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गोभी मूंग दाल रेसिपी - Cauliflower Moong Dal Recipe

Thursday, 22 November 2018 08:00

गोभी मूंग दाल रेसिपी एक आरामदायक रेसिपी है जो बनाने में बहुत आसान है और इसमें रोज के सामग्री की आवश्यकता होती है. इसमें ...

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Cauliflower Moong Dal Recipe

Thursday, 05 January 2017 09:08

Cauliflower Moong Dal Recipe is a comforting side dish recipe which is also easy to prepare. This is a an old recipe that is passed on from generations in my family. Seasoned with fresh cilantro, golden turmeric and cumin, this recipe has a cooling effect on body due to moong dal. Serve Cauliflower ...

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Khira Gaintha Recipe (Kheer Puli)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 00:35

Khira Gaintha is a very delicate and extremely elevating dessert that’s unique to Odisha. This consists of balls of rice flour dough soaked in reduced cardamom flavoured milk. The rice flour is cooked with water and then kneaded to form a dough, moulded into balls, and dropped into simmering milk cream. Serve ...

Manda Pitha Recipe-Orissa Style Steamed Rice Flour Dumplings

Saturday, 23 July 2016 00:38

This Rice Flour Manda Pitha recipe is an ancient recipe. This is a traditional recipe from Orissa that dates back to several hundred years. Unique to Odisha, Pitha is a recipe that just keeps getting better and better as it offers immense possibilities with many combinations. Pitha is basically steamed ...

Mini Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 00:57

Almost everywhere in London - Bakeries, Tea places and Cafes, I found one thing that was omnipresent - Victoria Sponge Cake. It was love at first sight for me and I was immediately taken by these mini sponge cakes sandwiched together with jam and dusted with powdered sugar. The best part was, they were ...

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No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Sunday, 12 June 2016 00:26

No Churn Strawberry Ice cream is an easy dessert that requires only 4 ingredients. You will not be in need of any special equipment to make this ice cream.  This ice cream shall be creamy and will also retain the velvet texture in it. A homemade ice cream is always healthy and saves a lot of ...

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Strawberry Mojito Recipe

Thursday, 09 June 2016 00:45

“My mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and my daiquiri in the Floridita.” – This is a signed quote hanging in La Floridita, Cuba, a place famous for its notorious past. I have heard that, people visit this place less for drinks and more for having a conversation with the patrons. Needless to say, ...

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Saffron Cardamom Creme Brulée Recipe

Sunday, 29 May 2016 00:09

Saffron Cardamom Creme Brulée is a french classic dish that serves as a dessert. Saffron Cardamom Creme Brulée is loaded with warm mushy flavors of saffron and with the taste of cardamoms.  It is an easy dish to prepare though you got to be very cautious during the process.  Saffron ...

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