The Healthy Detox Juice e-book features 17 natural juices that refresh, purify, hydrate, revitalize, control ageing and boost stamina and immunity — enabling you to achieve weight loss, biological balance, vitality and well-being. “Eat like a Yogi — Detox Juices” is for everyone. 

The Back To School Lunch Box Ideas and Recipes is a an ebook that is packed with ideas and recipes that you can use to pack the kids school lunch boxes. All the recipes are tried and tested with my children and over the years they have been refined with the changes in taste buds and meal requirements. With this book, you can now plan your 2 week menu for a school lunch box with many alternative ideas for many of them.

 Illuminating Lives with Yoga has won the prestigious international Nautilus Award written by my mother Geeta Iyer, who is a renowned yoga teacher in Chennai. Being a yoga practitioner, I firmly believe that a healthy body and mind when combined with healthy food is the perfect combination to good health. Practising yoga keeps your mind and body suple and makes you eat the right amount of food that your body internally requires. This book is a must for every individual who seeks to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. The book is a practical guide for self-development. It educates on stress management, mind-control, relaxation and natural healing. It serves as comprehensive reference book for the young and old, a perfect book for beginners, experienced yoga practitioners and yoga instructors.