistachios Recipe

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 10:08

Easy Coconut Ladoo Stuffed With Pistachios Recipe is a quick and easy recipe for preparing coconut ladoos which are a universal favourite during the festive season. The basic recipe for coconut ladoos used here is so simple, it can be prepared in no time add all. The addition of a few drops of rose syrup ...

Kaju Badam Ladoo Recipe (Sweet Cashew nut Almond Energy Balls)

Saturday, 12 September 2015 00:14

Kaju Badam Ladoo Recipe is a rich and indulgent preparation for Sweet Cashew Nut and Almond Balls perfect for the season of festivity coming up. Using a collection of nuts that are great brain food, they’re also a high-energy snack. It can be made ahead for any Indian festival, and will make a perfect ...

Gopalkala Recipe (Janmashtami Special)

Friday, 04 September 2015 00:45

The Gopalkala Recipe is a popular offering to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. Gopalkala is a savory dish made of beaten rice, cucumbers, green chilies, coconut and the tempering is done using ghee. The Gopalkala Recipe is just like curd rice, the only difference is beaten rice is used. Gopalakala not ...

Published in Rice

Vegan Guilt Free Chocolate Espresso Mousse Recipe

Friday, 04 September 2015 00:26

Vegan Guilt Free Chocolate Espresso Mousse Recipe is one of the easiest desserts you can make. Whip it up in just about 5 minutes and allow it to set, wow your family or guests at a dinner party. What’s more? It’s vegan and relatively guilt free. A look at the ingredient list - bananas, ripe avocados, ...

Published in Dinner Party Desserts

Beetroot Hummus Recipe

Monday, 17 August 2015 08:07

Beetroot Hummus Recipe is a simple and easy dip to make as an accompaniment to crackers or as a sandwich spread over toasted pieces of bread. You can either use raw beets or roast them in the oven for a better depth of flavour. This recipe uses beets roasted in the oven, blended with cooked chickpeas, ...

Published in Dips

Avocado Egg Sandwich Recipe

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 07:58

Avocados Egg Sandwiches make a wholesome snack or even a weeknight dinner. The creamy filling made of avocado and eggs as the base, makes room for an assortment of spices, seasonings or sandwich fillings of your choice. The sandwich recipe uses cucumber, pickled gherkins, green lettuce and some fresh ...

Curried Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Friday, 24 July 2015 08:50

Curried Butternut Squash Soup is a quick and easy soup to make. High on nutrition, flavour and prepared in less than 30 minutes, this is a great recipe to use on cold rainy nights or during the winter. A big bowl of this hearty soup, some bread, dip and a salad on the side would just complete the meal. Did ...

Published in Soups

Instant Masala Oats Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 00:22

The Instant Masala Oats Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe, is a twist to the traditional kuzhi paniyaram which is made using leftover idli or dosa batter. Oats kuzhi paniyaram is an instant and easy to cook dish. There is no soaking, no fermentation involved. If you are in a hurry to whip up a quick and healthy ...

Instant Oats Rava Idli Recipe (Savory Steamed Oatmeal Cakes)

Monday, 06 July 2015 00:39

The Instant Oats Rava Idli Recipe is a perfect blend of oats and grains that you can make for a weekday breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's believed that eating a healthy, heavy and balanced breakfast is very important. Oats is one of the great choice for breakfast to ...

Paneer Stuffed Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

Thursday, 02 July 2015 00:35

Paneer Stuffed Kuzhi Paniyaram is a refreshing twist to the traditional Paniyaram recipe. The addition of the spicy paneer filling in the center of the paniyaram makes it really delicious in taste. These Paniyaram make an a wholesome breakfast and can be packed into the school snack box as well along ...

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