Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and culture, the cuisines across regions vary significantly from each other. Every cuisine and almost every region, uses its own available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices, traditions and festivals that are passed on from generations.

A traditional Indian diet in India typically consists of dals, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and more. In this section you will find more than 1000+ main course recipes spread over North Indian Vegetarian Recipes, South Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Rice Recipes, Non Veg Recipes and much more. Below are some of the collections.

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Karela Kadhi Recipe

Kadhi is a comfort food for all seasons. Kadhi chawal is one of its best combinations and Karela Kadhi Recipe is a kadhi made with bitter gourd. This is a versatile and delectable dish is a food culture of India, different regions of India make kadhi slightly different from the other.  Serve Karela Kadhi Recipe along with Jeera Rice, Phulka, Bharwa Besan Mirch and Kachumber Salad for a weekday meal. If you like this Kadhi Recipe, here are a few more that you can make for your everyday ...

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Jeera Milagu Rasam Recipe - South Indian Pepper Cumin Rasam

The Jeera Milagu Rasam Recipe also known as the Pepper Rasam is a very classic dish of the South Indian Cuisine. This rasam is simmered with tamarind water along with freshly pounded pepper, cumin and a tempering with ghee. A lot of times this rasam is given when one is suffering from a cold or sore throat making it very soothing because of the black pepper. Serve the Jeera Milagu Rasam along with Cabbage Poriyal (Muttaikose) and Steamed Rice for a quick weeknight dinner. If you like Rasam's, ...

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Banana Stem Poriyal Recipe With Curry Powder

Banana Stem Sabzi Recipe With Curry Powder is a semi dry sabzi that is made by stir frying the banana stem. A touch of yogurt to add in a tinge of sourness, South Indian curry powder, cumin powder and chilli powder are added to make it flavourful. Make sure that you chop the banana stem when you are ready with other ingredients to prepare this dish, since the chopped banana stem starts turning brown sooner due to contact with air. Note that while you chop the inner rind of the banana stem, you will ...

Spicy Tomato Rice - Tomato Pulihora Recipe

The Tomato Pulihora Recipe is an authentic andhra recipe where plain rice is flavoured with spices and tangy ingredients and spiced along with bisi bele bath powder. Serve Spicy Tomato Rice | Tomato Pulihora Recipe with a bowl of Yogurt (Curd), Andhra Style Paruppu Podi Recipe (Dal Podi), Indian Vegetable Salad Recipe for a complete meal. If you like this recipe, try more recipes like Spinach Rice Recipe (Palak Pulao) Ghee Rice Recipe | Neychoru Jeera Rice (Pulao) Recipe ...

Methi And Palak Paratha Recipe

Methi and Palak Paratha Recipe is a wholesome Indian Flat bread that is made by kneading the dough with the spinach and methi leaves. Adding greens to the paratha is a great way to incorporate an additional green vegetable into your daily meal. It is also a great way to use leftover vegetables from the previous meal by binding dough to make parathas. Serve Methi and Palak Paratha for breakfast along with curd and pickle. These parathas can be packed for the kids school lunch box as well.  Here ...

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Nargisi Kofta Curry Recipe - Spicy Scotched Egg Curry

Mughlai cuisine consisted a list of dishes developed in Medieval India at the time of Mughal empire. Mughlai cooking dishes are array of recipes from Central Asia and North India. Mughlai food is known for its richness, exotic taste and spiciness. Nargisi Kofta is an another rich exotic mughlai recipe, a combination dish of mutton keema and boiled eggs. Marinated mutton keema wrapped on hard boil eggs and braised into spicy rich yogurt gravy is called Nargisi Kofta curry. It can be served with pulao, ...

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Chicken Xacuti Recipe - Goan Chicken Gravy

Chicken Xacuti Recipe is essentially a Goan style chicken curry packed with flavours.  Xacuti is actually pronounced as ‘shakuti’ derived from the Portuguese word ‘chacuti’. A unique dish that consists of Kashmiri red chilies, poppy seeds, coconut, onion and spices. A wonderful blend of spices and coconut gives this curry a unique taste. The texture too is amazing with ground spices and coconut. Give it a try and you will love it. Serve Chicken Xacuti with Steamed Rice or Ladi ...

