Illuminating Lives with Yoga (An eBook On Therapeutic Yoga Practices)

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 Illuminating Lives with Yoga has won the prestigious international Nautilus Award written by my mother Geeta Iyer, who is a renowned yoga teacher in Chennai. Being a yoga practitioner, I firmly believe that a healthy body and mind when combined with healthy food is the perfect combination to good health. Practising yoga keeps your mind and body suple and makes you eat the right amount of food that your body internally requires. This book is a must for every individual who seeks to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. The book is a practical guide for self-development. It educates on stress management, mind-control, relaxation and natural healing. It serves as comprehensive reference book for the young and old, a perfect book for beginners, experienced yoga practitioners and yoga instructors.

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eBook (PDF) Instant Download Now! Length: 120 pages

About the Book - Illuminating Lives With Yoga

Illuminating Lives with Yoga book has over 340 colour photographs, illustrating several asanas, pranayama, for beginners and experienced practitioners with easy to follow steps, guidelines, cautions, tips and therapeutic benefits.

The chapter on yogic healing provides vivid illustrations, with simple lifestyle changes that help prevent disease and promote healing. This chapter addresses thirteen common ailments such as acidity and ulcers, asthma and bronchitis, back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, knee pain, migraine and tension headaches, depression, insomnia, neck pain, cervical spondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow.

The chapter on food describes Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic diet, lists the foods that come under yogic diet, explains the tenets of yogic diet and provides guidelines for cultivating healthy eating habits.

About The Author - Geeta Iyer

(My Dearest Mother, I am so proud of her acheviement in yoga, internal self and well being)

Geeta is one of the most widely known and respected Yoga teachers in India. She is practicing and teaching Yoga for two decades. As a teacher, she helps her students discover their hidden strengths and abilities, educates on the underlying philosophy of their practice, which will help them to overcome their physical and mental limitations.

Geeta has had the opportunity to attend many Yoga classes in India and in USA. She has extensive experience teaching individual and group classes for private and corporate clients in both countries. Through her experience she has acquired remarkable ability to assess her student’s capacities and limitations.

Geeta inspires her students to incorporate the principles of Yoga in their everyday lives. Every action can be an asana, every breath can be pranayama, every thought can be a meditation. Her teaching style is based on understanding of Yoga as a scientific approach to self development and self healing. Her style reflects her deep understanding of human anatomy and her ability as a yoga teacher to tailor the practice sequence to meet each student’s needs.

She believes that it is not enough to have the ability to do difficult asanas. It is critical to develop deep awareness of the anatomical body and experience lightness and ease. It takes several years of dedicated practice to integrate subtle energies and experience clarity, bliss and wisdom.

Geeta’s wisdom, her expertise and ongoing study of psychology and physiology are a core component of her unique approach. Her experiences as a Yoga practitioner and a teacher, has motivated her to write this book and share the amazing benefits of Yoga with the larger community  



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