Weekly Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas from Beetroot Paratha, Spinach Pasta, Masala Bhindi & More

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Planning lunch boxes are never easy. And we are back again this week to bring in new flavors into our lunch boxes. From Beetroot Paratha, Spinach Pasta, Masala Bhindi & More. This week we have have an almost no repeat day, where you can your kids can have wholesome and healthy lunch boxes to work and school. Ensure you read the planning tips, that will surely make life in the mornings much easier. 

Lunch Box Recipes

MenuSnack Box (3yrs & above)Lunch Box (6yrs & above)
Monday Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich Soya Kheema Paratha, Raita 
Tuesday Poha Buttermilk Idli, Chutney Lemon Rice, Yogurt 
Wednesday Carrot Onion Uttapam Recipe Masalewali Bhindi, Tawa Paratha
Thursday Eggless Whole Wheat Banana Muffins Recipe & Watermelon  Whole Wheat Beetroot Paratha, Pickle, Curd Rice 
Friday Watermelon, Nuts & Cheese  Spinach Corn Pasta in Whole Wheat White Sauce

Tips for Planning 

MenuPlanning & Tips
Monday  Have the stuffing for the kheema paratha, ready the previous day and also the dough knead ahead of time. This helps in making the lunch box quick in the morning rush hour.
Tuesday The idli and the lemon rice are extremely simple to make. The only prep work you need is to have some leftover rice from the previous day and the lemon rice will be done in a jiffy. 
Wednesday Ensure you have dosa batter ready and ground the previous day or on Monday. Having dosa batter through the week, really helps on days when you are in a rush - example make a quick uttapam. Cut the bhindi the previous day and then making the bhindi masala will take you no time.  
Thursday Bake a batch of muffins earlier in the week, and you can either pack them into a lunchbox or even give it to kids as an afterschool snack. For the beet parathas, knead the dough and the beets and keep ready to make the parathas fresh.
Friday  Have some watermelon cut the previous night, so packing them into the box becomes a breeze. In addition, cook pasta the previous day and have some cheese spread ready as well, then making the sauce and tossing the pasta is quick.