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परवल मसाला रेसिपी - Parwal Masala Recipe

परवल एक ऐसी सब्ज़ी है जिसे रोज के खाने के लिए बनाया जाता है. परवल मसाला एक ग्रेवी रेसिपी है जिसमे परवल को पैन फ्राई करके टमाटर, अदरक,  तरबूज़ और दूसरे मसालो के साथ पकाया जाता है.  परवल मसाला को तवा पराठा और लौकी रायता के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बन सकते है,  आलू परवल की सुखी सब्ज़ी रेसिपी अचारी आलू परवल की सब्ज़ी रेसिपी पोटाला रसा रेसिपी      

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बंगाली आलू दम रेसिपी - Bengali Aloo Dum Recipe

बंगाली आलू दम रेसिपी एक स्वाद से भरपूर रेसिपी है जिसमे आलू को टमाटर, प्याज और लहसुन के साथ पकाया जाता है. इसमें आलू को करी में 30 मिनट के लिए पकाया जाता है ताकि आलू अच्छी तरह से ग्रेवी सोख ले.   बंगाली आलू दम रेसिपी को बंगाली लुच्ची, छोलार दाल और लौकी रायता के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे.  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है, हरे प्याज आलू की सब्ज़ी रेसिपी आलू परवल की सुखी सब्ज़ी रेसिपी आलू पालक की सब्ज़ी रेसिपी   

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Pachai Payaru Poriyal Recipe - Green Moong Sprout Poriyal

Pachai Payaru Poriyal Recipe is essentially sprouted green moong, that is sprouted and then stir fried along with mustard seeds and curry leaves. It is made sattvic style with no usage of onion and garlic, making it apt for your Fasting Days too. The Pachai Payaru Poriyal gets its refreshing flavours from the pepper powder, freshly squeezed lemon juice and fresh coriander leaves. It is a diabetic friendly recipe and helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Did you know: Moong Sprouts are a high ...

Chow Chow Poricha Kootu Recipe

Chow Chow Kootu is made from a white squash called chow chow. It is combined with moong lentils, ground coconut, cumin, yogurt and curry leaves to form its delicious gravy base. The taste is fantastic and goes well with hot phulkas or Spicy Potato Roast Recipe (Urulaikizhangu Poriyal) and steamed hot rice. So enjoy cooking this delicate preparation of a chow chow kotu, which is simple and delicious and makes a one dish healthy meal. Alternate vegetables that can be used are chayote squash, bottle ...

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Chilli Cheese Paratha Recipe

The Chilli Cheese Paratha Recipe is something that I make when I am short of vegetables at home. This is one of my favorite quick and easy dinners that I make often at home which has a simple set of ingredients and the addition of Britannia Cheese makes it absolutely melt in the mouth delicious.  Chilli Cheese Paratha is a hit with everyone at home especially the kids. You can adjust the spice and the heat in the paratha to suit your kids taste.  Serve Chilli Cheese Paratha Recipe with  ...

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Dal Palak Recipe (Spinach And Lentil Curry)

Dal Palak Recipe is a nutritious and wholesome dish that is rich in proteins and minerals. This recipe is made from fresh steamed spinach that is mixed along with cooked lentils and spices to make a delectable combination. The addition of a ghee tadka (seasoning) along with cumin and red chillies adds to flavour of the Dal Palak Recipe. You can use a combination of lentils to make the Dal Palak; like Masoor and Moong, Toor Dal or even Channa Dal. Serve the Dal Palak for a simple and healthy weeknight ...

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Rajasthani Dal Bati Churma Recipe

Rajasthani Dal Bati Churma Recipe is a very traditional recipe from Rajasthan and one if the favorites at home. The Baatis are made from whole wheat flour, sooji and ghee with the addition of ajwain that adds to the delicious flavor of the baati. I like to personally use freshly ground wheat for certain dishes like baati as it brings out the best flavors. The dal is usually a combination of multiple dals and I keep making variations to the dal to give the family a fresh taste. Serve the Rajasthani ...

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गाजर गोभी मटर सब्ज़ी रेसिपी - Carrot Cauliflower Peas Sabzi Recipe

गाजर गोभी मटर सब्ज़ी रेसिपी एक सरल सब्ज़ी है जिसे आप अपने रोज के खाने के लिए बना सकते है. इसमें अजवाइन, काली मिर्च, तेज पत्ता और इलाइची का प्रयोग किया जाता है जो इसे और भी स्वादिष्ट बनाता है. यह एक सात्विक ...

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Pyaz Wali Bhindi/Bhindi Do Pyaza Recipe - Okra Onion Stir Fry

Pyaz Wali Bhindi Recipe is a delicious preparation of okra, also known as lady's finger sauteed with caramelized onions. Pyaz Wali Bhindi is a popular dry vegetable in Punjabi Cuisine usually served with Kadhi Pakora along with Parathas for the lunch menu. This dish could be served with Roti as well for simple weeknight dinner. You can also pack this in your Lunch Box with Tawa Parathas. Did you know? Okra is very low in calories and dense with nutrients. It is high in fiber, ...

