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I am a passionate foodie, cook, novice food photographer. I love to travel, read cook books, cook for my family and friends, experiment with ingredients, create my own twists and host parties at home. After having spent 9 years in the IT industry, I took a break to start a family but it also led to the start of my food dream. I am taking one step at a time to follow my passion. For me, time spent in the kitchen is the most relaxing and what comes out on a plate is not just food but an expression of me.

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Protein Fingers Recipe

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 15:00

Here's a very simple and delicious way to feed your family protein and it's super quick to make too! All you need is your favourite protein, the marinade and a griller and that's it! You can eat these as a snack! You could put them inside a tortilla and throw in your choice of sauces and vegetables ...

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Open Bean and Veggies Burrito Muffin Recipe

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 09:01

Mexican Burrito is a well known street food in America and also a complete meal in itself. I love the flavor combination this Open Bean and Veggies Burrito Muffin Recipe has to offer. It is spicy, tangy, cheesy and meaty (I prefer the meaty version) all at the same time. There is no set rule to making ...

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