Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and culture, the cuisines across regions vary significantly from each other. Every cuisine and almost every region, uses its own available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices, traditions and festivals that are passed on from generations.

A traditional Indian diet in India typically consists of dals, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and more. In this section you will find more than 1000+ main course recipes spread over North Indian Vegetarian Recipes, South Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Rice Recipes, Non Veg Recipes and much more. Below are some of the collections.

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Kathirikai UrulaiKizhanghu Pachidi Recipe (Brinjals And Potatoes With Moong Dal)

Kathirikkai Urulaikizhanghu is a Chettinad delicacy prepared by cooking tender Brinjals and Potatoes with moong dal. It can be served as an accompaniment with idli, dosa, and chapatti. It is a versatile dish which can be served over plain rice. The dish is mildly spicy with only green chilies added and can be prepared with the common pantry items, thus making it as favourite for people of all ages and taste. Prepare this Kathirikai UrulaiKizhanghu Pachidi and serve with rice along with Keerai sambar ...

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Paalkatti Chettinad Curry Recipe -Chettinad Style Paneer Kurma Recipe

Paalkatti Chettinad Curry Recipe (Chettinad Style Paneer Kurma Recipe) is a recipe that has been originated from the traditional Chettinad style curry. The authentic Chettinad masala is prepared by roasting a blend of spices and blending it into a smooth paste and then adding it into the sauteed pearl onion and tomato to give it a rich and spicy flavor. The paneer is just simmered into the curry. Palkatti is a Tamil word which refers to the process of how a cottage cheese or paneer is ...

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Soya Methi Palak Ki Sabzi Recipe

Soya Methi Palak Ki Sabzi Recipe is made from soy protein chunks along with spiced and pureed spinach and fenugreek leaves. Adding soybean to makes this dish high in nutritional value, as soybean is fabulous source of protein. Full of goodness of the green leafy vegetables and the soya bean this is a great recipes that can be packed into your office lunch box as well. Did you know: Spinach is one the many green leafy vegetables that have been recommended by nutritionist over the years ...

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Padipe Saasmi Recipe - Udupi Style Amaranth Leaves Curry With Coconut & Tamarind

Cuisine of our country is amazing and the variety of spinach we get is even better. Variety of spinach used in different kind of dishes and in all the cuisines of India makes our culinary culture rich and amazing. This coconut tamarind based thick spinach curry called Padipe Saasmi is famous Udupi Style Curry that is made using red amaranth leaves (harivesoppu). The coconut masala gives a nice thick consistency to the curry and this dish is made with no onion or garlic, it’s a delicious and healthy ...

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Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan Recipe | Oven Method with yeast

The Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan is packed with flavours of methi and garlic and fermented with yeast  and yogurt to bring out the delicious flavours. The addition of yeast and yogurt brings out the perfect softness in the naan. This naan is baked in the oven. The advantage of doing that is - you can place multiple naans in the oven and bringing out larges batches when you gave guests at home.  Serve the Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan recipe along with Matar Paneer and Dal Makhani for ...

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Sarson Ka Saag Recipe - Classic North Indian Saag Recipe

Sarson Ka Saag Recipe is a very traditional winter recipe from North India made from a mix of greens like mustard leaves, spinach leaves and bathua. The most important greens for this recipe is the sarson, also known as mustard. I sometimes combine it along with spinach and methi as well or sometimes just spinach, based on the availability of the greens.  Did You Know: The Mustard are loaded with vitamins and nutrients along with phytochemical properties, that are ready to help you combat free ...

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Andhra Gongura Pulihora Recipe | Gongura Puliyodharai | Spicy Red Roselle Leaves Rice

The Andhra  Gongura Puliyodharai Recipe is a delicious south indian rice dish that is made from Red Roselle Leaves also known as Gongura leaf. The Gongura leaf is widely used in Andhra Cuisine and many recipes are made using gongura leaves and this one is an absolute delicacy. The Gongura Puliyodharai Recipe is a spicy and tangy dish that is made from precooked rice and tossed along with freshly roasted spices and Gongura leaves. Did you know: Gongura leaves help cool the body ...

Kerala Style Chemmeen Moilee Recipe - Prawn Curry

Kerala Style Chemmeen Moilee Recipe -Prawn Curry is a comfort curry made from shrimps cooked in rich coconut milk. The curry is so simple to make as it is made in a one pot. Moilee is a very common dish in Kerala and is usually made from a variety of fish but we can use different kind of seafood as well to create this wonderful delicacy. This curry does not use any tamarind but has strong flavors from the whole spices like the cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks and whole peppercorns. Serve the Kerala ...

