Weekly Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas from Milagai podi Uthappam, Kadai tofu sabzi, Crunchy Carrots In Hot Dogs Buns and more

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Our Weekly Kids lunch box ideas are a handy guide to plan your meals and dishes for the week to make your life easy in the kitchen, make the most of them. We are back again this week with our super delicious, no repeat lunchbox and snack box ideas, as filling the lunch box with nutrition and also with new flavours every day is a task. From Milagai podi Uthappam, Kadai tofu sabzi, Tomato Pulao, Crunchy Carrots In Hot Dogs Buns and much more. Plan your groceries and stock them to use these ideas and recipes to pack it into your kids lunch boxes. When you plan ahead and keep things ready it becomes easy for the packed routine mornings.

Lunch Box Recipes

MenuSnack Box (4yrs & above)Lunch Box (6yrs & above)
Monday Milagai Podi Uthappam Recipe, South Indian Coconut chutney Recipe, Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Recipe Chotti Aloor Dum Recipe (Baby Potatoes In Tomato Gravy), tawa paratha with grated carrot and cabbage salad
Tuesday Green Pea Pancake/ Matar cheela, Tomato garlic chutney recipe with fruits

Kadai Tofu Sabji Recipe with roti wrap, Green Moong Sprout Salad With Capsicum and Carrots


Crepes Stuffed with Nutella and Seasonal Fruits Recipe topped with almonds and nuts

Crunchy Ginger Capsicum Rice Recipe, Thatta Payaru Sambar Recipe (Black Eyed Beans Sambar), Yogurt and Apple


Tomato Pulav Recipe, Yogurt, chips

Fusilli Alla Caprese (Pasta With Cherry Tomatoes And Basil Leaves) Recipe, Fruits


Crunchy Carrots In Hot Dogs Buns Recipe, No bake peanut butter Granola bars

Beetroot Paratha Recipe flavored with Peanuts and Tadka Raita Recipe (Spiced Curd With Onions), Fresh seasonal fruits

Tips for Planning

MenuPlanning & Tips


It is always good to have Podis and Chutneys stocked for every week or 15 days as they make our life easy, Prepare Milagai podi and store it in airtight container. Make the Dosa batter, Coconut chutney and refrigerate. Make Chocolate crinkle cookies during the weekend and store in air tight container.
Boil the baby potatoes, make tomato puree and refrigerate also keep the ingredients ready so that everything is available to quickly make Chotti Aloo dum in the morning. Grate cabbage and carrot, keep in the fridge.


Make the Green pea batter and keep ready for pancake, also make the Tomato garlic chutney and refrigerate.
To make the Kadai tofu sabzi , ground the masala and also keep other ingredients like tofu cube, tomato puree ready. Next morning you only have to make stuffed with tofu sabzi stuffing and pack. For the Sprout salad make sure you soak the dal overnight and keep them tightly in muslin cloth for 4 hours. Combine sprouts and veggies make the salad and refrigerate.


Make the crepe batter and also the fruits stuffing and refrigerate for Crepes stuffed with nutella and seasonal fruits. Stock with nutella spread. You can avoid ice cream and just top it with finely chopped almonds and nuts.
For the Crunchy ginger capsicum rice you can chop the capsicum, assemble and keep all the ingredients ready. Cook the dal and keep it in the fridge, so that you can temper in the morning, also stock with yogurt.


Make the gravy for Tomato pulao with ground masala, tomatoes and mint leaves and keep it in fridge. Stock with yogurt and homemade Sweet Potato & Rosemary Crisps/ Chips , make them during weekend.Make the chunky tomato pasta sauce for Fusilli alla caprese.


For the Crunchy carrots in hot dog, make the yogurt spread and grated carrot and spring onion tossed in orange dressing prepared and refrigerated. Also have stock with Hot dog buns so that all you have to do in the morning is assemble everything and pack. Also Make No bake peanut butter Granola bars during the weekend and stock to use it for after school healthy snack or pack it to snack box. Prepare Beetroot and paneer stuffing and refrigerate. You can also make the dough and keep it in the fridge so that you can make parathas easily in the morning. Make the raita and keep also stock with fresh seasonal fruits during the weekend.