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Archana Doshi is the founder of Archana's Kitchen. Archana launched Archana's Kitchen in 2007 as a way to keep track of her and family's recipes, and along the way grew it into one of the most popular cooking websites in the world. Archana is dedicated to helping home cooks be successful in the kitchen. Archana says "I hope you enjoy cooking recipes from my website where the sole effort is to make cooking simple for you. When you try out one of our recipes, we are longing to hear back from you. Do take your time to come back and share your comments, as your feedback means a lot to me"

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पुलि इंजी रेसिपी - Tamarind Ginger Chutney

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 09:00

पुलि इंजी रेसिपी एक स्वाद से भरपूर चटनी है जिसमे अदरक, गुड़ और हरी मिर्च का प्रयोग किया जाता है. यह एक सरल रेसिपी है और ...

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टमाटर प्याज की चटनी रेसिपी - Tomato Onion Chutney Recipe

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 08:00

टमाटर प्याज की चटनी जिसे दक्षिण भारत में थक्काली वेंगयम भी कहा जाता है एक सरल रेसिपी है जिसमे टमाटर के साथ छोटे प्याज ...

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तड़के वाली अरहर दाल रेसिपी - Tadka Arhar Dal Recipe

Monday, 12 November 2018 08:00

तड़के वाली अरहर की दाल एक सरल और पौष्टिक रेसिपी है जिसे एक पॉट में बना सकते है. इसमें दाल के पकने के बाद लहसुन का तड़का लगाया ...

Traditional Christmas Cake Recipe

Thursday, 08 November 2018 15:29

 The Traditional Christmas Cake Recipe is a tried and tested recipe where the dry fruits are soaked in rum and orange juice and allowed to ferment for a minimum of 2 months to get the intense flavours seeping in. It makes a perfect cake to make for christmas and is absolutely packed with lots ...

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One Pot Mixed Vegetable Curry Recipe Using Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 10:00

The One Pot Mixed Vegetable Curry is a super simple dish which is made from fresh seasonal vegetables, cooked along with paneer and coconut milk all in a single pressure cooker. The Preethi electric pressure cooker is like an insta post which, helps in making cooking real easy and simple especially ...

दाल बंजारा रेसिपी - Dal Banjara Recipe

Tuesday, 30 October 2018 09:00

दाल बंजारा जिसे लंगर वाली दाल भी कहा जाता है एक सरल दाल है जिसे कम समय में बनाया जा सकता है. इसमें काली दाल और चना दाल का ...

गाजर लौकी का रस रेसिपी - Gajar Lauki Juice Recipe

Sunday, 28 October 2018 08:00

गाजर लौकी का रस रेसिपी एक सेहतमंद रेसिपी है जिसमे लौकी और गाजर का प्रयोग किया जाता है. इस जूस को आप सुबह सुबह पिए तो ...

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Savory French Toast With Cheesy Garlic Scrambled Eggs

Thursday, 25 October 2018 10:00

The Savory French Toast With Cheesy Garlic Scrambled Eggs are super simple and easy to make for a wholesome high protein breakfast. The eggs are scrambled along with Nutralite Cheesy Garlic Mayo which is then topped over Savory French toasts which are given a twist by cooking it along with Nutralite ...

जल जीरा रेसिपी - Jal Jeera Recipe

Tuesday, 23 October 2018 10:00

जल जीरा एक स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी है जिसमे जीरा और निम्बू का प्रयोग किया जाता है. इसका स्वाद बढ़ाने के लिए इसमें काला नमक और ...

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लहसुन की चटनी रेसिपी - Lahsun ki Chutney Recipe

Tuesday, 23 October 2018 09:00

लहसुन की चटनी रेसिपी जिसे गार्लिक चटनी भी कहा जाता है एक स्वादिष्ट चटनी है जिसे वड़ा पाव, चाट या किसी और डिश में इस्तेमाल ...

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Mini Dal Pakwan Chaat Recipe - A Perfect Party Snack

Friday, 19 October 2018 10:00

The Mini Dal Pakwan Chaat is a delicious take on the classic Sindhi breakfast dish where the crispy puri are topped with hot chana dal, some onions, green chutney, sweet chutney and pomegranates making it absolutely lip smacking for parties. Traditional these pakwan made from maida or whole wheat flour ...

छोले पिंडी रेसिपी - Chole Pindi Recipe

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 10:00

छोले पिंडी रेसिपी एक पारम्परिक रेसिपी है जिसे उत्तर भारत के हर घर में बनाया जाता है. इसमें अदरक और निम्बू का प्रयोग किया ...