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Dondakkai Puli Curry Recipe - South Indian Style Tindora Curry

Dondakkai Puli Curry is one of those traditional recipes that has been passed down to me through generations. This is a healthy recipe to prepare and also does not take too much time or effort. As it is very easy to make and requires very few ingredients, you can also pack it for your Lunch Box.  Serve Dondakkai Puli Curry Recipe along with Keerai Sambar, Steamed Rice and Elai Vadam for your everyday meals. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Tindora Recipes such as Shahi ...

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Almond and Cashew Nut Mushroom Curry Recipe

Almond and Cashew Nut Mushrooms Curry Recipe is delicious, very simple and delicious recipe that you can make for parties. It is a very Indian taste with flavors coming from the spices and herbs. Serve the Almond and Cashew Nut Mushrooms Curry along with a Broccoli Pepper Pulao, Papad for a weeknight dinner or even make them for your parties. Here are more recipes with almonds  Ragi Almond Soup Recipe Braided Almond Roll Recipe Guilt-free Amaranth, Dates and Almond Ladoo Recipe ...

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Mint Vegetables Moilee Recipe (Mixed Vegetables Cooked In Minty Coconut Milk)

Moilee is a very traditional Kerala dish where the fish or vegetables are cooked in mildly spiced coconut milk. Mint Vegetables Moilee is a twisted recipe, using mint flavour to further enhance the dish making it even more refreshing. Serve the Mint Vegetables Moilee Recipe with Appams or Idiyappams or Steamed Rice for Sunday brunch. If you like this recipe, you can also try other similar recipes such as Kerala Style Cauliflower Kurma Mulakootal Maavina Hannina Gojju

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Mushroom Caldine Recipe | Vegetarian Goan Mushroom Curry

Mushroom Caldine is delicious vegetarian coconut curry where the mushroom is cooked in coconut milk and tamarind with freshly ground masala. It makes a perfect light meal anytime with some buttered pav buns or goan pav on the side.  Serve Mushroom Caldine along with Toasted Buttered Pav Buns or Whole Wheat Laccha Paratha for a quick simple delicious meal together. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Mushroom recipes such as Mushroom Strudel Recipe Roasted Mushroom ...

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Himachali Pahari Auriya Kaddu Recipe - Himachali Tangy Pumpkin Sabzi

Himachali Pahari Auriya Kaddu Recipe (Tangy Pumpkin Dry) is a delicious stir fry made with chunks of pumpkin, the recipe contains the flavours of panch phoron and tanginess from the amchur powder and ground mustard seeds. The pumpkin is stir fried along with some ground raw rice and mustard seeds which gives in the added crunch to the whole dish. The addition of mustard oil also add in the extra touch. The dish is mainly famous among the pahari cuisine which is famous in the snow cap mountain regions. Serve ...

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Lebu Lonka Murgi Recipe - Chicken With Gondhoraj Lebu & Green Chillies

Lebu Lonka Murgi is a delicious recipe where succulent pieces of chicken is cooked in creamy yoghurt and tangy Gondhoraj lebu juice. Some lime leaves added in for a further burst of citrus and green chillies for their heat. A  Serve Lebu Lonka Murgi with Steamed Rice or Whole Wheat Laccha Paratha for a simple weekday meal.  If you like this recipe, you can also try other Chicken recipes such as:  Kolkata Chicken Chaap Recipe Spicy Pepper Chicken Recipe Chettinad Chicken ...

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Mooga Gathi (Sprouted Moong In Coconut Paste) Recipe

Mooga Gathi or Mooghache Gathi is a traditional Goan dish usually served in temples. This dish is made using green gram or moong sprouts in a delicious coconut gravy which is tempered with mustard leaves and curry leaves. This is a pure veg dish made without using onion and garlic. Yet, this dish tastes so delicious that you will want to eat more. This dish is also made on special occasions like religious functions and festivals where we eat pure veg food. It tastes best with pooris, but some people ...

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Thayir Semiya Recipe (Curd Semiya)

Thayir Semiya or Curd Vermicelli is a quick dish which you can make for lunch. If you are bored of eating curd rice everyday, you can always make this Thayir semiya or curd semiya for a change. In South India, people consume curd everyday.  Did you know- Curd has numerous health benefits. It cools down the heat in stomach after eating spicy food. Curd consumption strengthens the immune system. It contains calcium and hence it helps in maintaining bones and teeth. Curds also helps lower the ...

