Check Out 12 Tools & Equipment To Keep Your Kitchen Clean - Our Favorite Is No. 4

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The kitchen is always a space of pride for the woman of the house. That’s exactly where deliciousness is continually supplied for everyone in the family to keep them enthralled. With an increased popularity of designing open kitchen and partially open kitchen in the modern homes, the need for a neat and spotless kitchen is ever more important to keep the house presentable; to the family members and to the guest visits. Skillfully organized and neat kitchen with lovely food is a boon that comes blessed on regular maintenance and cleaning. Hygienic food comes from a hygienic kitchen which does not accumulate dirt and germs anywhere.

To help you out in cleaning the kitchen and maintaining it presentable every day, we have made a list of the essential tools for a hygienic kitchen. In addition to all these tools for cleaning, it is always very important that the right kind of tool is used for a right part of cleaning the house and kitchen. Have as many tools as possible for separate cleaning since each area of your house like kitchen, washroom, patio, backyard, living area and bed rooms have distinguished needs and priorities of cleaning. The kitchen is a convergent area whose cleaning equipment must be kept separately for itself.

1. Gloves & Brushes


Rubber gloves are a must in every kitchen since you would want to protect your tender and beautiful hands from the abrasive surface and cleaning chemicals including dish washing bar or liquid. Kitchen tiles and chimney can be cleaned monthly with brushes and sponges to remove any oily stains.

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2. Spin Mop


A spin mop with wheels can help is easier mopping of kitchen spills and general floor cleaning without having to strain your back. The bendable neck of the mop helps you reach beneath fridge and tables to clean well. Usage of aromatic anti-bacterial cleaning liquid will maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

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3. Spray Cleaner


Spray window cleaner wipe can ease the weekly window cleaning an easier task. With the spray, it helps in even spread of cleaning liquid or water, wipes can clean the glass panes very well. It can also be used to clean kitchen appliances like refrigerator and oven. Weekly cleaning means that there would be clean window panes and flat surfaces. You could use them to clean the laminate surface of the modular kitchen too.

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4. Sponge Wipe


Have few natural fiber cleaning cloths to wipe the utensils after wash and partially dried. Have some of the absorbent clothes and good quality sponge wipes reserved to clean wet surfaces due to any spillage. These can be used to clean the surface of the kitchen appliances once in a while to avoid any oily accumulations. You can also keep separate colors of clean cloth in multiples for separate cleaning activities like drying the washed utensils, clearing any dry spillages like flour after cooking or drying the greens, vegetables or any pulses, and cleaning the wet surface of containers in fridge.

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5. Garbage Bag Holder


A plastic garbage bag holder can be convenient to dump the kitchen waste, especially while cutting veggies and fruits on the countertop. You could fix it to one of your kitchen drawers until the day's preparation for cooking is duly completed.

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6. Wire brush set 


Wire brushes exclusive for cleaning could be very helpful to tidy the least accessed areas like window rails, faucets, and taps or clogged gas burners. Have multiple wire brushes specifically meant for their job and clean the brushes ever time after use.

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7. Microfiber Cleaning Duster


Microfiber cleaning duster is helpful in removing the spider webs and light dust accumulation of any surface of the Kitchen furniture and furnishing. With increasing trend of having kitchen decors around, it is best you keep this very handy to clean the accumulated dust just about anywhere in the kitchen.

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8. Steel Scrubber

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Steel scrub, scrub with sponge and fiber scrub pads are a must in every kitchen to clean the daily utensils and cutlery. Scrub with sponge can be used on ceramic dinner ware and any glass and melamine utensils.

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9. Mini Brushes


Mini brushes are helpful in keeping the plastic straws of bottles and any small tubes of kitchenware without microbial growth. Make sure you have at least two mini-brushes among which, one is exclusive for water bottles and staws in it.

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10. Magic Sponge


Sponges and Magic sponge are to be stocked just in case of any greasy or oil spillage. It saves a lot of effort which would otherwise be used in scrubbing off with soap and rinsing with water before you wipe the affected surface dry again.

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11. Mini Dust Pan & Broom


Mini dust pan and broom are helpful in collecting the scraped peels and discards of veggies and fruits or food leftovers.

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12. Wall Mount Organizer


To keep most of the cleaning tools and equipment, you do need proper storage. That's precisely where you organize the cleaning tools in the least seen corner of your kitchen or the space below the sink. You can do this with various forms of hanging organizers that are available. Clean the equipment and dry them if necessary, before storing them away. You will need a self-draining organizer in addition to hanger-organizer, next-to or within the sink to keep the scrub and sponges handy.

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