Beetroot Paratha Recipe (Kids Lunch Box Ideas)

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School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: Beetroot Paratha Recipe is made from whole wheat flour dough stuffed with grated beets that is sauteed until tender. Making the Beetroot Paratha came out just like that like a spart to my mind to see other ways to consume beets and the parathas and the combination worked out great. This thought process is in my constant endeavour to make school lunch boxes fun and exciting for the kids.

LUNCH BOX PACKING TIP: I smear the parathas with sweet lime pickle and also pack some curd rice or plain yogurt in another box. The yogurt helps to satisfy the dryness from the parathas, as well as helps in digestion.

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What the it has: 

- Carbohydrates, Proteins and Vitamins from the beets and the whole wheat gives this paratha taste and also the energy the kids require at school.

- Curd rice, or raita or even fruits along with this lunch box would make it a complete meal.

Lunch Boxes You Can Use: Rectangular Lunch Box or Steel Lunch Boxes