Maintaining your diet and workout regime while traveling seems hard, but these travel hacks should do the trick.

Exercising is an important everyday activity that is required to stay healthy. The fast paced lifestyles we lead, requires us to ensure we get the right amount of nutrition and fitness for our body to function well.

Conflicted as to whether you should have a cheat meal or not because of mixed opinions? Well here is a little secret, include at least one cheat meal.

Nutty brown and aromatic, flax seeds are a good source of healthy fat, micronutrients, antioxidants and fiber.

A balanced diet and plenty of water is the key to preventing weight gain while on a marathon training diet plan.

While most discussions about wellness revolve around the impact exercise and a balanced diet have on physical health, they play a major role on our mental health as well.

No time to go to the gym but want to lose weight? Why not try an exercise form that you can do at anytime and anywhere? Brisk walking. 

Eating right just does not include major food categories like carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre. It also includes breakdown of the major categories to vitamins, minerals and more. Incomplete nutrition with respect to these essential nutrients may result in a deficient condition that may get aggravated if not keeping ourselves nourished. Anaemia is one such condition which occurs due to reduced count of red blood cells in our blood.

Put these 7 healthy foods on your daily menu to get a trimmer tummy

Does the new health fad live up to the hype? Here’s all you need to know about cold-pressed juice.

When it comes to your appearance, the face is the most observed part of the body. A chiseled jawline and high cheek bones define the structure of the face

Ever wondered why you aren’t losing weight in spite of eating at regular intervals, not cheating on your diet, and limiting your calorie intake? Chances are that the sides you indulge in are packing on the calories. And you thought they were harmless, right? We give you 5 sides that most people love, but should avoid if they want to lose weight!

Juggling between family and work to managing home, often I miss out on eating healthy and at the right times. At the back of my mind, I am well aware that my body is missing some essential nutrients that are needed to keep our mental and physical energy levels high.

Everyone knows that Yoga strengthens the body physically as well as mentally. But did you know that it can also strengthen your immune system?

We are pretty sure you can recall collagen as an ingredient in some of your favourite skin products or from the various beauty related articles that you might have come across. But what exactly is collagen you might wonder. Collagen is the most abundantly found main structural protein in our bodies, in fact in mammals it makes up for 25%-35% of the protein content of the whole body. Collagen is found in the innermost layer of our skin and is best known for keeping our skin looking radiant and youthful. It is also found in hair, nails and intestinal tissue.

A new study shows that healthy fat intake does not translate into weight gain

Ease monthly bloating, cramps and other symptoms of PMS with these yoga moves.

An apple a day, it is said, keeps the doctor away. In modern times, we could well replace the apple with oats.

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These Bodyweight Exercises work out multiple muscle groups, burn more fat and best of all – can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Vegan diet? Give yourself a health boost with this list of vegan superfoods.

The right foods can help facilitate muscular development and lean tissue growth

These seven yoga poses will address the symptoms and root causes of neck pain

Pace things up at your next yoga session to burn calories and build lean muscle

We all have sugar cravings at some time or another. But there are healthier alternatives to get that sugar fix without compromising your health. Read more.

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