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Hi I’m Priyanjali, a complete foodie and a passionate cook. A microbiologist by profession, a researcher and professor, now a full time stay at home mommy to one and half year old naughty toddler. I’m a Bengali grown up in Chennai, moved to Mumbai after marriage. I’ve had special interest in good food since childhood. It's only after marriage I have started my experiments in the kitchen. I love to bake and cook. My recipes are mostly healthy. I specialize in alternative flour baking, that is, my recipes are without maida and I also don't use refined sugar. Recently I've started blogging at to pen down my experiments. I would love to hear back if you try any of my recipes. Happy cooking! Happy baking!

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Chaal Kopi Recipe (Bengali Style Cauliflower Stir Fry)

Sunday, 08 October 2017 11:16

Chaal kopi is cauliflower florets cooked with a bit of rice along with garam masalas which makes this dish highly flavorful and absolutely finger licking good. This Bengali delicacy though not very popular dish but it's common in some households. It's a heirloom recipe that I learnt from my grand mum. ...

Baked Vermicelli Malpua Recipe

Saturday, 30 September 2017 11:17

Malpuas are always associated with festivities but you think twice before indulging in one, as these are deep fried and soaked in sugar making them an indulgent dessert. This Baked Vermicelli Malpua Recipe is a healthier dessert since there is no deep frying involved. Since it is a baked malpua, ...

Thalapakattu Chicken Biryani Recipe

Wednesday, 06 September 2017 02:23

Thalapakattu Chicken Biryani Recipe is a very famous style of biryani from Dindigul region in the state of Tamil Nadu. This biryani is from a chain of restaurant with the same name. It is called "Thalappakatti", which literally means the turban, the person who was founder wore a turban and that's how ...

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Coorgi Style Chicken Curry Recipe

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 00:10

Coorg is a beautiful hill station in the northern Karnataka and is very famous for its coffee plantation. Just as wonderful as the place is the cuisine from the hill town. Best known are the non vegetarian dishes of chicken, pork and meat. The gravies are generally coconut based, spicy and tangy made ...

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Sprouted Ragi Chicken Cutlet Recipe

Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:20

Sprouted Ragi Chicken Cutlet Recipe is a highly nutritious baked cutlet recipe, which can be a great snack option. Ragi is highly nutritious with calcium, iron, vitamin C and many more micronutrients. Sprouted ragi is super food with all nutrients almost doubling up! I have used coarsely ground sprouted ...

Teekha Murgh Recipe

Thursday, 13 July 2017 00:21

A fiery chicken recipe made with green chillies, red chillies and black pepper, with dry roasted curry leaves acting as the cherry on the top. If you love hot and spicy gravy then this recipe is for you. Serves a delicious side dish to chapati, naan or kulcha. Make this for your weekend lunch or dinner ...

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Grilled Herring With Kasundi Mustard And Wild Celery Recipe

Thursday, 06 July 2017 09:20

Grilled Herring With Kasundi Mustard And Wild Celery Recipe is a fusion of Indian and continental flavors making a delicious, mildly spiced grilled fish; a herring fish in specific. This is a very simple grilled fish recipe that gets ready in a jiffy. Accompanied with a grilled salad, this can be a good ...

Lau Er Kofta Curry Recipe (Bengali Style Doodhi Dumplings In Tomato Based Gravy)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017 12:12

A Bengali delicacy, Lau Er Kofta Curry Recipe are the Doodhi Dumplings In a spicy Tomato Based Gravy. I have baked the koftas instead of deep frying them. I choose to bake or grill over frying in my day to day cooking because they are healthy and best alternative without compromising much on the taste ...

Lau Chingri Recipe (Bottle Gourd And Shrimp Curry)

Friday, 09 June 2017 00:15

Lau Chingri is bottle gourd cooked with shrimps, a delicacy from West Bengal. I love authentic Bengali cuisine, most of the recipes are so simple with minimal ingredients, yet so flavourful. It’s the same with Lau chingri, the humble bottle gourd gets a complete makeover by the use of shrimps. The ...

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Vendakkai-Vazhakkai Mor Kuzhambu Recipe (Tamil Nadu Style Lady's Finger & Raw Banana Curry)

Thursday, 08 June 2017 17:05

Vendakkai-Vazhakkai Mor Kuzhambu Recipe is a Tamil Nadu Style Lady's Finger & Raw Banana Curry cooked in buttermilk. This is a popular side dish along with steamed rice. In Tamil Nadu, this Mor kuzhambu is prepared with mixed vegetables or a single vegetable, is tangy and flavourful if made with ...

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Bengali Dhokar Dalna Recipe

Saturday, 29 April 2017 18:01

Dhokar Dalna is a signature Bengali vegetarian dish. It is lentil cake made using chana dal which is traditionally fried and simmered in a satvic gravy i.e. a gravy without onion and garlic. I have learnt the recipe from my mother. She makes amazing dhokar dalna. I have baked the dhoka instead of frying ...

Bengali Style Pomfret Shorshe Recipe (Pomfret In Mustard Gravy)

Monday, 25 July 2016 00:36

Pomfret Shorshe (Pomfret in mustard gravy) is an authentic Bengali recipe which is made with pomfret fish. This is one of easiest recipe with minimal ingredients. Mustard sauce gravy can be used to cook other fishes like hilsa, rohu, catla, catfish and various other river fishes. The usage of mustard ...

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Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe With Freshly Ground Spices

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 00:37

Dry masala mix of pepper, coriander seeds, cinnamon, fennel and dry red chilly gives Kerala Chicken Curry With Freshly Ground Spices, its beautiful flavor and aroma. This is a perfect recipe when affected with cough and cold too! When you feel like eating aromatic non-vegetarian food on a rainy or cloudy ...

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Mushroom and Prawn Malai Curry Recipe

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 00:35

Mushroom and Prawn Malai Curry is my variation to the famous Bengali recipe ‘Chingri Macher Malai Curry’ which is prawn in coconut milk curry. I must say mushrooms and prawns together are a great hit! Both being so distinct in its flavour yet complimenting each other so well in this mouth watering ...

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