The Indian cuisine has a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. These cuisines use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices and traditions. North Indian like Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, South Indian are the most popular names of cuisines. But when you go deeper into these regions, you will find more interesting ones like Mughlai, Awadhi, Chettinad, Goan, Marathi, Pahadi and more. Find these and many more collections of quick and easy regional Indian Recipes and start cooking right away.

Prawns Biryani Recipe

No one can deny their love for Biryani and the type of Biryani varies from region to region. Biryani is one pot meal and a must in a royal feast. The type and preparation for Biryani vary from region to region. The ingredients used also varies according to the culture and people. Biryanis can be prepared spicy in Hyderabadi style or can be made sweet like Kashmiri ones. Biryanis are versatile and can be prepared with either chicken, meat, prawns, fish or even with vegetables. Prepare this spicy ...

Black Rice, Barley & Flax Seeds Congee Recipe

With the morning rush we always prefer to have some dish which can be cooked faster and at the same time it should be healthier too. Cooking Black rice consumes a lot of time as we need to soak them for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours. However, black rice congee is one recipe which can be cooked very fast if the congee powder is prepared in advance. This soup or congee is a combination of black rice, barley, flax seeds roasted and powdered coarsely and cooked along with tossed garlic & spinach. Black ...

Vempampoo Rice Recipe (Dried Neem Flowers Rice)

Vempampoo or Dried neem flowers are generally used in various tamil cooking recipes. This is a simple but very healthy recipe of tempering of dried neem flavours with spices and finally tossing the black rice with them. I generally take these flowers from my mom’s place where we have a neem tree. The flowers would automatically fall down between march to may month. So we generally put a cloth below the tree and collect these flowers. The process does not stop here, we would then dry them up in ...

Varagu Arisi Pongal Recipe (Kodo Millet Pongal)

'Varagu Arisi' or Kodo Millet is a nutritional grain with high amounts of fibre and antioxidants. It is fast becoming a substitute for wheat as it is also gluten free. The Varagu Arisi Pongal is wholesome with the right balance of lentils and grains and the healthy tempering of cumin seeds, ginger and peppercorns also adds to the taste and flavour to the dish. It is a meal by itself and is most ideal 'fasting food' during Navratras. Adding a teaspoon of ghee in the tempering gives the pongal it's ...

Kerala Style Kanji Payar Recipe

Kanji Payar Recipe is comfort food of Kerala. It is healthy, tasty and simple. Kanji is rice gruel and it is had hot with green gram (moong) thoran and papad. It is easily digestible hence it is recommended food during sickness or stomach upset. Green gram is a super food for weight loss and is loaded with vitamins. The papad can be deep fried or roasted on low flame. This recipe calls for no oil at all. Serve Kanji Payar with Tomato Garlic Chutney Recipe and Kerala Vendakka Thoran Recipe (Okra ...

Tomato Pulav Recipe

This Tomato Pulav is a Karnataka style recipe with tomatoes and rice cooked in a melange of spices ground to paste. This one pot wonder makes for a perfect relaxed spicy Sunday brunch. Serve Tomato Pulav with Burani Raita or any other raita of your choice for a delicious meal. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Pulav Recipes such as Hare Chane Ka Pulav Soya Pilaf/Pulav Mushroom Pulav

Lemongrass Coconut Rice Recipe (No Onion No Garlic)

Lemongrass Coconut Rice makes for a quick one pot meal. This no onion/garlic recipe is very simple to prepare. The rice is cooked with coconut milk, lemongrass and vegetables.The subtle flavors of lemongrass and coconut are very soothing to the palate, and vegetables can be added as per your preference. In case its difficult to find tender stalks of lemongrass, make a bundle of leaves and use instead, and discard the same before serving. Though Lemongrass Coconut Rice is delicious on its own, it ...

Ulundogorai - Spicy Urad Dal flavoured Rice (for Prashad & Naivedyam) Recipe

Ulundorai / Ulundogorai is made at Srirangam Temple in Trichy and offered to Lord Balaji especially on Saturdays. Most traditional dishes at South Indian Temples are based on rice. All of these offerings made in temples are free of onion - garlic.This dish is fragrantly spiced with Urad Dal (split black gram) and other spices and makes for a great tiffin box option too. Ulundogorai can be served as it is or with lauki raita and papad.  Other rice variants that you can try Lemon Rice Recipe Beetroot ...