Thouthe Kodel Recipe (Mangalore Southekayi Curry)

Thouthe Kodel Recipe is a very traditional Mangalorean recipe that is made from a special cucumber that is available in Karnataka. The Thouthe Kodel is supposed to have a rich red color that it gets from the dry byadgi red chillies, but you can use regular dry red chillies as well, like I did. By using the regular red chillies, the color of the curry will not be rich red. The curry also gets its full-bodied flavor from the roasted condiments like fenugreek, coriander, cumin that is ground ...

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Rajasthani Dal Recipe

The Rajasthani Dal recipe is a dal that is packed with flavor and proteins. The addition of green moong dal, chana dal and mildly spiced with some garlic makes this rajasthani dal delectable. And finally not to miss the addition of ghee, green chillies and lemon juice that gives the perfect spice and tanginess needed to digest this dal.  The video in this recipe is of Panchmel dal which is also a traditional Rajasthani Dal. Instead of 5 dals, you can make this dal with just Moong Dal & ...

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Broken Wheat And Green Moong Khichdi Recipe

Broken Wheat And Green Moong Khichdi is a quick, healthy, one pot meal that is perfect for busy weeknights. Unlike the usual rice-lentil combination, this khichdi is made using wheat Dalia and lentils. This fiber-rich khichdi is also packed with fresh seasonal vegetables and is as comforting as it is nutritious. The Broken Wheat And Green Moong Khichdi is delicious on its own, but you can serve it with the usual accompaniments. Serve Broken Wheat And Green Moong Khichdi with Mooli raita or Gujarati ...

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Batani Gassi Recipe - Udupi Style Potatoes And Peas Curry

Batani Gassi Recipe is a delicious Udupi style coconut based potatoes and dried peas curry. Udupi cuisine uses a lot of coconut, and the curries are flavoured with the freshly ground masalas which gives it a distinctive flavour.  Batani Gassi Recipe is made using dried green peas along with potatoes, which is later cooked in an aromatic freshly made coconut masala. Serve Batani Gassi Recipe (Udupi Style Potatoes and Peas Curry) with Steamed Rice, Methi And Palak Paratha Recipe, and Udupi ...

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Matar Paneer Recipe - Paneer in Peas Gravy

Matar Paneer Recipe is an all time favorite North Indian dish. The combination of peas, tomatoes and paneer gives this dish a subtle sweetness which enhances the taste of this flavored dish. The recipe works perfectly well with frozen peas which is tossed in butter. Serve the Matar Paneer along with hot Phulka smeared with ghee along with Indian Sliced Salad and Lacha Pyaz for lunch or dinner. See more of our interesting Paneer recipes: Paneer And Badam Milk Recipe Non-Fried Corn & Cheese ...

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Andhra Dondakaya Ulli Kura Karam Recipe | Andhra Kovakkai Fry

Andhra Dondakaya Ulli Kura Karam Recipe is a delicious dish made from ivy gourd also known as Kovakkai, Tindora or Tendli which is tossed along with freshly roasted and ground masala which makes this dish absolutely yummy. All it takes is 20 minutes to make this delicious dish which you can serve for lunch or dinner. Serve Andhra Dondakaya Ulli Kura Karam Recipe along with Steamed Rice Recipe, and Andhra Style Bendakaya Charu Recipe for a delicious lunch or dinner. If ...

Shimla Mirchi Panchamrut Recipe | Konkani Capsicum Cashew Peanut Sabzi

Shimla Mirchi Panchamrut is a Konkani dish which is made from pan roasted capsicum, along with cashew nuts and steamed peanuts that is cooked along with freshly roasted and ground spices along with tamarind and jaggery. It has a spicy, sweet and nutty taste and flavour making it a refreshing dish. Traditionally  ‘Panchamrut’ is the sweet and sour yogurt preparation, which is a combination of five ingredients, made during festivities to be offered to deities during puja. Hence the name ‘Panch-amrut’! However ...

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Goan Style Black Chickpeas And Cucumber Masala Recipe (Taushem Tondak)

The Taushem Tondak is a delicious Goan style Black Chickpeas and Cucumber Masala Curry that is made in a tangy and spicy coconut base. Taushem means cucumber and tondak means masala gravy. The addition of Kabuli chana or black chickpeas to this tondak to make it a bit unique and a twist I have given to the recipe. You can add any type of gram to this tondak to make it a high protein and wholesome dish. Serve the Black Chickpeas And Cucumber Masala (Taushem Tondak) along with steamed rice for ...

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