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A Gujiya is sweet dumpling prepared with Semolina, Whole Wheat flour or All purpose flour as well. A dough is prepared with flour, butter/ghee and milk, rolled out into small circles and filling either with a sweet or a savoury filling. The sweet Gujiyas are most often then not, soaked in sugar syrup in order to make it richer and denser and later garnished with chopped nuts or rose petals. 

Sweet Gujiyas have either coconut fillings or khoya (mawa) fillings mixed along with nuts and raisins. These are then soaked in sugar syrup to give it a rich texture. Popular savoury gujiyas are moong dal gujiya or Dahi Gujiya which are served as is or topped with curd/dahi. 

Gujiyas are known by different names across India - Ghughra in Gujarat, Karanji in Maharashtra, Karchikai in Tamil Nadu, Karjikai or Kadubu in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh and Nevri in Goa Gujiyas are popular festival sweet snacks mostly prepared during Diwali or Holi. It is a really popular Holi snack and served to guests along with a Thandai drink. 

So, here is a great collection of sweet and savoury Gujiyas. Go ahead make them and enjoy your festivals of Holi, Diwali or any special family occasion.