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Cooking to me is not a chore. It’s creativity. A very important job as it is important for the well being of everyone in the family. Kitchen is the place where my work begins every single morning. It gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction when I cook varieties of food and feed my family and friends. And it’s always a pleasure to share your joy. Painting, music and books are my hobbies too. I enjoy using different colours, be it painting or cooking. It brightens my mood and spirit when I use different colours in cooking. I always take a moment to enjoy the colours every single time that I cook. Am a home maker with two teenagers. I have a very supportive family who are always game for all my experiments in the kitchen.

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Chole Semiya Pulao Recipe - Chickpea Vermicelli Pulao

Thursday, 26 April 2018 10:00

Chole Semiya Pulao recipe is a delicious combination of Vermicelli along with high protein chickpeas. We always make Chole Biryani or Chole Pulao but have you ever tried making this Chole Semiya? It tastes equally delicious and is a perfect recipe that you can eat for your breakfast, tea time snack ...

Published in Upma Recipes

7 Cups Burfi Recipe

Thursday, 22 March 2018 09:00

7 cups as the name indicates is a burfi made with 7 cups of ingredients. It is a simple burfi recipe that can be whipped up in less time. All ingredients used for this burfi are one that are easily available in all Indian Kitchens - Besan, grated coconut, sugar, ghee and milk. 7 Cups burfi is usually ...