Fun Rainy Day Food & Activities For Kids (Besides Gadgets & TV)

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The monsoon is playing hide and seek with clouds in most parts of India. This results in soggy weather and the kids might curl up right in front of television, with gadgets or video games, instead of going out and playing. These evenings when you look at your kids and feel that they need to spend some quality time playing, but the cloudy weather is putting you down from sending them out, what will you do?

You need to ensure their entertainment, yet keeping them away from gadgets and TV. You could call their friends around your place and encourage them to play indoor games. Here are the ideas to keep the group of kids entertained with:

Board Games, Puzzles & Art & Craft

Most of the board games can be played with 2-4 players. If you have more than 4 kids at home for an evening, make multiple troupes and ask them to play a finale. That will definitely make the game all the while more interesting.  Various construction games and puzzle games can engage kids for hours and brush their creativity and sharp thinking. Teams can be made for larger construction or puzzle games and conducted based on the speed of completion. There are lots of art and craft material that are available that can be used to re-create some useful things to kids. The waste bottles, cardboards, glasses or cloth can be put to use by decorating them aptly to create items to display or boxes to organize.

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Darts, Bowling & Catch A Ball

Dartboard and indoor bowling are entertaining as well as challenging for the kids. They tend to improve their concentration while playing this game. Indoor bowling game also helps them learn to be team players. You can ask the kids to play Catch a ball in the kids room. Leading the kids to play these games after a board game, craft or construction game can also help in cleaning up their room. Just make sure that any breakable displays are cleared before starting the game.

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Fun Food For Kids

Apt would be not to call it a party, but yet you are the host who has invited the kids. Why not treat all the kiddos at home with some monsoon snacks? Snacks prepared at home could keep them away from eating junk, chips and likely, during the get-together. While they entertain themselves, try making the chosen recipes from the list of 15 healthy snack recipes that can be made within 45 minutes. Arrival of snacks oomph’s up the spirit of the indoor team. Besides, the snacks also signal that the study time needs to start shortly! Try these recipes and share us your tale of the kids’ get-together.