A nutritious meal with dishes from different regions. This combination of dishes in the meal are from various food groups contributing to the wholesome meal. 

A masaledar Jaipuri Aloo Pyaz Ki Sabzi Recipe, along with a healthy Chow Chow Thakkali Kootu Recipe a refreshing Green Moong Sprout Salad Recipe With Vegetables , simple Steamed Rice, with an added crunch of papad, finished off with a cooling Spiced Butter Milk is all you need for a filling afternoon lunch

Here's a simple and wholesome North Indian Meal Plate which includes Palak Mushroom, Pyaaz Ka Paratha, Kala Chana Salad Recipe With Carrots, Cucumber & Tomatoes and a bowl of Curd.

Palak Mushroom is filled with the goodness of necessary Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients that comes from Mushroom and Palak. Mushroom provides Vitamin D, so it is a good option for vegetarians. With Palak Mushroom, we have a spicy Pyaaz Paratha, where onions are caramelised and mixed with some basic masalas and later stuffed into these delicious Parathas.

This meal plate is an absolute burst of flavours, with a healthy Jowar Garlic Naan made of whole wheat, jowar and methi, paired with Achari Aloo, a spicy dry sabzi, served with a side of fresh Pudina Dahi Chutney, finished off with a sweet Mango lassi flavoured with saffron. 

Here's a simple and tasty Sindhi meal plate which includes Bhey Vangan Saag, Sindhi Tahiri, Carrot, Radish & Peanut Salad with Lemon and a bowl of Curd.

Bhey Vangan Saag is a delicious combination of Lotus Stem, Baingan, Palak and Aloo. These vegetables are cooked in everyday basic masalas. It is filled with the goodness of vegetables, making it more healthy and nutritious. Along with it, we have Sindhi Tahiri, which is a sweet pulav inspired from Awadhi Cuisine.

Here is a wholesome portion control meal plate we have put together consisting of Palak Mushroom, Palak Raita, Phulka and a wholesome Beetroot Salad. It is perfect for the weekdays when you want something delicious and comforting yet healthy. This makes for a colourful meal plate and completely wholesome one. So, go ahead and prepare this wonderful meal plate and let us know how it was. 

A delicious, South Indian Meal plate with Paniyaram Muttai Masala- a spicy curry with paniyarams made of beaten eggs, Malabar parotta, aromatic ghee rice, refreshing Pudina dhaniya raita and a healthy Raw Papaya Apple salad is a must try meal that you can serve on a lazy sunday afternoon to your family. 

Here's a simple and delicious Sindhi Meal Plate for you which includes Bhugi Dal Paratha, Khajur and Pakora Raita and Beetroot, Carrot & Cucumber Salad with Peanuts.

Bhugi Dal Paratha, a Sindhi style Paratha which is stuffed with Moong Dal Masala. It is good for health too as the moong dal is high in proteins. To pair with the paratha, we have a yummy Khajur and Pakora Raita where soft pakoras and dates are mixed into the curd. Also, if you have any leftover dal, you can use it to make these parathas.

If you want to treat yourself to a continental breakfast this Sunday, we have put together the perfect Meal Plate for you. Omelettes are a classic breakfast dish but with a little imagination you can make it interesting by adding various fillings in your omelettes. Instead of serving your mushrooms on the side, we at Archana's Kitchen have stuffed deliciously flavoured mushrooms and corn inside a fluffy omelette so that you can taste them in every bite. 

In this edition we have lined up amazing dinner recipe ideas from the traditional Paneer Tikka Masala, Kerala Kadala Curry and many more recipes.

This week, we have a wholesome weekly meal plan menu with recipes from Maharashtrain Kanda Poha, Nimki Aloo Anardana Curry, Sagu Masala Dosa, Palak Raita, Nutella Filled Handpies and much more.

Here's a delectable and easy to make Continental meal plate for you which includes Mushroom Stroganoff, Per Peri Fish Fingers along with Buttered Herbed Rice. Mushroom Stroganoff is inspired from a famous russian dish called 'Beef Stroganoff'. In this recipe, Mushroom is cooked along with other vegetables like carrots, beans and corn in a creamy sauce.

Try this delicious meal of Palak Paratha, Tamatari Chole - a classic semi gravy dish made with Kabuli Chana, Kala Chana Salad and a bowl of curd. 

