Mini Idlis, Apples and Walnuts | Kids Lunch Box Recipes

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School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: The Idli Upma is a delicious variation of the whole Idli’s. You can either use mini Idli’s or even crumble regular Idli’s to make the upma. The addition of fruits along with the Idli Upma, makes the upma feel less dry. The fruits also give the necessary sugars needed to awaken the senses.

You can use Mini Idli's or regular idli's to make this lunch box. If you use regular idli's then just bake sure it is in larger pieces so that child can pick to eat faster.

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Tip To Pack Lunch Boxes

When you are introducing some new dish in a lunch box and if you are apprehensive whether your child will eat the food, it’s always a good idea to pack the new dish with a most common favorite fruit or nuts or biscuits. This helps them to enjoy the new dish with a different light

Lunch Boxes You Can Use: Rectangular Lunch Box or Steel Lunch Boxes