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I am from northern India and currently living in New Delhi India.I came to Delhi in 2007 and started living alone since 2009.That was year which embarked my cooking journey.Tired of eating out, I started my food experiments.. some of which were a hit and some were an utter disaster. I feel food brings friends and family together..brings back memories .. it is love made visible..

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Chicken Cooked in Banana Leaves Recipe

Thursday, 10 August 2017 00:11

Long marination makes the chicken tender and succulent in this Chicken Cooked in Banana Leaves Recipe.The marinade is also pretty simple or you can say it is just throw in all kind of ingredients mentioned and toss to coat. If you are preparing this recipe for a party, then marinate the chicken beforehand, ...

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Giant Skillet Cookie Recipe

Monday, 07 August 2017 00:11

Gooey Skillet cookie served with some ice cream is a great dessert on any given day. Have it with your tea or after your dinner, it always gives a perfect end to a weekend meal on a sweet note and this is a great option. It is easy to make and is loved by everyone in the family. You can also make this ...

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Rosemary And Thyme Chicken Recipe

Sunday, 06 August 2017 00:12

Juicy Chicken marinated with herbs is a perfect meal for weekends as it is light on the stomach and does not involve too much effort to cook. You will love each and every bite of herb flavoured chicken. It is delicious and healthy at the same time.  Serve Rosemary And Thyme Chicken along ...

Black Bean Noodles Recipe

Saturday, 05 August 2017 00:10

Black Bean Noodles is loaded with veggies and it has a hint of sweet & sourness from the black bean sauce. It is super duper easy to make and is a perfect dinner recipe for a quick weekday meal. It is alo good to make for your house parties or pot luck parties.  Serve Black Bean Noodles ...

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Royyala Kura Recipe (Andhra Style Prawn Curry)

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 00:20

Royyala Kura is an easy Prawn Curry cooked in Andhra Style. It is not only healthy but it hardly takes much time to cook. Serve it with some rice or chapati and enjoy. The taste of tomato and spices makes this curry even more delicious. It is a bit spicy but you can adjust the spice level according to ...

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Spinach Tomato Soup Italian Style Recipe

Sunday, 30 July 2017 00:11

“Spinach Tomato Soup Italian Style” is the answer to the craving for comfort food combined with nutrients. It has spinach, it has carrots and it has tomato and some penne pasta.This recipe does not take too much much and it has not got too many complex steps. Serve Spinach Tomato Soup ...

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Asian Style Honey Soy Sticky Chicken Recipe

Saturday, 29 July 2017 00:13

Asian Style Honey Soy Sticky Chicken Recipe is a perfect party starter and it is super easy to make. The sweet and sour taste of chicken with a hint of garlic and ginger makes it amazingly tasty and leaves you craving for more. So, what are you waiting for? Get this recipe and prepare it in you next ...

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Soya Keema Masala Recipe

Saturday, 29 July 2017 00:11

Soya Keema Masala has basically minced soya granules cooked like Keema. Key to cooking this recipe is right timing for adding each ingredient and give it ample time to cook otherwise the raw taste of soya is going to spoil the whole dish.Its very important to cover and cook the dish during the last few ...

Kung Pao Spaghetti Recipe

Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:13

Kung Pao Spaghetti is a perfect meal for days when you are in a mood for a Chinese meal but you do not have too much time in your hand. Kung Pao is quite a popular dish and with the addition of spaghetti, it becomes a complete meal. Serve Kung Pao Spaghetti along with Hoisin Tofu & Mushroom ...

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Konaseema Kodi Kura Recipe (Andhra Style Chicken Curry)

Friday, 21 July 2017 00:11

Konaseema Kodi Kura is a quite a popular recipe from Andhra and every house has got their own version. It is quite easy to make and does not take too much time to make it. You can make this delicious curry on weekends for your friends and family or can serve it your house parties. It is also great if ...

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Coorg Koli Curry Recipe (Chicken In Gravy)

Friday, 14 July 2017 12:19

Coorg Koli Curry Recipe (Chicken In Gravy) is a flavour packed chicken curry from South India. Coorg is a distinct cuisine in Karnataka that is a lot towards natural and locally available ingredients. It has a typical tangy but soothing flavor due to the addition of tamarind and poppy seeds. Serve Coorg ...

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Chocolate Eclairs Recipe

Friday, 14 July 2017 00:10

Eclair is a pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with chocolate. It might look intimidating but once you start making it then you will realise it is super easy to make. The best thing about this is everyone loves it, whether its a kid or an adult. Make this small treats for your ...

