Aditi Biswas

Aditi Biswas, a post graduate in English Literature, discovered her love for all things “food” when she was searching for easy DIY recipes to make dinner as she moved out the comforts of her home. Known as the Joey among her friends, she discovered that a sight of a Nutella jar could make her swoon. Believing the age-old adage of “a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” she would stir up impromptu things, giving her own twists. When she is not seen dreaming away in the land of food, she can be found playing with dogs and rescuing them. When she grows old, she aspires to open up a place where you can enjoy doing what you love – from playing with dogs, to listening to music, to even baking - for “you live only once!”

Recipes and Articles by Aditi Biswas

Cooking with Kids - 5 Tips To Get Started & Easy Healthy Recipes

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 00:00

Cooking with kids is fun, okay messy too, but fun. But most parents tend to fear the mess, or are scared of the spills and burns and the dirt – most of them are worried about the safety of their kids around stoves and knives. But what if we told you that cooking with kids help them learn more about ...

15 Comforting One-pot Meals That’s Incredibly Easy To Make!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017 11:38

All of us who have stayed alone in cities, away from our close friends and family members – have survived on outside food for months. The whole idea of messy dishes to just make a dinner for one, is simply not appealing. Every spoon, pot, pan, a knife used to make the said dinner would eventually lie ...

5 Indian Spices That Go Beyond Flavors

Monday, 10 July 2017 13:43

Aromatic spices are quintessential to Indian cuisine. These spices are what imparts the cuisine an overwhelming and lingering essence that gives it a very distinctive identity. The delicate flavors, smell, taste, and color of the spices in these Indian dishes is what has attracted people since eternity. Spices ...

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