Thengai Saadam (Spiced Coconut Rice) Recipe

This quick and tasty rice is made for offerings to God (Naivedyam). Thengai Sadam (or coconut rice) is healthy given the nutritional benefits of coconut and makes for an excellent tiffin box option too. Make sure to use fresh coconut for great results.  Thengai Sadam can also be served with kurma or curd. Other Rice Recipes you might like Lemon Rice Recipe Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe Beetroot Rice Recipe

One Pot Vangi Bath Recipe Using Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker (Brinjal Rice)

Vangi Bhath or Brinjal Rice is a quintessential Maharashtrian rice preparation made using Brinjals, flavoured with some spices. In this recipe, we are using Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker in one single pot to prepare the Vangi Bath in one single pot using freshly ground spices. Serve Vangi Bath with Burani Raita or any other Raita of your choice for a quick weeknight dinner or even pack it into your lunch box. If you like this recipe, you can also try other rice recipes such as Lemon ...

Carrot And Capsicum Rice Recipe

There are days when we want to get away with a little cooking. Carrot And Capsicum Rice recipe is perfect for such days as it is easy and tasty at the same time. Carrot and capsicum give a different texture when it is mixed with the rice. Capsicum gives the crunch as well. Do try this recipe at home! This an easy recipe for lunch box as well. Serve Carrot And Capsicum Rice Recipe with raita of your choice. Take a look at other rice recipes that will urge to try them soon at home! Night ...

Kela Anar Raita Recipe (Banana Pomegranate Yogurt Dip Flavoured With Mustard)

Kela Anar Raita is a delicious recipe of yogurt dip that is made from ripe bananas flavored with dijon mustard. This is a dish that I felt is signature to my mother- in-law, where she painstakingly ground the mustard into a paste using the traditional Indian flat pestle and mortar to get that zing into the raita. The dash of sugar and cumin along with the pomegranate brought delicious textures and flavours. The original recipe calls for making mustard sauce from scratch, but I have used dijon mustard ...

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Strawberry Raita Recipe

The Strawberry Raita Recipe is a simple and delicious raita that is quick to make and has a sweet and tangy taste to it. The combination of strawberries, along with onions, green chillies, cumin and coriander gives a distinct flavour, at the same time neutralizing the tang from the strawberries. The Strawberry Raita goes well with vegetarian curries, paneer dishes, dry vegetables and could be relished on its own as well. Serve Strawberry Raita along with Paneer Tikka Masala and Pudina Tawa ...

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Raw Mango Raita Recipe

Raw Mango Raita recipe is an excellent way to make the most of the last of the mangoes as this wonderful season has almost come to a close. This raita is refreshing, cool and tasty, and goes equally well with rotis as well as rice dishes. The Raw Mango Raita makes a great accompaniment along with Mixed Rice Dishes. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Raita recipes such as Boondi Raita Recipe Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita Recipe Lauki Raita Recipe

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Mooli Raita Recipe (Spiced Yogurt Salad with Radish)

The Radish or (Mooli) Raita is a high mineral and energy dish that can be is eaten in its raw form. Radish has found its way into many cuisines around the world in terms or salad, coulis, pickles, sambar, stew, chutney or even raita's. The Mooli Raita is a refreshing change to the regular raita's, that you can relish as a yogurt salad as well.  It makes a perfect accompaniment to be served along with Paneer Makhani kind of dishes. Did You Know: Radish is a low calorie vegetable, ...

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Dangar Pachadi With Grated Carrots Recipe (Urad Dal Raita)

Dangar Pachadi or Urad Dal Pachadi is one of the simplest raitas that can be prepared in no time and with very few ingredients. It is popular among Tanjavur Iyers Brahmins and served along with a main course South Indian Meal consisting of Sambar, Rasam, Kootu, Rice and Sweets. Serve Dangar Pachadi along with Keerai Sambar, Steamed Rice and Elai Vadam for a weekday South Indian meal. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Raita recipes such as Lauki Raita Recipe Beetroot ...

