Daily Healthy Diet Plan: Lauki Chilla, Bhindi Tomato Sabzi, and Celery Soup for Optimal Health

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Welcome to your daily healthy diet plan! I’ve crafted this plan with care to boost your overall health and well-being. It’s packed with a variety of nutritious meals to support balanced nutrition, keep your energy levels up, and promote overall wellness.

Whether you're looking to improve your diet or manage your weight, this plan offers a structured approach to healthy eating. Today's menu includes a delicious breakfast, a wholesome lunch, and a satisfying dinner, all designed to provide a perfect balance of essential nutrients. Enjoy!

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Lauki Chilla, Chutney, and Chai: Start your day with lauki chilla, a savory pancake made with bottle gourd and gram flour, served with a tangy chutney and a comforting cup of chai.

Nutrition Benefits: This breakfast is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, helping to improve digestion and provide sustained energy throughout the morning.


Bhindi Tomato Sabzi, Jowar Aata Roti, Maharashtrian Kadhi, and Simple Steamed Beet Salad: Enjoy a wholesome lunch with bhindi tomato sabzi, jowar aata roti, flavorful Maharashtrian kadhi, and a simple steamed beet salad.

Nutrition Benefits: This meal is packed with antioxidants, fiber, and protein, supporting heart health, digestion, and overall wellness.


Celery Soup and Spicy Potato Sandwich: End your day with a light and nourishing celery soup paired with a spicy potato sandwich, perfect for a comforting and healthy dinner.

Nutrition Benefits: This dinner provides a good dose of vitamins, minerals, and healthy carbohydrates, aiding in digestion and promoting restful sleep.

Core Shopping List:


  • Bottle gourd (lauki)
  • Tomatoes
  • Okra (bhindi)
  • Celery
  • Beets
  • Potatoes
  • Green chilies
  • Coriander leaves
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Curry leaves

Grains and Flour:

  • Gram flour (besan)
  • Jowar aata (sorghum flour)
  • Whole-grain bread


  • Yogurt
  • Milk (for chai)

Pantry Staples:

  • Turmeric powder
  • Cumin seeds
  • Mustard seeds
  • Asafoetida (hing)
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Red chili powder
  • Oil (for cooking)
  • Tea leaves (for chai)
  • Cumin powder
  • Coriander powder
  • Fenugreek seeds

Core Equipment List: