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Hi there! This is my chance to talk to you as a founder of Archana's Kitchen. First, we love creating recipes keeping you in mind. At Archana's Kitchen we try to keep recipes simple, smart and seasonal without additives and preservatives. I hope you enjoy cooking recipes from our website where the sole effort is to make cooking simple for you. When you try out one of our recipes, we are longing to hear back from you. Do take your time to come back and share your comments, as your feedback means a lot to us.

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Spicy Bean Rice With Marinara Sauce & Jalapenos

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 10:16

This is a simple and delicious preparation of cooked rice, tossed and spiced up with marinara sauce, cooked rajma beans and Jalapenos. Perfect as a meal by itself or along with toasted garlic bread. The Veeba Marinara Sauce has the flavours of the tangy tomatoes, onions and garlic are rightly combined ...

Crunchy Falafel Wrap With Garlic Mayo

Monday, 24 July 2017 10:16

Middle Eastern style Lebanese wrap is rolled in a crispy chickpea Falafel along with lettuce, onions and drizzled with a delicious Garlic Mayo. When summers are around and you go on picnics with friends and family, the falafel wrap can be made quickly when you have the ingredients handy. In addition ...

Peri Peri Roasted Potato Wedges

Saturday, 22 July 2017 10:15

Potato wedges flavored with Veeba Peri Peri Sauce makes perfect finger food appetizer for parties. You can serve these potato wedges along with a Yogurt Dip or just as it is and it will taste delicious. It's healthy wholesome dish and makes a great tea time snack as well for kids when they get back from ...

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Veggie Chop Burger Recipe

Friday, 21 July 2017 10:15

The Veggie Chop Burger is an Indo-western vegetarian burger where the bun is sandwiched with a desi style vegetable cutlet. The chop is crunchy outside and soft inside; placed between a soft whole wheat burger buns with choice of your fillings like onion slices, tomato slices, crunchy lettuce leaves ...

Tofu & Peanut Noodles - Spiked With Sriracha Sauce

Thursday, 20 July 2017 10:15

If you are looking for a one pot noodles that can be made in a jiffy, then we have the right recipe that has great asian flavours.The flat rice noodles are tossed along with roasted vegetables, roasted peanuts and a spicy Veeba Sriracha sauce. The Veeba Sriracha Sauce has a fiery chilli flavour that ...

Published in East Asian Cuisine

Everyday Meal Plate : Yeruvalli Kuzhambu & Badanekayi Palya With Rice & Phulka

Thursday, 20 July 2017 07:16

Eating simple and healthy is necessary during our week days as it provides us the necessary nutrition. Therefore, we have created a better way to plan your day with a set menu that has been produced at our in house kitchen. This will help all our food lovers who are seeking the need to eat healthy as ...

Fruit & Vegetable Salad With Thousand Island Dressing

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 10:15

A salad that is packed with vitamins with the right combination of fruits and vegetables makes it a perfect starter for your day. It is very important include fruits and vegetables as a part of your everyday diet that will help you gain the right amount of nutrition needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. ...

Published in Salads

Egg and Harissa Sandwich Recipe

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 10:15

A lovely sandwich filled with soft fried eggs between two toasted bread and smeared with a delicious flavoured Harissa Sauce is always a dream to enjoy your mid day snack. The sandwich is very quick to make and all you need to is to fry the eggs to the right consistency and assemble the sandwich. The ...

Roasted Vegetable Pasta In Creamy White Sauce

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 18:14

The Roasted Vegetable Pasta In Creamy White Sauce is a filling one pot meal made with rich and creamy white sauce which is tossed with pasta and soft roasted vegetables. All you have to do is simply toss the pasta with a heap tablespoon of Veeba White Pasta Dressing and some roasted vegetables and ...

Published in Pastas and Pizzas

Homemade Fettuccine Pasta with Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce Recipe

Friday, 07 July 2017 12:50

Homemade Fettuccine Pasta with Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce Recipe is a simple and wholesome that is packed with flavors from roasted bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic and basil.  I am always in the lookout for healthy pasta and noodles in the market or even make one at home. I am sure many of you ...

Published in Pastas and Pizzas

ओटमील डोसा - Savoury Oatmeal Breakfast Crepes (Recipe In Hindi)

Friday, 07 July 2017 00:15

ओटमील डोसा एक सुपर सरल और शीग्र बनने वाली रेसिपी है. ओट्स में गेहूं के आटा, हरी मिर्च, अदरक और हरा धनिया मिलाया जाता ...

