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The lifestyles we lead and the environments we work in have brought in drastic changes in our health over the past few decades. Urban lifestyles have become taxing on our bodies and mental health, due to polluted environments along with untimely work hours leading to physical and mental ailments and diseases.

As the world is changing around us, it is important to pay attention to the food and fitness so we can battle all the challenges that the lifestyles dump onto us. And I am here to help you do that !


Is to create and empower people with healthy food and eating habits in the form of food, fitness, menu plans, healthy cooking methods by using the best products that will enable us to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

About Me: Archana Doshi, Chef and Founder of Archana’s Kitchen

The world of food, understanding its ingredients and cooking techniques has always come naturally to me. My days of cooking started when I was in 4th grade and ever since, I have never looked back. My passion to cook, to serve and to taste is definitely up my sleeve; so much so when I travel around the world tasting different cuisines, I love dissecting the ingredients to learn more about the local cuisine and their food habits.

I started off my career as a software engineer, then became a yoga teacher; but my love for food drew me closer to it. I founded Archana’s Kitchen in Nov 2007 by writing recipes that I cooked in my kitchen onto my website. Before I knew it, the traffic on my website grew and had millions of food lovers visiting my website for healthy vegetarian simple and easy to cook recipes.

Today Archana’s Kitchen is a mashup of all my past professions making it truly a soulful experience of running a passion with lessons learnt from my education and experience.

After a few years my husband, Rutvik took notice of the growth and dived in to help me build a better website using the latest technology. And now he’s in charge of the websites backbone and finance for Archana’s Kitchen. He is a pure genius when it comes to technology and finance and together we make the Archana’s Kitchen team.

Archana’s Kitchen is known for its healthy vegetarian recipes, cooking guides and menus. My recipes are simple, smart and seasonal. I believe in cooking food without additives and preservatives.

Cooking fresh and healthy meals for my family and friends brings me immense pleasure and happiness. I get motivated and inspired to create more when I see my fans try and like the recipes I share with them.

Through the use of my social media on Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter and Pinterest, I engage with my fans with menu ideas for their dinner and lunchboxes.

I now have over 5 million visitors on my Website, 1 million plus fans on GooglePlus, more than 250 K fans on Facebook and a growing number of food lovers viewing my Youtube Channel. The growing numbers makes me inspired to create more recipes and videos for my fans.

I am now associated with top brands like KitchenAid India, Saffola and few others in ways that will benefit my audience by enriching their cooking experience.

My story from being a software engineer to a mother and a home chef was the inspiration for the Google Chrome TV commercial which was Google India's first ever TV campaign. I was featured as a Guest Chef at the TV Channel Zee Khana Khazana as part of this campaign. In 2012 I was also featured as a part of the Google Entrepreneur on the web, on TV in a CNBC program of What Women Want

My recipes, stories and photographs have been published in many leading newspapers, magazines and journals in India.

My Story and how Archana’s Kitchen was born

Spending most of my growing up years in Coimbatore offered little exposure to cuisines around the world. But for a family who loves to eat and cook, including my father who would cook up fabulous Sunday lunches once in a while planted the seed of good food and healthy eating habits in me.

My mother was especially fond of cooking and experimenting with a variety of cuisines from around the world. She collected a zillion recipe clippings and never failed to try them all. She would cook with so much love to a food addicted family like ours while ensuring they were packed with nutrition. My mother did not stop there. Me and my brother had compulsory days of cooking and working in the kitchen.

With a formal training from my mother which involved years of compulsory cooking and learning healthy cooking and eating habits has made me what I am today. My baking days started when I was nine years old and then it moved on to chopping vegetables and then cooking basic food.

Life moved on and eventually I moved on to many cities and countries. My repertoire on variety of cuisines, cooking skills and smell for secret ingredients grew and it continues to grow even now. Work life stopped and motherhood began, which started giving me time to idle away.

This idle time gave me a brilliant idea to start writing a recipe book. As these thoughts were evolving, Blog Cooking had started taking over books and recipes were all over the Internet, which is when I decided to join the world of bloggers.

Ever since I started the website, Archana’s Kitchen, I have been trying to perfect my recipes every time I cook. My kitchen became a “test kitchen” and this began showing in my recipes as well. Each time I cooked, I wrote, and again when I cooked I re-wrote the recipe. So every single time I cooked, I would make a change of ingredient to the recipe and viola another recipe came out of it!

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Archana Doshi

I am the Founder of Archana's Kitchen. I try to keep my recipes simple, smart and seasonal and believe in cooking food fresh everyday without additives and preservatives. I hope you enjoy cooking recipes from the website where my only soul effort is to make cooking simple for you. Please do take a little time to comment on the recipes, as your feedback means a lot to me. And dont forget to share the recipes on your favourite social networks.


Website: www.archanaskitchen.com

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