A simple weekday meal typically would your Roti, Dal or Sabzi or in case of South Indians would be a Rasam, Curry and Rice. But we at Archana's Kitchen believe that a meal should be variety of dishes that give the colour and all round nutrition to your meal. So, don't forget to buy a variety of vegetables and grains in your shopping list while planning your meals for the week. 

A comforting Portion Control Meal is something all of us looking forward to during our lunch or dinner. Digging into our meals at home with all 10 fingers, leaves us satisfied at the end of it all. This South Indian meal is one such feel good meal, packed with nutrition, the healthy meal which leaves you feeling satiated. This meal includes Beetroot salad Vegetable & Avarekalu kootuBoondi Raita, Avarekalu Rasam along with Steamed Rice

Here's a delicious and easy to make South Indian Breakfast Meal plate which includes a Spicy Neer Dosa, Karnataka Style Avarekalu Kosambari and Sweet and Sour Mangalore Cucumber Chutney.  Everyone loves Neer Dosa, therefore we thought to give it a twist to make it even more tasty and flavourful.

Spicy Neer Dosa is a simple Neer Dosa recipe which is spiced with some everyday spices like coriander seeds, dry red chillies, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves.To complete the meal, we have served Karnataka Style Avarekalu Kosambari and Mangalore Cucumber Chutney along with the meal.

Dhokla is a classic Gujarati dish, that is packed with a lot of flavor and taste. In this breakfast meal is a delicious and wholesome Palak Dhokla paired along with a fruit and dahi.

A breakfast meal so versatile, this meal is a combination of various food groups, to help kick start your day by breaking  your fast literally, from dinner time until this breakfast time the next morning. 

In this edition of Portion Control Meal Plate, we have a delicious plate of Keerai Masiyal which is a simple stir fry of Palak, Lauki Chana Dal, Bhakri - a classic Maharashtrian bread, classic Salad of Tomato Onion and Cucumber, a simple Boiled Egg and cup of Homemade Curd.

Here is a wholesome and delicious meal plate which includes Papad Ki Sabzi, Carrot And Capsicum Ki Sabzi, Methi Thepla, Beetroot, Carrot & Cucumber Salad with Peanuts and Maharashtrian Green Chilli Thecha.

Papad Ki Sabzi is a simple curry recipe made from Papad which is very popular in Rajasthani households. Along with the yummy curry, we have simple Carrot And Capsicum Ki Sabzi and Methi Thepla, a popular thin flat bread From Gujarat.

Needless to say, Breakfast by far is the most important meal of the day.  As simple as it gets, consuming good number of calories in the morning and fewer as the day goes on is a highly effective way to maintain healthy weight. 

Choosing food groups wisely for breakfast, is yet another important task. Here is High Protein Breakfast that includes Moong Dal Cheela With Stuffed Paneer, Dhaniya Pudina Chutney, Fruit Bowl & Banana Yogurt & Walnut Smoothie.

Yellow moong dal is rich in protein and when the cheela is stuffed along with Paneer, it adds to the protein and other vital nutrients that are required by the body. In addition, the Green Chutney, made from coriander and mint is delicious and as well as packed with a lot of vital nutrients that are required by the body.

This high protein breakfast is indeed a great way to kick start your day. 

In this edition of Portion Control Meal Plate, we bring to you a wholesome Sindhi Style meal plate which includes Maakhmi Dal, Masaledar Moongphali Til Wale Aloo, Bhuga Chawal, Curd and Carrot Peanut Salad.

In this edition of Archana's Kitchen Portion Control Meal Plates, here is a healthy indian lunch with Palak Paratha, Mirch Ki Sabzi, Panchmel Dal, Lemon Rice and Tomato and Onion Raita. Sounds like complete and wholesome meal right? 

Taking in your daily required nutrition is very important and therefore we get you a meal plate which will help you to intake the required nutrients for the day. It is simple and provides all the nutritional content you need for your day to keep going without having to compromise on flavour. It is also important to keep an eye on the portions of food that are served on one's plate. For the sake of that, it is wise to invest in a slotted plate so that each slot is filled with enough side dish/ main dish to fill our stomachs. 

Here is a wholesome South Indian Breakfast Recipe which includes Andhra Style Pesarattu Upma which is a delicious combination of Pesarattu and Upma. Pesarattu is packed with protein and taste as it is made from Green Moong Dal. 

Serve Pesarattu Upma along with Tomato Onion Chutney and Masala Chai. This healthy breakfast recipe has almost all nutrients that a body needs on a day-to-day basis. Different flavour profiles in the plate like spicy and tangy, will leave your taste buds satisfied and your tummy full.