Varsha Chhabria

A homemaker, who loves cooking food for the family and friends. She loves to experiment and add variations to traditional recipes. It gives her immense pleasure to see a well fed and satisfied look on the faces of her family members.

Recipes and Articles by Varsha Chhabria

Suran Kebab Masala Recipe - Yam In Tomato Onion Gravy

Sunday, 18 March 2018 10:00

A masaledar dish, this Suran Kebab Masala Recipe is an unique dish where, suran/yam is cooked like a kebab and added to a spicy tomato-onion gravy. Crispy cubes of suran coated in kebab masala, and added to this simple gravy.  You can also make this dish for special occasions or when ...

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Shabnam Curry Recipe - Mughlai Style Mushroom And Peas Gravy

Sunday, 18 March 2018 09:00

Shabnam Curry is a creamy dish from the Mughlai Cuisine. Mushroom here is the star ingredient. A combination of mushrooms and peas cooked in a nutty cashew nut gravy, this curry gets its rich deep colour from the addition of fried onion paste into the base of the curry. Although the authentic dish ...

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Sindhi Style Wadi Aloo Ki Sabzi Recipe - Spicy Wadi And Potato Curry

Sunday, 18 March 2018 08:00

Sindhi Style Wadi Aloo Ki Sabzi is an authentic Sindhi dish which is made with sundried dal spiced dumplings called Wadis, that are cooked along with potatoes and brinjals in an onion tomato gravy.  It is an easy to make dish which can be made for your everyday meals. Tasty and full of flavour, ...

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Dahi Wale Makhane Recipe - Lotus Seeds In Curd Gravy

Saturday, 17 March 2018 08:00

Dahi Wale Makhane is a simple and tasty dahi based gravy, with added flavour from the whole spices. Here the lotus seeds are stir fried in a tangy masala and added to the yogurt gravy.  Makhane are usually used during fasting days in recipes where you don't use garlic and onion. But for your everyday ...

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