Cucumber Cheese Sandwich & Granola (Kids Snack Box)

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The Sandwich & Granola combo makes a wholesome snack or lunch box. I do make sure I make my own bread or buy the whole wheat multigrain loaf of bread from the store. Packing the sandwich with cheese and vegetables is a great way to get the nutrients in and at the same time the children get their energy from the carbohydrates. The granola bar is also packed with the goodness of fiber and lots of protein from the nuts making this lunch box healthy.

Making the Cucumber Sandwich is really simple and perfect for the busy school mornings.

Trim the edges of the bread slices and lay them flat on a table. Place the cucumber slices evenly on one of the bread slices. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper powder. 

Place the cheese slice over the cucumbers and finally cover with the other slices of bread.

Press the sandwich with the palm of your hand and allow the sandwich to settle down. Cut the Cucumber Sandwich sandwich into a triangle and pack into the lunch box

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Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi

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