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#SeedTheRise is an initiative by Mahindra, to help change this situation. To help improve the lives of farmers across India, to alleviate these men and women from their lives of struggle and to help possibly break the cycle of deprivation. The campaign aims to raise Rs. 4 Crores, through donations from people such as yourself, which Mahindra will match and double. So join us in helping the farmers of our country do what they do best, with their heads held high. We at Archana's Kitchen are working together to help in the initiative to better the lives of farmers. 

Mahindra & Mahindra

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Ingi Mangai Sadam Recipe

Thursday, 12 November 2015 14:52

Did you know that India is the largest producer of Ginger? Ginger is a hot, fragrant kitchen spice that is juicy and fleshy with a very sharp taste. Try this ginger mango rice that is packed with flavors from ginger and makes a delicious lunch. Serve the Ingi Mangai Sadam along with a bowl of yogurt ...

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