Tofu is a block of bean curd prepared by coagulating the soy milk. With great protein in it (about 42%) tofu is considered as a meat replacement for vegetarians and a main source of protein for vegan diet. Tofu with a faint nutty taste is a major ingredient in Asian cuisines like Thai and Chinese. While its nutritional benefits are majorly talked about, the inconclusive research about its anti-nutritional properties is much debated.

Work your way to a healthy and fit life by doing these simple exercises at work. What you do for a living may be good for your pocket, but not so good for your health. Continuing research shows that a desk job and a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of heart disease significantly and can lead to chronic health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and depression.

New to Yoga? Get your fundamentals right by these Yoga for Beginners asanas that not only help beat stress, but also improve posture, concentration and blood circulation. It’s easy to rid your skin off toxins. All you need to do is dry brush and scrub, but what should one do to get rid of the toxins present inside the body?

With the local food movement gaining steam across the world, we suggest you opt for Indian Superfoods over exotic ones

Rice is the staple food of the world, succeeded by wheat, and corn. Rice is a high glycaemic index which means it is high in absorbable sugars. With few of the easiest form of carbohydrates in nature, these are light on stomach and are great idea of staple food for gluten-free diet. Since rice contains simpler carbohydrates, it is a quick energy provider, when compared with most other staple foods of the world. Easily digested despite of less fibre, unless it is wild rice or brown rice, owing to simple carbs again. Here are various types of rice you ought to know about, and their relevance in daily food.

Oil is one of the trivial ingredients in any kitchen, without which cooking becomes virtually bland. Though the cooking oil is usually not meant to add flavour or colour to the recipe that is cooked, sometimes while preparing the vinaigrettes or salad dressings, oils and the infused oils are expected to impart their flavour and colour to the recipe. While most of us know which oil to be used for particular recipes out of practice, let us shed some more light on the type of oils and their usage.

Dried beans, lentils, and peas – more commonly known as beans and dal – are widely used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. Lentils and dry beans are the product of pulses which have two cotyledons (can be split into two). Various delicious sweet and savory recipes including appetizers, main course, and even desserts are prepared with dals and beans. Especially dals are next only to their staple food – rice and wheat – to the Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Black rice is the deep dark short grain variety of rice that is originated from China and Asia. Black rice is sweetish to taste and has a nutty feel about its texture. Black rice was available only for the members of the royal family for a long period. As people realized the potential benefits of eating black rice, is when the black rice was grown commercially and common people also were given access.

Eggs are the go to breakfast in most of the families all around the world. There are so many dishes that you can make using eggs with other day-to-day ingredients. From boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets to curries, there are a variety of dishes which you can cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cheese is basically the coagulation of milk protein called casein through adding molds or enzymes, or enhancing the natural acidification of milk. There are more than 1500 variety of cheese found in the world with varied techniques of cheese-making. They vary in their taste from sweet, sour, salty, to pungent and stinky. Method of making cheese is an art that differs with the type of cheese desired. History tells that Cheesemaking originated in Europe, Central Asia or Middle east, but today, cheese is considered as a drooling inclusion in many recipes across cuisines. Cheese can broadly be classified into Quick cheese, Fresh cheese, ripened cheese.

There are incredible ways of including chillies in everyday food but the trends of the recipes containing chilli vary with the weather of a region. Summers and spring make the pickling recipes trending since the sun-assisted fermenting can be carried out easily. Deep fried veg and non-veg recipes, spicy gravy recipes with chilli are in trend during rainy and winter months.

As we strive hard in our busy lives, it is really important to maintain a balanced diet to stay fit and healthy. When we say balanced diet what do we actually mean by it? A balanced diet is the one that provides all the essential nutrients to your body to function correctly. Hence, it is very important for us to watch what we add into our diet. Aren't we looking out for easy ways to make our meals healthy and filled with nutrition?

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases arising due to inadequate insulin production in the body. This diabetes can be a cause of worry if the diabetics do not take proper measures in managing their health condition and diet. Most of the stability in blood sugar is achieved through proper diet, along with appropriate exercising.

