Dal is the staple food across North Indian Cuisine. The dals are lentils and legumes that are prepared either in its gravy form or the dry form. Lentils like toor dal, urad dal, masoor dal, moong dal, moth dal, kuleeth dal and legumes like rajma, chana, lobia and many more are widely used across all north indian dal recipes.

Each region and each home has special method of preparing the dal, using special homemade spice powders. When you move towards the north, each home has a secret garam masala recipe or a rajma masala recipe.

Besan is also an important by product from chana dal and is used in making a variety of dishes like bajji, pakora, gatte and more.

Besan is also the key ingredient used in making kadhi of various forms. Each region has a special version of the Kadhi they make. The Punjabi Kadhi is a little thicker, the gujarati and rajasthani kadhi is lighter. The gujarati kadhi is however little sweet and spicy.

In this section you will find more than 50 authentic Indian Dal & Kadhi Recipes like Dal Makhani, Chana Masala, Rajma Masala, Dal Tadka, Gujarati Dal, Punjabi Kadhi, Kadhi Pakora, Lahsun dal, Dhaba Dal, Masoor Dal, Toor Dal & Much more.

Chakolaya Recipe (Maharastrian Varan Phal)

Chakolaya Recipe ( Maharashtrian Varan Phal) is an amazing meal on its own which is more or less like Rajasthani Dhokli. The Dish is made up of wheat dumplings and is cooked in a toor dal mixture and is allowed to get the flavours from the dal. The recipe resembles more like Rajasthani Dal Dhokli but the spices used in maharastrian style is different.  Enjoy the Chakolaya Recipe (Maharastrian Varan Phal) as a meal on its own for a yummy lunch.  Here are few more Maharastrain ...

Garlic Dal Recipe

Garlic Dal is one of the simplest but the yummiest dal to prepare. If you love garlic then this will surely go into your list of favorites. This creamy dal is filled with the garlic punch along with it being spicy and tangy. Garlic dal is best served with hot lachha paratha or steamed rice or ragi mudde along with a dollop of ghee. Other tasty dals that you can try as well: Lauki Chana Dal Recipe Arhar Ki Dal with Lahsun Tadka Navrang Dal Recipe

Katachi Amti Recipe (Spicy Accompaniment To Maharashtrian Puran Poli)

Katachi Amti is a typical accompaniment to the quintessential Maharashtrian sweet Puran Poli. Majority of the festive fares in Maharashtra feature Puran Poli- Katchi Amti combo as its star attraction. Katachi Amti is made from the stock leftover from cooking Chana Dal, which is used as a stuffing for Puran Poli. This stock is thinned down and flavoured with different spices. Spicy Katchi Amti complements the sweet Puran Poli or you can also serve it with steamed rice. If you like this recipe, you ...

Pudina Moong Dal Recipe (Mint Moong Dal)

Mint has many health benefits as it is good for digestion, detoxifies the body etc. This recipe is simply a moong dal just flavoured with mint leaves. Really an aromatic tasty dal it is and is perfect for your weekday meals. Serve Pudina Moong Dal along with Capsicum Usili and Phulkas for a weekday lunch or dinner. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Dal recipes such as Katachi Amti Recipe Ulava Charu Recipe Delicious Dal Makhani Recipe

Awadhi Style Sultani Dal Recipe

Awadhi Style Sultani Dal Recipe is a an authentic recipe that has been picked up from one of the royal cuisines of India which is the Awadhi Cuisine. This dal is one of the staple food prepared during the time of Mughal empire. It is made from toor dal simmered with milk , cream, and yogurt to make it a rich dish for the emperors to consume during their daily feast. A tempering of ginger, garlic , green chili, and spices give it a strong flavor which lifts the whole dish up.  Serve the Awadhi ...

Awadhi Style Dal Masoor Musallam Recipe

Awadhi Style Dal Masoor Musallam Recipe is a classic dal preparation from Awadhi Cuisine, it is traditionally prepared from the Masoor dal also known as Brown lentil. The dal being the staple food for most of the Indian eater, this recipe will be something unique and give it a rich flavor to the meal. This will also help in increasing the protein content as one cup of this dal serving will provide almost 15 grams of protein into your diet. Serve the Awadhi Style Dal Masoor Musallam Recipe along ...

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