The monsoon is playing hide and seek with clouds in most parts of India. This results in soggy weather and the kids might curl up right in front of television, with gadgets or video games, instead of going out and playing. These evenings when you look at your kids and feel that they need to spend some quality time playing, but the cloudy weather is putting you down from sending them out, what will you do?

The last trimester of pregnancy is a flush of love, emotions, care, and concern for all to-be-parents. The couple needs to be educated about what is right to do when the baby arrives. One of the first and most important awareness required at this time is about the importance of breastfeeding.

Congratulations on your new born. You are here today because you want to probably want to make that decision of whether to give ready made foods or wholesome homemade baby food to your child. These are questions that run in the mind of every new mother and its natural. 

First, there is no rule, which says commercial baby jars of food are not good for the baby. You can still be a good parent if you give a baby food jar to your child. Don’t die of guilt. Having said that lets try to understand what is important for our children.