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Events High is a local event discovery platform that connects users to amazing events happening around them. We bring all events happening in a city at one place and help users discover these events based on their interests, location and social circles. You can also set alerts for your interests and we will send a notification whenever a relevant event comes up. You can create events and workshops on Events High and enable online ticket booking for them. People can follow you on Events High and be notified when your next class or workshop comes up.

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Top Notch New Year Parties In Bangalore For Food Lovers!

Friday, 22 December 2017 23:09

If you are a food lover looking to indulge in some sinfully delicious food in the city, while partying this New Year’s Eve, we know just exactly where you need to be at. A New Year Party in Bangalore was never more interesting than when you get to look forward to digging into some scrumptious food, ...

Smashing New Year Parties And Their Scrumptious Food Menus

Thursday, 29 December 2016 06:56

There can’t be a fun party without some epic food to make it just right. EventsHigh presents some of the most awesome, happening parties in town that have some taste tinglers on their food menu. The best part is, they’re not even going to burn a hole in your pocket. Check these out!

8 New Year Parties in Bangalore With Some Drool-Worthy Food!

Friday, 16 December 2016 15:00

Excited about New Year parties this year? Wait! Here’s a perspective. EventsHigh features 8 super fantastic parties in the city that are also going to be serving a variety of scrumptious food at the parties. Now you can pick events that serve food absolutely pleasing to your taste buds and the perfect ...

Love Cooking & Baking? Check Out The Best Cooking Classes In Bangalore

Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:10

Cooking and Baking has been becoming the most sought after career prospect, as well as a fun hobby. Letting you learn, discover and master the art of cooking, Events High lists out some of the best Cooking Classes in various parts of the city. With great cooking classes and cooking events coming up in ...

Food Events & Cooking Classes to attend this Holiday Season!

Thursday, 01 December 2016 20:20

The most awaited holiday fun season is almost here and we’re excited to introduce some of the best events in town! There are a trillion fun ways to welcome the New Year, and what better than an absolute amazing food fest or a special cooking session this holiday season? Events High has put together ...

Cooking and Baking Classes in Bangalore (Nov & Dec 2016)

Thursday, 24 November 2016 17:42

During current times, owing to busy lifestyles, most of us are unable to spend time in the kitchen and cook the way our grandmas once did. That said, learning to cook has never been so easy – One can learn to cook with recipes from online, join classes or even hire a personal chef to teach. Browse ...

Cooking Classes & Workshops Made Perfect with Events High

Thursday, 17 November 2016 19:15

It fits perfect to call cooking, as ‘an art’ in itself, considering there is so much more to cooking than just making the food look appetizing. While cooking can also be a hobby and a career, it works to be a great fun experience to learn from well experienced chefs on the do's and don't's of cooking. ...

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