Daily Meal Plan: Besan Cheela, Red Capsicum Chutney, Goan Curry, Bhurji Sandwich & more

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Welcome to our daily healthy diet plan that combines a variety of cuisines and flavors to ensure a balanced and delicious diet. Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast is crucial, and our selection includes a protein-packed Besan Cheela with Chatapa Paneer and a refreshing Papaya Banana Smoothie. For lunch, we dive into the rich and vibrant flavors of Goan cuisine with a Vegetable Curry and Brinjal Bharta, paired with a zesty Lemon Rice. In the evening, enjoy a light and healthy dinner with a Spicy Paneer Bhurji Pav Sandwich and a comforting Spinach Soup. Snacks are equally important, and our choices include a decadent Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl and a savory Masala French Toast.

This meal plan caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, ensuring everyone can enjoy these wholesome recipes. Remember, the key to a healthy diet is moderation and variety. Each recipe from www.archanaskitchen.com is designed to be nutritious, flavorful, and easy to prepare, making it simple to maintain a balanced diet.

Portion control is a crucial aspect of this diet, helping you manage your intake and maintain a healthy weight. We also recommend having an early dinner, allowing for a 12 to 14-hour fasting window every day, which has numerous health benefits including improved digestion and better sleep quality.

The recipes are simple to cook, providing the flexibility to prepare all or just a few dishes, allowing you to mix and match according to your preferences. By incorporating different cuisines, we bring diversity to your meals, making each day exciting and flavorful. For those who prefer a vegetarian diet, you can easily exclude non-vegetarian dishes without compromising on nutrition or taste.

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Starting the day with a nutritious boost! Besan Cheela stuffed with Chatapa Paneer, serving it along with a Red Capsicum Chutney and a refreshing Papaya Banana Smoothie. Perfect for a power-packed morning!


This Goan Vegetable Curry Recipe is a flavorful and aromatic curry packed with mixed vegetables and Goan spices. Serve it along with Goan Style Brinjal Bharta Recipe, a smoky and spicy eggplant dish that complements any Indian meal.

Dont miss the Chatpata Rajma Salad Recipe along with a Lemon Rice Recipe and a Pacha Manga Pachadi Recipe,  a Raw Mango PachadiA sweet and tangy raw mango relish that pairs beautifully with rice and curry.


This Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl Recipe is a rich and creamy smoothie bowl topped with fruits and nuts, ideal for a mid-day treat or an afterschool snack. Serve it along with a Masala French Toast Recipe which is a savory twist on classic French toast, infused with Indian spices. Your family will love it.


For Dinner, make a Spicy Paneer Bhurji Pav Sandwich Recipe and serve it along with a light and healthy Spinach Soup Recipe - a nutrient-dense spinach soup that is both light and nourishing.

Nutrition Benefits

These recipes provide a balanced intake of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The inclusion of vegetables, fruits, and legumes ensures a diet rich in fiber and antioxidants.

Core Shopping List:

  • Vegetables: Spinach, bell peppers, brinjal, tomatoes, lemons, raw mangoes, etc.
  • Fruits: Papaya, banana, seasonal fruits for smoothie bowls.
  • Proteins: Paneer, kidney beans.
  • Staples: Gram flour, spices (turmeric, cumin, coriander), rice, bread.
  • Pantry essentials: Olive oil, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic.

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