Breakfast, meaning ‘breaking the fast’ is considered worldwide as the most important meal of the day. After a long period of resting, the body’s blood sugar needs a jumpstart and by consuming a wholesome breakfast, we provide our bodies with right amount of energy and nutrients for pursuing the activities for the day. It is important that we try and avoid eating processed or ready to make foods that are available in the market. A good and healthy breakfast meal can make or break your day.

“Mom!! You made this!?” How sweet is their squeak when your kids say this excitingly? You like the shine in your kids’ eyes when you prepare a delicacy that they have seen only in ready to eat form in stores? Kids are so amused when they get to eat something really nice coming out of their mom’s kitchen. When can it be the best, than their birthday to surprise your kid?

Ever wondered about since how long are burgers eaten? Though like most other foods, the exact origin is a bit of controversy, earliest mentions for the hamburger runs to a book published in 1700’s. Back then, anything with ground beef and bread with sauces was referred to as hamburger. Now with time, they have evolved into what we know today, burgers. Burger is a sandwich of bread roll that makes a frail attempt to hide the delicious patty, cheese, pickles, veggies and sauces; the cheesiness blended with the crunch of the patty and the tang of pickled veggies and salad leaves in the burger is worth drooling for.

Indian cuisine is one of those cuisines in the world which is divided into many sub cuisines which belongs to different states of India. Every state has its own recipes which different taste and flavour from the local masalas used. Punjab is one of those states which is very popular for its food. From tasty Dal Tadka to scrumptious kadhi, from Stuffed Parathas with a dollop of butter to scrmptious stuffed Kulchas, this state has many delicious food items to offer and especially how can you forget the very popular Makki Ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag.

We keep looking out for options when it comes to specific diets like low cholesterol, diabetic friendly, low calorie, gluten free and other niche categories. When the people with real challenges are posed with a task of finding recipes that suit their palate along with their specific diet condition, recipes fall short of fulfilling their wish to eating right, healthy and the foods that belong to various cuisines and taste unique.

Are you confused about what to make for your brunch this coming weekend? Something which is easy to make and is different from our regular food. Well, your query is answered. You can make this delicious Non veg wraps which is filled with the scrumptious chicken or fish and is flavoured with different sauces and spices. You can also make these delicious and mouth watering wraps for your lunch and pack it in your and your kid's lunch box. These are also good to make for birthday or pot luck parties. 

 Our day brightens up when we hear the word ‘pizza’. Well, we all know what pizza is, as it is one of those Italian dishes which is loved by everyone. Different types of delicious toppings on a bed of bread with cheese on top. Sounds delicious right? We usually enjoy these pizzas in restaurants but we can make them at home also as they are very easy to make and tastes equally delicious. We can buy the pizza bread from the market or for a healthier option we can always make it at home from scratch.

Khichdi is a wonderful dish which can be made with even a handful of ingredients and is basically a one pot mishmash of nutritious food. Khichdi is what most parts of India calls in when people fall sick with cold cough and common fever. Besides being easily digestible for people with poor digestion, this is a filling comfort food when we are out of prepping time for a dinner or lunch on a busy day.

Who can forget the sharp and tangy taste of a homemade achaar? Many of us would also have childhood memories of overeating pickles and being caught in the act by elders; also of upsetting our digestion since we didn't know when to stop licking on one pickle after the other! Have you also tried to mildly recreate that tinge of sharp flavours in appetizers and side dishes?

We love when we eat something that is easy to prepare and delicious to munch on. Especially when it for dinner, we sort to recipes that can be made in less time and are gratifying. Imagine having a mouthful of succulent and relishable sandwich with a sip of ambrosial soup in between every bite, may be coupled with crisps and likely.

Mushrooms are the fungal fruiting bodies which contain spores for reproduction that grow below or above the ground. Out of the known 10000+ varieties of mushroom, few handfuls of popular types of mushrooms are edible. Mushroom is a protein-rich vegetarian substitute for high protein non-vegetarian foods. There are several benefits attached to consuming mushrooms.

Like Dosas are prepared in almost every South Indian household, Cheelas are prepared in North Indian homes for breakfast or snack. The best thing about them is that they are very easy to make and delicious to eat. All you have to do is, combine the required ingredients to make cheela in a bowl, add a little water and make a paste. Then heat a tawa, drizzle some oil, put the batter in round shapes and cook it from both the sides. Voila, your Cheelas are ready to eat.

