Biryani, needs no introduction at all. Who would not nod their head for a plate full of spiced Biryani?  In South, some of the most popular Biryani hubs are Hyderabad, Chettinad, Ambur, and the Malabar region and each region having different versions of cooking and recipes. On the other hand, we are very much aware of the popular biryanis from Northern parts of India - Lucknowi Biryani, Bengali Biryani, Mughlai Biryani and more.

Biryani itself makes a complete meal and goes well with all occasions; either as a weeknight dinner or for a get-together on Sunday. You can cook Biryani following the traditional style or for the busy and lazy days you can even make one pot biryanis using the pressure cooker. Below you will discover more than 50 Biryani recipes that are packed with flavour and taste. Go ahead give these recipes a try and serve it along with a salan and raita for a perfect meal.