The golden coloured jelly like slow flowing honey when falls on the tongue gives a sweet and mildly warm sensation that induces a satiation to our sweet tooth. A lot of us know that the honey is good for health but have not made a conscious effort to have it regularly or research deep to enlighten more of the benefits that are associated with it. So, here is an article that throws some light on the health benefits and also on the ways in which you can consume it other than plain honey.

Calcium is one of the most talked nutrients because of its widely known prominence. Most of us are aware that we need calcium to build stronger bones and teeth. Let us dive in more to find out everything about calcium and what the insufficient intake of calcium might lead to. There are other benefits of calcium beyond bones and let us get to know that. This article explain why calcium is important, sources to fulfil its requirement and recipes that calcium can be derived from.

Soybean, native to China since 13000 years, was unknown to the West as an edible bean until almost the dawn of 20 th century. Soy bean was considered a fodder food till then in West. Only after the goodness of soy came to limelight is when the West became curious about this legume and started considering this as a food.

Yoga demands a total mind, body, spirit approach, so even a 10-minute ‘micro session’ can do wonders for your health

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Rich in vitamins and minerals, raw jackfruit contains no cholesterol or saturated fats and is a must-have at your dining table. Rich in vitamins and minerals, raw jackfruit contains no cholesterol or saturated fats and is a must-have at your dining table.

Work your way to a healthy and fit life by doing these simple exercises at work.

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That weekend party can upset all your carefully laid diet plans. Get around it with these simple tips from Roshini Gilbert, VP of Services at HealthifyMe

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The body needs proteins, before and after workouts. HealthifyMe senior nutritionist Neha Jain explains, “Proteins are the building blocks of our body. You need them for the daily wear and tear of muscles, to speed up recovery and to gain strength.”

From leaving you feeling refreshed to improving your digestion, enhancing your liver function and fighting cancer, the benefits of sugarcane juice are plenty.

Often, people who don’t gain weight regardless of how and what they eat, brag about having a high metabolism, but what does that really mean?

Whatever your fitness goals may be, your pre- and post-workout meals are extremely important. Workout foods fuel your workout, help build muscle, kickstart weight loss and enhance recovery.

Eating right is something we have to cultivate mindfully. Eating right not just aims at the portions, but also the kind of foods we have filled our meal plate with. The vitamins and minerals help keep us lively and kicking, whereas the protein and carbohydrates are required for the maintenance of our body cells on a day to day basis.If you are a woman who is into physical exercises in the form of Yoga, Dance Forms, Running, Walking, Zumba, Aerobics, Crossfit, Strength training or anything else where your body goes through physical activity, then it’s all the more reason why you must focus on what goes into your body. 

A change in mindset coupled with modifications in diet & workout regime can help control diabetes.

Try these simple yoga poses at your desk to destress, relax and energise yourself

Often ignored and overlooked, seeds are powerhouses of health. Rich in nutrients, essential amino acids, and healthy fats, the benefits of seeds are manifold!

Maintaining your diet and workout regime while traveling seems hard, but these travel hacks should do the trick.

Exercising is an important everyday activity that is required to stay healthy. The fast paced lifestyles we lead, requires us to ensure we get the right amount of nutrition and fitness for our body to function well.

Conflicted as to whether you should have a cheat meal or not because of mixed opinions? Well here is a little secret, include at least one cheat meal.

Nutty brown and aromatic, flax seeds are a good source of healthy fat, micronutrients, antioxidants and fiber.

A balanced diet and plenty of water is the key to preventing weight gain while on a marathon training diet plan.

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