South Indian Cuisine is spread over Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana and the union territories of Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Each region comes with its own flavors and you will be surprised that each regional cuisine in south india can be in turn subdivided into small cuisines.

For example - Karnataka can be divided into North Karnataka cuisine, South Karnataka cuisine, Udupi cuisine, Malnad cuisine, Kodagu cuisine, North Canara cuisine, Mangalorean cuisine and Navayath cuisine.

For example, Tamil Nadu can be divided into Chettinad Cuisine, Nanjil Nadu cuisine, Kongunadu cuisine and so on. 

Each one of the above South Indian cuisines, have their own traditional sambar recipes, saaru recipes and rasam recipes. 

In this page you will find 50+ traditional collection of Indian Sambar & Rasam Recipes from Vengaya Sambar, Beetroot Sambar, Drumstick leaves sambar, Kollu Rasam, Mysore Rasam, Tomato Rasam, Neem Rasam, Pineapple Rasam and much more.

Harive Soppina Saaru Recipe (Karnataka Style Amaranth Leaves Cooked with Lentils)

Amaranth leaves are a type of greens, which has multiple health benefits. It has high content of proteins, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre, making it a super food for a healthy heart. It is good to include it in our diet on a regular basis. Harive Soppina Saaru Recipe is a spicy and tart Karnataka style curry cooked with amaranth. The spices are roasted and prepared fresh making the dish very flavourful. The whole dish comes together with the tempering of the garlic at the end, giving it a good texture ...

Karnataka Style Avarekalu Huli Saru Recipe (Field Beans in a Coconut based Gravy Recipe)

Karnataka Style Avarekalu Huli Saru Recipe (Field Beans in a Coconut based Gravy Recipe) is one of the most favorite recipe from Karnataka. Since Averakalu season starts from December to January, in many parts of Karnataka, people love to prepare a homemade coconut based curry made with these beans. It is very often eaten with Ragi Mudde. It is also most commonly prepared in the household of many farmers in Karnataka. Serve the Karnataka Style Avarekalu Huli Saru Recipe (Field Beans in a Coconut ...

Kobbari Chaaru Recipe (Coconut Milk & Dal Sambar Recipe)

Kobbari chaaru is an authentic sambar/rasam that is made in Telangana region using coconut milk and roasted chana dal. This Coconut Milk & Dal Sambar is silky smooth in texture with subtle sweetness of coconut milk and mildly spicy with ground green chillies, overall making this a perfect lunch combo with hot steamed rice and fryum (Akki Peni sandige) or just with Phulka Recipe (Roti/Chapati) - Puffed Indian Bread.  Did you know: Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fibre, ...

Vendakkai Vengayam Sambar Recipe (Okra in Tangy Lentil Curry)

The Vendakkai Vengayam Sambar Recipe is a simple and quick method of making sambar that is packed with flavors from the okra (bhindi) and the most important ingredient, the homemade sambar powder.  The Vendakkai (okra) when cooked along with the tamarind water and sambar powder, absorbs the spices so well, that it imparts a delicious taste to the sambar. Serve the Vendakkai Vengayam Sambar along with Steamed Rice, topped with Ghee and Potato Roast

Hurali Saaru Recipe (Healthy Horse Gram and Coconut Curry)

The Hurali Saaru Recipe is a delicious lentil curry that is made from horse gram also known as Kollu in Tamil or Kulith in Hindi. In this recipe the horse gram is cooked with aromatic spices ground into a masala with coconut and finally seasoned with ghee and onions making it a perfect curry to go along with rice. Did You know: Horse Gram is one of the lesser known, and seriously underrated beans is actually widely used in traditional South Indian cooking. Although it gets its name from being ...

Kerala Cheriya Ulli Sambar Recipe

Sambar is a stew prepared with lentils that is served in southern part of India with Rice, Idli, Dosa and other recipes. Sambar is prepared with a variety of vegetables and is prepared differently depending on the region. In Kerala, sambar typically contains coconut. Most of the Kerala dishes use shallots or small onions. Red onions were never used in cooking until a decade or two before. In most of the villages small shallots were grown in their garden and used during cooking. Cheriya Ulli or shallots ...

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