Come weekends, get togethers, kitty parties, dinner parties for occasions, our hunt for recipes begin. With the thought that our menu should be something innovative, something new, preferably with no repetitions from recent gatherings.

Keeping in mind that the dish should be such that all should enjoy, not to forget that people have different pallets, while some like their meal robust and spicy, some like to keep the spice levels in check, not too hot and spicy yet flavourful. That brings us to segment we have chosen today, subtle gravy dishes with a base that's white in colour. White indicating colour it lends to the dish, the use of some simple ingredients and spices that we shall speak about.

Each region in India, brings forward their cuisines and specialty dishes with varying cooking techniques, using fresh local produce available in their areas, difference in preferences and their pallets. Besides, there's something to appreciate about all cuisines. Today, we travel down south of India to Tamilnadu, and explore their most popular dish. Kuzhambu. 

No prizes for guessing this tangy and zesty fruit, that's often mistaken for a vegetable. Used both in sweet and savory cooking and baking, and when held in the hand leaves a refreshing fragrance in your hands. Yes, I'm talking about the humble lemon ! So refreshing and so versatile, lemons are so popular not just in Indian cuisine but at large in world cuisine, and not to forget in desserts too. The tang from the lemon pairs beautiful with sugar and other flavor profiles to make some interesting bakes and desserts. 

 If it's not meals through the day, its snacks that we love munching on between meals. The gap between lunch and dinner seems longer and hence tea time sacks or 'chai nashta' like we call it in our country.  Something satiating, something crispy crunchy, chatpata that goes well with evening tea is well enjoyed by the family. Snacks that go well with tea for adults and the same could be served to kids as an after school snack. One needs to think of how nutritious it could also be, apart from of being yummy of course. 

A dish that you will definitely find listed on the menu of almost all Indian restaurants, irrespective of which part of the country you are in. Different regions use different ingredients, yet the dish we are talking about is the glorious 'Biryani'  Varying in cooking styles and techniques, spices and cuts of the meat, the variety of rice grain used and not to forget the condiments that are served along with, Chicken Biryani is that ultimate comfort food all non vegetarians reach out for be a celebration or dealing with a not so good day. 

Almost all of us are familiar with pancakes, and enjoy eating the ones served at cafes and coffee shops. Often pancakes are synonymous with being just sweet, served with chocolate sauce, honey, maple syrup or even fruits sometimes.  These soft, fluffy batter discs or pancakes as we know them, that are cooked in a pan or a griddle need not necessarily be just sweet, the ones that are seasoned with herbs and spices served alongside some roasted veggies or cheese are equally good if not better. 

Gongura is a super nutritious leaf popularly used in the Andhra Cuisine and is known as the Roselle leaf. These leaves impart a tart flavour and when combined with freshly ground spices can make delectable dishes, Gongura comes in two varieties, green stemmed leaf and red stemmed. The red stemmed variety is more sour than the green stemmed variety.

Pasta is one of those Italian dishes which is loved by one and all, whether you are an adult or a kid. Everyone just loves to eat pasta, either sauteed in olive oil, vegetables and some Italian seasoning or they are cooked in different sauces that are delicious. From Red sauce pasta, White sauce pasta, Basil Pesto sauce pasta, there are many types of Pasta recipes that you can make at home.

Hummus has now definitely become popular high protein snack across India and the world. This classic mediterranean dish is absolutely tasty, packed with protein and makes a great side dish that goes along with a variety of dishes, from open toasts, sandwiches, burgers, wraps and more. You will simply love these 8 delectable recipes with hummus.

Rice is a staple food across India and many countries. One of the most innovative ways we can use rice apart from having it plain is to flavour it up with vegetables and spices giving it not just taste but nutrition as well.

Cabbage is a versatile vegetable popular across the globe. Cabbage can be eaten raw or cooked. It is made into salads, pickles, curries, snacks and side dishes. In India we have many recipes of cabbage which transforms the humble cabbage into appetizing dishes. Here are some exciting Indian cabbage recipes for you to make at home which will surely keep you satisfied.

Horse gram also known as Madras Gram, Kollu (tamil) Or Hurali (kannada) or Ulavalu (andhra) in South India and Kulthi or Kulith (north india) is a super food in itself. Horse gram is by far the most protein rich grams/ lentils known. 

Holi is the festival of love or colors that signifies the victory of superior over immoral. There are many stories that go behind the festival of holi, however the most fun and exciting part the celebration of love and happiness with colors and delicious foods celebrated with friends, family and neighboring communities.

