Every dessert has either an accompaniment, that may be anything from a sauce, a compote, crisp tuile or cookie, a a whipped cream, buttercream, ganache, or something else that may complement the dessert itself. A lot of desserts like tiramisu, crème brulée, or even a fruit dessert like a cobbler may only need a garnish since that dessert is all inclusive and accompaniments aren't necessary.

If you are creating a dessert for your next dinner party and you find the need to make dessert accompaniments you can use the recipes below to compliment them.

Chocolate Ganache Recipe (Perfect Frosting For Cakes and Cup Cakes)

Chocolate Ganache is a delicous recipe for a frosting that can go over cakes and cup cakes. Its creamy and made from high quality dark chocolate blended with fresh heavy cream. The sauce is thick and solidifies very beautifully over cakes making it a perfect icing and tastes so much better than the butter cream icings. Ganache is a French term referring to a smooth mixture of chopped chocolate and heavy cream. The origins of ganache are debatable but it is believed to have been invented around 1850. ...

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