Weekly Breakfast Meal Plan - Poha, Dosa, Aloo Paratha & more

Sunday, 02 July 2017 15:32

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and making a breakfast that is wholesome is important. This week, we have curated a special meal plan which has recipe ideas from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, North India and a Continental Cuisine. Serve the breakfast with a bowl of fruits, a refreshing ...

Stuffed Bhindi Recipe With Peanuts

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 16:16

The Stuffed Bhindi Recipe With Peanuts, is a simple and yet quick recipe that you can make at home. The addition of tomatoes in the recipe, makes it perfect to have it along with phulkas or tawa parathas or even pack into your lunch boxes. Serve the Stuffed Bhindi along with Tawa Paratha and ...

Stuffed Mooli Paratha Recipe (Radish Flat Bread)

Monday, 19 June 2017 15:00

Stuffed Mooli Paratha Recipe is simple, wholesome healthy recipe that is made from grated white radish along with some spices is stuffed in a whole wheat flour dough. Stuffed Mooli paratha can be served for breakfast or any other meal, all throughout the year.  Serve Stuffed Mooli parathas on its ...

How to Cook Green Beans in a Pressure Cooker

Saturday, 17 June 2017 10:11

Steaming and cooking vegetables in a pressure cooker consumes less time and of course saves energy too. Steaming green beans in pressure cooker is simple quick and easy. It is important to use very less water in cooking and release the pressure immediately to retain the green color.

Spinach And Paneer Samosa Recipe With Figaro Pure Olive Oil

Saturday, 17 June 2017 10:10

The Palak and Paneer Samosa recipe is a delicious snack that you an serve as a tea time snack along with some ginger chai or as an appetizers for your parties.  If you know me by now, I love tea time snacks and my family loves it too. I had learnt this version of tea time snack at a party and it ...

Rava Kesari Bhath/Sooji Halwa Recipe (A Classic Semolina Breakfast Pudding)

Friday, 16 June 2017 10:15

Rava Kesari Bhath/Sooji Halwa Recipe is a pudding made from semolina, flavored with saffron and other spices topped with nuts. In most parts of Southern India, Kesari is served as part of an offering to God during festivities. The Sooji Halwa is made pure olive oil and believe me it does not alter the ...

Mixed Vegetable Sambar Recipe

Friday, 16 June 2017 10:13

The Mixed Vegetable Sambar recipe is a simple and quick method of making sambar in a single pot. The most important ingredient of making the sambar is the homemade sambar powder and every home and every kitchen in south india has a unique recipe of making the sambar powder. Below you will see ...

Published in Sambar Recipes

Kala Chana Masala Recipe

Friday, 16 June 2017 10:10

Kala Desi Chana is a delicious, spicy and flavorful curry that is made simple with a simple use of ingredients like onion garlic ginger and tomatoes along with garam masala and chillies. Cooking along with Figaro Olive oil makes this recipe healthy and delicious too.  Did you know: Higher ...

Sabudana Khichdi Recipe (Savory Tapioca Pearl Breakfast Pudding)

Friday, 16 June 2017 08:08

Sabudana Khichdi Recipe is a simple to cook and delicious to eat recipe that is healthy and widely used as fasting food in many Indian homes. The recipe is extremely low in fat and full of starch or carbohydrates and hence is a great food for a quick boost of energy. Although it is often served in India ...

Spicy Egg Biryani Recipe with Figaro Olive Oil

Friday, 16 June 2017 04:00

Spicy Egg Biryani is made with the combination of rice, eggs and a lot of spices. This is a perfect dish when you have guests at your home or if you are planning to organise a house party. Did you know: Pure olive oil is rich in Vitamin E - Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects body tissue from ...

Published in Rice

Lauki Chana Dal Recipe (Bottle Gourd Cooked in Lentil Curry)

Friday, 16 June 2017 02:13

Lauki Chana Dal is a nutritious recipe that combined the Bottle Gourd and lentils making it a perfect dish for a wholesome lunch or dinner. Lauki is also known as Doodhi or Giya and one of my favorite dishes while growing up. In the South, we make Kootu with the Lauki that was cooked along with lentils ...

Spruce Up Your Summer Entrees with These Chilean Dishes

Saturday, 10 June 2017 19:44

Summer is an excellent time to try out new things. And while you may get to go on vacation and learn how to deep sea dive or take up a brand-new hobby such as hiking or mountain climbing, it is also fun time to try out new foods, especially dishes that have a fiery south-of-the-border flavor. For your ...

Know How Juices You Can Fill Nutritional Gaps In Our Busy Lives

Saturday, 10 June 2017 19:36

Juggling between family and work to managing home, often I miss out on eating healthy and at the right times. At the back of my mind, I am well aware that my body is missing some essential nutrients that are needed to keep our mental and physical energy levels high.

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