Dal Roti or Dal Chawal are the ultimate comfort food and you can have dals as much as you want without spiking your blood sugar levels. Dals can be spiced up with different Indian spices and combined with ingredients to make them delicious. The best part about Dals, is that you can pair a dal with rice or roti or millets to make a complete and healthy meal. Dals and Legumes are excellent source of complex carbs, protein and they have a low Glycemic Index. Including dals in your diet, if your a diabetic as it helps to keep your sugar levels in check. Here, we have a collection of 51 North Indian Diabetic Dal Recipes that you can have for lunch or dinner. 

Cupcakes and muffins are a perfect baked treat that everyone loves. In this article you can find various recipes of cupcakes and muffins that you can easily bake in your home. These recipes can be made by an experienced bakes or a beginner baker. 

Chutney, a very popular Indian condiment that is served along with the meals. There are many types of Chutneys made in Indian which varies in taste depending upon which state of India it belongs too. There are many South Indian Chutneys like Coconut Chutney, Chana Dal Chutney, Tomato Chutney etc which is served along with Dosa and Idli for Breakfast, but then there are chutneys like Lahsun Ki Chutney and Hari Chutney which are very popular in North Indian households.

Breads are a favourite among all and there are so many varieties of bread available in the market. It is often eaten for breakfast lunch or dinner. Bread is the go to carbohydrate to kick start your day. It often slathered with butter or jam or made into a sandwich. Breads are also often eaten along with a gravy based dish or served along a soup. It is simple to make breads at home and here we have bread recipes from across the globe which are simple to follow and will trun an ameture baker into a world class bread baker. Each recipe has simple bread making techniques that will allow you to make excellent bread at home with very little effort.

Having diabetes does not mean that you need to give up eating your favourite food or snack. It is about eating in portion and having a balanced diet. Usually in India, we end up having a large serving of rice or chapati along with our meals but what we really need to do is reduce the amount of carbs we are eating and serving a larger portion of vegetable and protein. To help you cook healthier and plan your meals better, here we have a collection of North Indian Dry Sabzi that you can serve for your Main Course and eat along with chapati or phulka or millets and a dal by the side.

The cuisine Mexican, comes from Mexico which started almost 9000 years ago. It is also one of those cuisines which is loved all over the World and many restaurants have opened in the recent times who serves authentic Mexican food. The staples in this cuisine are corn, beans, squash, avocados, tomatoes, sweet potato, chilli pepper etc. When it comes to India, the taste and flavour of these Mexican dishes are slightly changed to suit the Indian palates.

If you are craving Continental Food at home and do not want to order in, then try these delicious and restaurant worthy Continental Chicken Gravy recipes that you can make easily at home to satisfy your cravings. You can have these with a delicious freshly baked bread or herbed rice on the side for a wholesome meal. 

It is always a task to make something that is healthy and delicious for our Lunch Box in the mornings, especially during weekdays when either we are running late to reach office or the kids needs to go to school. During weekends, we want something easy too because we want to rest and enjoy the day with our family. Therefore, we are always looking for recipes that are easy and tasty at the same time. Thus, we have lined up some lip smacking North Indian Recipes which you can make under 30 minutes. 

India is such a vast continent with an equally vast culinary heritage. Apart from the wide varieties of vegetarian dishes, India also has some mouthwatering non vegetarian Dishes that are full of flavour. When it comes to South Indian Non vegetarian Recipes, you can find that there are many delicacies of seafood, chicken and mutton. 

South Indian states include the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana as well as the union territories of Pondicherry, Lakshadweep and Andaman. These states are surrounded by sea and have a vast coastline and hence you will find many mouthwatering seafood dishes. 

Chinese is one of those cuisines, which is loved by everyone, from kids to adults. Indo Chinese is basically a fusion cuisine where Chinese Recipes are made more flavourful with an Indian twist, so that it suits the Indian palate and satisfy the Indian taste-buds. Two of the most common recipes made in Indian households are Manchurian and Hakka Noodles. You will also find these dishes in almost all the restaurants. But other than Manchurian and Hakka Noodles, there are many more Chinese recipes which you can make at home. 

It is difficult to make elaborate dishes everyday especially during the week. These quick 30 minutes south indian dry vegetable recipes are high on flavour and makes a great side dish with any South Indian meal of Sambar, Rasam, Kuzhambu, Rice etc or it can also be served along with any Indian bread like Phulka, Paratha etc.