Sweets and Indians are closely knit with each other. Indians love to have sweets during the course of their meals. A lot of Indian sweets are typically made from ghee and jaggery in combinations with semolina, whole wheat flour or gram flour to name a few.
Sweets made from jaggery have a religious significance. A Gujarati wedding engagement function is named after jaggery called Gol Dhana; where Gol means jaggery and Dhana means coriander seeds. In the event of a new business, work, new home jaggery is given to sweeten the palate to indicate a good start to the event.

Come every festival like Holi, Navaratri, Diwali the women folk of the Indian families are busy whipping up the traditional sweets for that occasion. The recipes in this section will guide you to making some of the tried and tested recipes that have been handed down through many generations. If you have never tried attempting sweets before, some of these recipes could be the easiest you could ever try.