In recent times a lot of people are following a Vegan Diet which is associated with living healthy life. We know that in a vegetarian diet meat, fish, or poultry, are not included, but in a vegan diet, there is no use of any animal products and by-products from them, such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, wool, cosmetics, and soaps derived from animals. Essentially, being a vegan is definitely more of a lifestyle choice and a philosophy than a diet.

Cumin is a native plant from east Mediterranean to India. It is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Apiaceae which is commonly known as parsley, carrot or celery family. It is used both in grounded and the whole form in different traditional Indian cuisines. It also has many uses as a traditional medicinal plant. Cumin or jeera is a dried seed that is oblong in shape, longitudinally ridged and yellow-brown in colour. (source wiki)

Coconut is one among those ingredients that is widely used in cooking across cuisines in the world and now it is becoming increasingly popular for its health benefits. The coconut with its white pulp, the water, and oil that is extracted from it is known for its various health benefits. Although it is important to know that using the right cooking techniques help retain its nutritive value.

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food for many of us and it lifts up our moods and senses almost instantly. To dive deeper into how this happens, the chocolate triggers the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that cause your pulse to speed up and give you a pleasant high feeling, rather like being in love. In addition the theobromine and phenylethylamine present in cocoa is believed to affect levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that’s believed to act as a mood stabilizer and ease depression

We often include proteinaceous diet and load our food with vitamin-rich ingredients to keep our muscles and organs fit. By including a few more miracle ingredients or just by being cautious about them, we can actually help our brains to perform faster and better. Like other parts of our body, even the brain suffers fatigue after long sessions of strenuous work that we load in our competitive lives. But luckily, we can also prevent fatigue or significant brain-related malfunctioning by including the ingredients that help. Drinking a good amount of water and supplying the essential nutrients by moderate diet become crucial. Here are the 9 superfoods that boost brain power improves functioning and avoid malnutrition to the brain.

A lot of us especially kids prefer sugary cereals over healthy oats for breakfast. For many nothing can be great as a warm cup of oats for your breakfast. You can cook them however you want, with some milk and make it as a porridge or make an idly out of oats. It is the one of the healthiest food that can keep the energy up and help you to carry your day with energy.

Here is how the day looks for a working individual - wake up in the morning, rush to the toilet, wake kids up, catch a brisk walk (may be), have a shower, get a quick breakfast and into the car or the bike to head to work. Work until end of day, sitting on a chair and possibly changing chairs to go into meeting rooms. And when you get back home, you are back to spending time with family, doing homework, fixing dinner, catch up on news or books and wind down to bed.

Jaggery is a traditional form of sweetener that has been used widely in our country for years together. Jaggery is made out of Sugarcane and has been used as a natural sweetener for sweets and other delicacies. But in recent times sugar has taken over jaggery and the usage has been extensive. Sugar also comes from sugarcane but it goes under extensive refining method where it loses its nutrition value.

We begin our day with a cup of coffee and it is in there, in our tasty biscuits and cookies, yes it is in there. We consume it every now and then without our knowledge or sometimes we don’t even know whether it is there or not.Can guess what we are talking about?

As we strive hard in busy lives to make the most of ourselves, it has become important more than ever to concentrate on the kind of diet that we follow to stay healthy in a longer run. Staying fit and healthy is scoring above any erratic option we pick to stuff in. Preparing food at home and eating healthy is the best option to avoid long-term side-effects of store bought ones. As we become choosier and health conscious in deciding our everyday diets, we need to explore more for healthier options to cook an interesting meal every time.

Avocado is a pear-shaped fruit with a large seed in it. It has become very popular in Indian kitchens these days, as people are becoming more conscious towards their health with the passage of time. In order to get a healthy diet, they are substituting their daily food with avocados as it can be used in different forms and is highly recommended for health benefits. While avocados have a high fat content, they are also packed with nutrients which adds health to many dishes.

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