Eating healthy breakfast is a mustas it gives us the energy until next meal, but we usually skip it or eat anything which is not healthy and filling. Most of us usually wake up early to make breakfast and pack lunch boxes for our family, but due to time constraints we try and shortcut for our own breakfast.  Making something healthy and substantial is possible with a little bit of planning, therefore we have come up with 46 varieties Upma recipes that are easy to make and will be loved by your family. The breakfast menu of upma and cups of steaming hot filter coffee is a common favourite in most of the South Indian homes.

The airy pockets of sweetish fragrance that is trapped inside a bread is the secret story that is told only to the teeth and tongue. The minute and mild crackling of bread that is heard only when the bread is held close to ears and squeezed gently is the proof of its freshness and the tale of its perfect bake. We like to dip these slices of bread in soups, stews or just with a delicious cup of coffee. Bread is also an accompaniment to pasta, gnocchi and likely. Many continental and Italian main course is incomplete without buttered crisp slices of flavoured breads.

Eating everyday food at home can be boring sometimes. As our weekdays are packed with busy schedules, we try and make fuss free recipes as they are simple to make and helps us to fulfill the daily nutrition required for our body. But weekends, we need something that gives us a break from the usual food. For all the non-vegetarian lovers, we have some delicious Chicken curries which you can make in your kitchen from different cuisines. From Goan to Afgani, these delectable chicken recipes are hard to resist and are perfect to serve on special occasions. 

 India is a country with different religions. With every religion, comes their cultures and traditions. Every festival is widely celebrated and every state in India has its own way of celebrating it. And when it comes to festivals, it is always about food. There are many traditions about what to cook during these festivals which is cooked by our ancestors from years.

Quesadillas are one of the favourites in Mexican themed restaurants. Quesadillas spelt as Quesadilla and pronounced as 'qesadiya’ might seem a bit confusing for us Indians when you want to address these for a first couple of times and might even sound exotic. But what these bits of plain-looking corn tortillas hide, is a delicious and cheesy mouthful filling within.

‘Paneer’, the word only brings a smile on our face. It is one of those food items which is used usually for special occasions. From weddings to house parties, all the vegetarian food is incomplete without Paneer. Some people use it to make the appetisers while some include it in the main course in form of curries or dry sabzi’s. Also from adults to kids, there is no one who doesn’t love Paneer. Paneer is high in proteins too, so including it in our everyday meal also helps us to fulfil the daily nutrition intake of the day.

Dosa has become one of the most popular recipes in Indian fast-food joints and restaurants. Ever wondered where dosa originated from? The researches have claimed that they have the recorded dosa recipe from the earliest of Tamil and Kannada literary works. While the thicker dosas originated from Tamil Nadu, the thinner and crispier ones are recorded to have originated in Karnataka. Nevertheless, we love a variety of dosa batter recipes that have spread beyond the boundaries of South India ever since.

Sitting in the balcony or your garden and having a cup of hot tea or coffee with your friends or family after a tiring and hectic schedule can be very relaxing. And having some tasty premade snacks to serve along with your tea is like a cherry on the cake. Tea is something that freshens up your mind after the daily work and stress caused due to it. And evening is the time when you also feel hungry after your lunch.

Making everyday meals which are healthy and delicious at the same time is a task in itself. Every day we have to see that we make something different so that our family also enjoys what is cooked. Other than this it is very important to see that our everyday food is fulfilling our daily intake of nutrition. Therefore, we have lined some delicious and mouth-watering recipes made from black chickpeas also kala chana which you can make for your everyday meals. 

Kebabs have been around since the time of the Moghuls who adopted the dish from Eastern Mediterranean regions where it originated. Today we can say 'kebabs' belong to Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean as also South Asian regions. Kebabs are the cooked and fried patties that are usually served as starters for a get together or weekend dinners. Kebabs are one of the most popular starters in Indian restaurants too.

Beetroot, also called as Chakundar in Hindi is one of the healthiest vegetables we use in the kitchen. While you can make different types of recipes from it, there are many delicious side dishes which you can make for your Indian meals. From Pulavs, curries to parathas, Beetroot can be used in many ways. Also, it is good to include it in our meals, as it helps us to fulfill the daily nutrition intake for our body. You can also include the beetroot greens in your meal, as they are equally good for your health.

Including greens in your everyday diet is very important. It helps us to fulfill the daily nutrition intake required for our body. Not only for adults, we have to see that our kids are also taking in the right nutrition but they are usually messy eaters when it comes to green vegetables. Methi or Fenugreek Leaves is one of those vegetables which has many health benefits and is highly nutritious. Methi has a distinct taste and is also slightly bitter which is not liked by everyone. Therefore, we have come up with some delicious methi recipes that you can make for your family without compromising the taste.