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केसर पिलाफ रेसिपी - Saffron Pilaf Recipe

केसर पिलाफ रेसिपी, एक फ्लेवर से भरपूर रेसिपी है जिसमे चावल को केसर के साथ पकाया जाता है जो इस पुलाव को बहुत ही अच्छा रंग देता है. यह बहुत ही आसान है बनाने में और आपको हाउस पार्टीज के लिए भी पर्याप्त है अगर आप उत्तर भारतीय खाना बना रहे है. केसर पिलाफ रेसिपी को पनीर बटर मसाला, दाल फ्राई और फुल्के के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे.  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है,  फुलकारी पुलाव रेसिपी पालक पुलाव रेसिपी पुदीना पुलाव रेसिपी  

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Kaddu Simla Mirch Sabzi Recipe - Pumpkin Capsicum Sabzi

Kaddu Simla Mirch Sabzi Recipe makes a simple and quick weeknight dinner when served along with phulka and kadhi/dal. It is a simple stir fry where capsicum and pumpkin are cooked in everyday masalas. It is very easy to make and gets ready in no time, therefore you can make it for your everyday meals or pack it in your lunch box. Serve Kaddu Simla Mirch Sabzi Recipe along with Gujarati Kadhi, Phulka and Satvik carrot Sprouts Salad for a weekday meal. If you like this recipe, you can ...

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Pavakkai Poriyal Recipe - Karela Ki Sabzi

Pavakkai Poriyal Recipe is a simple delicious sweet and sour preparation of the super healthy vegetable Bitter gourd with the addition of amchur powder and jaggery. The flavours of this Pavakkai Poriyal is elevated with the addition of hing, roasted peanuts and chopped coriander leaves.  Did you know:  Asafoetida has lot of medicinal value. According to ayurvedic medicine, it is used to treat breathing problems including chronic bronchitis and asthma. It is also used for digestion ...

Achari Aloo Sabzi Recipe - Potatoes In Spicy Pickle Masala

Here is a lip smacking Achari Aloo Sabzi Recipe that is packed with flavours from a Punjabi Mango Pickle and cooked in an electric pressure cooker. The addition of jaggery lends to a balance of a delicious sweet and spicy taste that makes this dish stand out. Serve Achari Aloo Sabzi Recipe along with Phulka, Punjabi Dal Tadka and Kachumber Salad for a simple weeknight dinner or a comforting weekend lunch. If you like this Aloo/Potato Recipe, you can also try other Potato Recipes as part of ...

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चाउ चाउ पोरिचा कूटू रेसिपी - Chow Chow Poricha Kootu Recipe

चाउ चाउ पोरिचा कूटू एक सरल दक्षिण भारतीय डिश है जिसमे चाउ चाउ का प्रयोग किया जाता है. इस रेसिपी को बनाने के लिए चाउ चाउ को मूंग दाल, नारियल, जीरा, दही और कढ़ी पत्ता के साथ पकाया जाता है. यह एक स्वादिष्ट ...

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थक्काली रसम रेसिपी - Thakkali Rasam Recipe

थक्काली रसम रेसिपी एक ट्रेडिशनल रेसिपी जिसे दक्षिण भारत के हर घर में बनाया जाता है. यह टमाटर रसम बनाने में बहुत आसान है और  आप इसे सूप की तरह भी सर्दियों में पी सकते है. इसमें टमाटर के साथ इमली का प्रयोग होता है जो इसमें खट्टापन देता है.  थक्काली रसम रेसिपी को चावल, टमाटर प्याज सांबर और बीटरूट थोरन के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है,  हरे सेब का रसम रेसिपी वेपम पू रसम रेसिपी मिलागु रसम रेसिपी

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Paneer Kalimirch Recipe (Paneer in Black Pepper flavored Gravy)

Paneer Kalimirch Recipe is delicious, creamy paneer dish flavored with black pepper and lots of garlic. Instead of the frying paneer it has been grilled in the pan and then tossed in mild flavored gravy. Serve Paneer Kalimirch with Paratha for the weeknight dinner. Pepper lends a pungent but not harsh touch of spiciness to the dish, making it seem quite different from the usual. This recipe adds great variety to the vegetarian dinner menu for the parties as well.  Did you know: Black pepper ...

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Ande Ka Salan Recipe - Tangy Egg Masala in Peanut Gravy

Whenever you are in dilemma what to cook for dinner, eggs always come handy! Therefore, we have a delicious Egg Curry Recipe that is especially served with Biryani. Ande Ka Salan Recipe is a tangy, spicy curry prepared using coconut based gravy and hard boiled eggs. This Egg curry is perfect for the days when you want to make something that is easy to cook and yet delicious. Roasted sesame seeds, peanuts and coconut are roasted and ground together to make the base. Tamarind Water and Masalas are ...

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