From promoting heart health to weight loss, Coconut and Olive oil both carry a wealth of benefits

These 7 easy moves, done every day, will ensure that you reclaim your waist and tummy

Rich in beneficial nutrients, quinoa is a superfood that can help improve heart, metabolic and immune health

Try these yoga moves to improve blood circulation, stimulate abdominal organs and improve digestion

Apart from keeping your digestive system ship-shape, fibre can protect against cancer and heart disease

These yoga asanas will boost your metabolism and give your body the ability to burn fat faster

Rich in chlorophyll and packed with nutrition, wheatgrass benefits are immense.

Make these small changes to your lifestyle to get Fit.

Eating healthy aimed at long term well being is the goal of health conscious foodies. Though there are several diet types that are popular which include many fad diets, there are fewer diets that really do matter and make a positive impact on the health issue in focus. Consuming healthy and avoiding unhealthy eating is the core concept of any diet we choose, with an emphasis on the objective that we want to achieve through a particular kind of diet. Here are the chosen 4 types of diets that you must know about.

Squash are the harvest of winter and comes in various shapes and sizes. The squash are roasted, baked, cubed, pan fried, grated or pureed and used in various recipes. Soups and curries made with squash goes into main course. Lot of squash also is used to make pies, gnocchi & risotto. Salads, soups, burritos and quesadillas can be completed with squashes. It gives a silky and creamy texture to most dishes it is combined into.

Crash Diets are quick fixes that work in the short term, but eventually lead to weight gain and larger health problems

Build core strength and improve your posture with these easy to perform plank exercises

You don’t need to binge on eggs and meat to pack on muscle. Try these protein rich vegetarian food items to build muscle

Some people may prefer the taste of white, but brown rice scores better when it comes to nutritional value and digestion

Apart from helping you relax, these five simple breathing techniques work as preventive measures

Rich in flavour, Vitamin A, potassium and fiber, sweet potato packs a powerful nutritional punch.

How often do you make this vegetable at home? We all know that bitter gourd is freely available especially in indian market, and we can buy this round the year. Most of the families have a small percentage of people liking and eating this vegetable with love. Attributed to its innate bitterness, bitter gourd is had sparsely than the other vegetables that are included in our daily diet. Here are the nutritional benefits of eating karela.

Eating out, attending parties or hosting few, especially when you are a foodie- might add in significant amount of heaviness and laze to the body. This is usually due to over consumption of nutrition than the body requires. This laze and heaviness affects most to those who maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise, by having a cautious eye on what they consume everyday. The need to get all the over loaded proteins and fat out of our body gets shown in the decreased ease to perform normal activities of the day, or eruption on skin, or gastritis. Also, it is good for the body to go through the detox routine once in a month just to keep our bodies rejuvenated and fresh.

Build core strength and improve your posture with these easy to perform plank exercises

The leftover liquid when the curdled milk is strained (or milk solids separated) is called whey. Whey is blessed with easily absorbable proteins than milk, like α-lactalbumin & β-lactoglobulin. Whey can be the leftover of hung yogurt, chena (paneer), or clabbered raw milk (Clabbered milk is the unboiled milk for 18-24 hours and allowing milk to naturally coagulate).

Boosting digestive function and improving immunity, probiotic drinks are the new health beverages to indulge in.

Superfoods rich in Omega 3 and soluble fiber must be incorporated in your weekly menu to keep your heart healthy and strong

Performing everyday tasks can seem like an uphill struggle if you’re not flexible. Try these 10 simple moves to loosen and limber up!

Clove is an aromatic spice that is the flower bud of Clove tree which are native to Indonesia. The clove flower buds have a pale yellowish tinge and the clove buds are ready to harvest when it turns pinkish to bright red. The cloves are harvested along with stalks, dried in sun or under mechanical/electronic drier.

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