Mini Chilli Cheese Aloo Kulcha Recipe

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 09:00

Mini Chilli Cheese Aloo Kulcha Recipe is a simple kulcha stuffed with melt in the mouth cheese. This cheese kulcha can be paired along with dals and gravies, and for a change can be served as is as a short eat with your other appetizers.  I have served these delicious Mini Chilli Cheese Aloo ...

राजस्थानी दाल रेसिपी - Rajasthani Dal Recipe

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 08:00

राजस्थानी दाल रेसिपी एक सरल दाल है जो की प्रोटीन से भरपूर है. इसमें मूंग दाल, चना दाल का प्रयोग किया जाता है जिसमे लहसुन ...

हल्दी दूध रेसिपी - Turmeric Milk Recipe

Sunday, 14 October 2018 08:00

हल्दी दूध बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध आयुर्वेदिक पेय है जिसे सर्दी के लिए बनाया जाता है. लेकिन आप इसे सर्दियों के दिनों में रात में अपने बच्चो को पीला सकते है. इसमें एंटीऑक्सीडेंट प्रॉपर्टीज भी होती है.

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Savory French Toast Recipe With Creamy Achari Mushroom

Saturday, 13 October 2018 10:00

The Savory French Toast Topped is a twist to the classic sweetened French toast. In this recipe we have cooked the french toast along with Nutralite Garlic & Oregano Spread and topped it with a sliced roasted Mushrooms which is tossed in some Achari Mayo lending to a fusion dish.  Serve ...

Tofu Methi Paratha Recipe

Thursday, 11 October 2018 10:00

The Tofu Methi Paratha Recipe makes a perfect high protein breakfast for a busy weekday morning. The tofu crumbles are tossed along with chopped methi leaves, onions and green chillies along with cumin powder, lending to a very simple flavour and robust taste.  The Tofu Methi Paratha ...

बेबी कॉर्न पनीर काठी रोल रेसिपी - Baby Corn Paneer Kathi Roll Recipe

Monday, 08 October 2018 10:00

बेबी कॉर्न पनीर काठी रोल रेसिपी एक स्वादिष्ट और पोषण से भरपूर रोल है जिसमे पनीर और बेबी कॉर्न का मसाला भरा जाता है. ...

A Trip To The Nescafe Coffee Demo Farm

Wednesday, 03 October 2018 15:00

We love making new connections, friendships and relationships and Nescafé coffee does just that. It was a bright Monday morning, when we began our journey to explore the Demo Farm of the world's favorite coffee - Nescafé. Simply driving into Nescafé's coffee farm in Kushalnagar, Coorg brought ...

अचारी मसाला रेसिपी - Achari Masala Recipe For Fresh Pickles

Wednesday, 03 October 2018 08:00

अचारी मसाला रेसिपी एक पारम्परिक रेसिपी है जिसका प्रयोग गुजरात में ताज़ा अचार बनाने के लिए किया जाता है. इस मसाले को सम्भारो ...

Achari Chole Aloo Tikki Chaat Recipe

Thursday, 27 September 2018 10:00

The Chole Aloo Tikki Chaat is a simple recipe of the popular street food of india. The Aloo Tikkis in this recipe have been baked to make them healthy and clean. The addition of sweet potatoes in the tikki has made them more nutritious too. The aromatic taste emanating from the chola, the chutneys and ...

Spicy Tacos With Creamy Apple Slaw & Crispy Sriracha Corn

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 13:00

These Spicy Tacos With Creamy Apple Slaw & Crispy Sriracha Corn are super simple to make at home and make perfect party appetizers. The thinly sliced apples are tossed along with onion, cabbage and carrots and mixed along with Veeba Eggless Mayonnaise, salt and crushed black pepper adds to the ...

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ब्रोकली मलाई कोफ्ता रेसिपी - Broccoli Malai Kofta Recipe

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 10:00

ब्रोकली मलाई कोफ्ता रेसिपी एक पोषण से भरपूर ग्रेवी रेसिपी है जिसमे कोफ्ते को बनाने के लिए पनीर और ब्रोकली का प्रयोग ...

पालक मशरुम फ्राई रेसिपी - Spinach Mushroom Stir Fry Recipe

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 08:00

कॉन्टिनेंटल पालक मशरुम फ्राई रेसिपी एक सरल और जल्द बनने वाली रेसिपी है जिसमे पालक और मशरुम को प्याज और लहसुन के साथ ...

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