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Avocado Raita Recipe (Avocado Yogurt Cold Soup/ Salad)

Avocado Raita Recipe is a simple yogurt based salad made with pureed avocado, roasted peanuts and chillies. The Avocado raita is quick to make and is wholesome and nutritious too. Serve the Avocado raita along with Parathas for breakfast to make a wholesome meal. If you like this recipe, you can also try other raita recipes such as Boondi Raita Recipe Bhindi Raita Recipe Palak Raita Recipe

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Papad Raita Recipe

Papad Raita Recipe is unique and very different from the other raita recipes. It's simple and easy to make with very few easily available ingredients from the pantry. Use the spicy or the pepper papad for this recipe to make the dish interesting. Serve the Papad Raita along with Chana Pulao or any other Pulao for a simple weeknight dinner. If you like this recipe, you can also try other recipes such as Boondi Raita Recipe Palak Raita Recipe Tadka Raita Recipe  

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Carrot Orange Walnut Raita (Fruity Nutty Yogurt) Recipe

Raita is a curd based dish served as accompaniment with Indian meals. Here we are making Fruity Nutty raita. It is a combination of carrot, orange and walnut with curd. It is so easy that it takes hardly a few minutes to prepare. And if you prepare it for parties it will be the centre of attraction. It has richness of dry fruits, therefore it is good to include it in your diet. A raita full of energy and full of taste. Try it and you will regret for not trying it before! Carrot Orange Walnut Raita ...

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Vegan Coconut Yogurt Recipe

Coconut Yogurt is a dairy-free variant of regular cow's milk yogurt and easier to make at home than you think. This is perfect for anyone with dairy-related allergies or anyone following a vegan diet. Serve Vegan Coconut Yogurt along with Quinoa Vangi Bath for a perfect weekday lunch or dinner. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Curd recipes such as Burani Raita Lauki Raita Avocado Raita

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Senai Pachadi Recipe (Elephant Yam Raita)

Senai or Elephant Yam is one of those vegetables which is very high in fibre. There are various ways to prepare this dish and one of my favourite is the Senai Pachadi or Elephant Yam raita. Generally, elephant yam is fried as a curry or chips. This is completely the boiled version of using the elephant yam and it is very healthy. Along with Indian meals, Senai Pachadi can also be served as a dip for Italian or any other western dishes without garnishing. Serve Senai Pachadi along with Mixed Vegetable ...

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Bhindi Raita Recipe (Okra Salad)

Bhindi Raita (Okra Salad) is a delicious side dish made by adding spiced curd to crisp okra slices. This is a no onion/garlic recipe is fairly simple and is a refreshing treat for Bhindi lovers/non-lovers alike. You can either pan fry the Bhindi slices or Microwave or air fry till crisp. Serve Bhindi Raita with roti or Rice and Panchmel Dal for a light everyday meal. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Raita recipes such as Boondi Raita Recipe Tadka Raita Recipe Avocado Raita ...

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Kerala Style Beetroot Pachadi Recipe

Beetroot pachadi recipe is very good accompaniment for rice and it is usually prepared by people in Kerala during Onam feast. The beetroot pachadi has light sweetness, sourness and spiciness. This pachadi has a pleasing pink colour and prepared by adding curd to the cooked beetroot. Serve this Kerala Style Beetroot Pachadi Recipe during a meal along with steamed rice, Vendakkai Uppadan and Jack Fruit Seeds Stir Fry Recipe. If you like this recipe, try our other similar recipes like Ripen Mango ...

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Corn And Onion Raita Recipe

Corn And Onion Raita serves as a perfect side dish along with your meal. It is easy and tastes delicious. You can also serve this at your house parties along with pulav or biryanis. Serve Corn And Onion Raita along with Vegan Kofta Curry and Phulkas for a perfect weekday lunch or dinner. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Raita recipes such as Boondi Raita Recipe Bhindi Raita Recipe Lauki Raita Recipe

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