Susan Abraham

I am a Calcutta born, Malayalee raised, South Indian from Kerala, travelled widely and has lived in Goa, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Dubai and now for the past seven years in London, giving me an insight into many cuisines. With patience and some self-taught techniques in food photography, ended-up in a large pool of food-photos!! Thank eventually lead to the ebook of Onam Recipes - A taste of Kerela. I hope you enjoy cooking from this book, that I have passionately created just for you.

Recipes and Articles by Susan Abraham

Spicy Lime Pickle Recipe (Naranga Achaar)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 13:55

Lime Pickle Recipe also known as the Naranga Achaar is delicious when homemade. The addition of jaggery to the pickle makes is unique and add a subtle sweetness that is delectable to the palate. You can make this and store it for year or more. Serve Spicy Lime Pickle Recipe (Naranga Achaar) along ...