In this section you will find Easy Dinners Recipe Ideas along with a menu plan that you can use for the entire week. Each Menu plan for the week, has easy to cook and wholesome dinner recipe ideas, that you can use in planning your dinner meal. The dinner recipes are spread across various cuisines and ingredients, which will give you the opportunity to try out, various recipes at home and serve them to your family.

Every week, we're delivering easy-to-make, insanely delicious dinners, so you can put that eating out habit on hold. Home cooking is extremely powerful for the body and mind. When you step into the kitchen after a day long's work, making an easy dinner for the family and ensuring your nutrition is met, is extremely important. 

So go head, use our weekly dinner recipes with a menu plan, shop your groceries online and get cooking like a  pro. Don't forget to share what you cook or even your recipes on our Facebook Home Cooking Community Group

Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating! 


We tend to make elaborate menus for the weekend brunches and dinners and often choose exotic menu which is not prepared regularly otherwise. Why not prepare a menu ahead for the weeknight dinners which are the best time we get to spend with our family every day? Select the recipes from the menu to plan ahead of time and shop the required ingredients on Sunday. Stock up your groceries for the whole week to ease your trouble of one big question- "What to cook for dinner?". Use ideas to prep up in advance or transform the leftover dishes in something that can be carried to office and school for lunch boxes.

Weekdays are those days when we feel we have enough work to concentrate on, and we tend to miss out the complete nutrition that food should provide us and our family during the day. Not because we intentionally do it, but there is inadequate planning on food and lack of time to concentrate researching to stitch a complete menu in place. Here we have come up with yet another weeknight dinner menu which combines nutrition and variety into your everyday cooking. Try the menu with the planning for prepping and carry over suggestions that we have come up with, to make the most of your weekdays.

In the busy households, it is a task to come up with ideas to make decent meals for weekdays. Weekends would be more blessed than weekdays because we have time to think and organize. It would be great if there is an early plan laid out for the week ahead such that we know clearly of what to shop and how much to shop for the week. Also, we understand the ease of making the recipes that could either be carry forward through transformation or packing it for lunch, or cooking with the same ingredients for the next day. Considering this, we are coming up with the weeknight dinner recipe ideas that could be of help.

Thai food is quite easily one of the most flavourful and delicious Asian cuisines. We love it for the way it really packs a punch in terms of ingredients that really stand out boldly. It's one of those cuisines that demands that you use only the freshest herbs, reach out for spices you would otherwise shy away from, and bring it all together with a terrific blend of spicy, sweet, tangy and salty tones. The truth is, Thai food is not hard to make at home. Easier still, is a vegetarian Thai menu. And so this weekend, we have a medley of Thai flavours to woo you into the kitchen.