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Nut Filled Chocolate Pastry Recipe

Sunday, 09 July 2017 12:18

Chocolate Pastry couple with the goodness of cashew nuts in this Nut Filled Chocolate Pastry Recipe makes this a perfect partner for your evening tea. And this takes just takes a total of 30 minutes to make. Doesn't that sound exciting? You can even make it to impress your unexpected guests at home, ...

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Apple Danish Pastry Recipe

Saturday, 08 July 2017 12:00

Apple Danish Pastry Recipe is a delicious and buttery puff pastry recipe that has the cinnamon flavoured apples encrusted within. This is an easy dessert recipe to prepare that can also be served over tea. Only a handful of ingredients go into making this recipe come alive and to satiate your sweet cravings. ...

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Butter Garlic Prawns Recipe

Saturday, 08 July 2017 00:17

Mumbaiya Garlic Butter Prawns melt in the mouth and they are super easy to cook using a handful of ingredients. This dish gets ready in just under 20 minutes. They are perfect to serve as a starter or serve them as a side sig along with your meal.  Serve Butter Garlic Prawns as a side dish along ...

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Mutton Stew Kerala Style Recipe

Friday, 30 June 2017 00:12

Mutton Stew Kerala Style is a simple mutton gravy recipe which is very easy to cook and requires a few daily ingredients to prepare. The use of coconut, onion and tomato brings out a different flavour altogether in the gravy. This dish can be served with rice or it tastes great with Lachha Parathas also.  Serve ...

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Chicken Dimsums Recipe

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 00:19

We all love Dimsums! The delicious appetiser filled with yummy stuffings surely steals the show on the dinner table. They are easy to make and requires few ingredients. The spiced Chicken stuffing makes it even more delicious. Serve these delectable Chicken Dimsums for your house parties or carry ...

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Keema Biryani Recipe (Minced Chicken Recipe)

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 00:19

Keema Biryani, the name itself makes all the non vegetarians crave for this biryani. Minced chicken combined with the aromatic rice is all you want for a good weekend dinner with your friends and family. Pair this delicious Keema Biryani with your choice of raita and impress your family. You can also ...

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Tawa Fry Crispy Pomfret Recipe

Monday, 26 June 2017 00:13

Tawa Fry Crispy Pomfret is tender inside & crispy outside served with a spicy chutney. It is a perfect starter or a side dish for your main course. It is easy to make and is healthy too. Just marinate it with the masala and fry it on the taw and you have your delicious fish ready. Serve Tawa Fry ...

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Vanilla Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

Friday, 23 June 2017 00:09

Puffed pancake served with some fresh cherries and dusted with sugar are a delight when you get it served on a lazy Saturday or Sunday. It a great breakfast to make your family get out of their cozy blankets and enjoy this delicious pancake recipe.   Serve Vanilla Dutch Baby Pancake along with ...

Blueberry Muffin Cake Recipe

Thursday, 15 June 2017 15:00

Blueberry Muffin Cake Recipe has a beautiful blueberry cake with crumble on its top while baking. The frozen blueberries are used in the recipe but you can use the fresh blueberries when they are in season. The crumbly cake on top of the blueberry cake is delectable and topped with a glazing of milk ...

Chakka Erissery Recipe (Kerala Style Coconut Laced Jackfruit Sabzi)

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 17:00

Chakka Erissery Recipe is a delicious Kerala Style Coconut Laced Jackfruit Sabzi. Here the ripe or semi ripe jackfruit is pressure cooked along with spices and then a ground paste of coconut and cumin seeds is added and cooked a bit further and tempered with a tadka of garlic, coconut pieces and more. ...

Hariyali Tawa Fish Fry Recipe

Friday, 02 June 2017 17:00

Hariyali Tawa Fish Fry Recipe is a lip smacking non vegetarian fish recipe where the fish is marinated with a hint of traditional spices like garam masala powder, lemon, coriander leaves and also mint leaves and then pan fried. The besan and onion adhering to the fish pieces crisps them up and the lemon ...

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Moong Dal Ke Kebab Recipe

Friday, 02 June 2017 15:00

Moong Dal Ke Kebab Recipe is a healthy and proteinaceous kebab made with green gram dal. These Moong Dal Ke Kebab Recipe can be made for party appetizers or during tea time for snacking. Serve these delicious and simple kabab with raw onion rings, and Dhaniya Pudina Chutney Recipe (Green ...

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