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Monika is ex-IT person turned into a Food Blogger, Consultant, Home Baker and an Amatuer Food Photographer. From one role to many, she feels it's been an exciting journey. She is also the author of the hugely popular food blog "Sin-A-Mon Tales" in which she shares her reviews, recipes and food stories from her travels and childhood. She also writes for many online websites and publications. She is also an avid reader, an obsessive traveller and is always looking for food history and culture.

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Ulava Charu Recipe (Horse Gram Stew)

Sunday, 11 September 2016 00:39

Ulava Charu Recipe (Horse Gram Stew) is a Karnataka recipe where you cook the horse gram in a stew form. Horse gram is not widely used everywhere in our country. The Horse gram water is cooked with onion, tomato and coconut paste. The Horse gram water is cooked until it thickens and is served hot for ...

Spicy Haryana Style Egg Curry Recipe

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 00:07

A drive in Haryana's highways is never complete without a meal of spicy egg curry with fresh roti's. The dhaba variant is spicy, oily and delicious and this home adaptation of the same curry is an attempt to bring the same flavours to your table in a healthier manner. One of the things that stand apart ...

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Mangalore Fish Curry Recipe

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 00:06

Creamy Mangalore Fish Curry is one of my favourite ways to eat fish. It is fantastic paired with neer dosa, sanaas or steamed rice. The spices are well balanced with the coconut milk to make this delightful Konkan curry. Serve Mangalore Fish Curry with Neer Dosa, Steamed Rice or Appams for a perfect ...

Kolambi Bhaath Recipe (Maharashtrian Prawn Rice)

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 00:23

Kolambi Bhaath is a marathi style rice preparation with Prawns. To my mind it closely resembles tomato rice with added prawns. Cooked rice is mixed with prawns stir fried with onion and tomatoes along with some dry spices to make a delightful and yet easy lunch/dinner. Serve Kolambi Bhaath with Burani ...

Chicken Vindaloo Recipe

Saturday, 27 August 2016 00:38

Vindaloo is traditionally a Portuguese dish which made it's way to India and Goa in particular along with the invasion. Traditionally made with pork, over years the dish got infused with local Indian flavours as well as a chicken version started getting popular as a lot of people prefer chicken over ...

Mamsaam Chops Recipe (Lamb Chops in Black Pepper Gravy)

Friday, 26 August 2016 00:15

Andhra style Mamsaam Chops i.e Lamb Chops in Black Pepper Gravy is perfect for an evening drinks with friends or with steaming hot rice, dal and a dollop of ghee. The black pepper in the gravy gives the curry a fantastic flavour and depth. Serve Mamsaam Chops as a side dish with hot Steamed Rice, Phulka ...

Baby Corn, Cucumber And Sprouts Salad With Lemon Basil Dressing

Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:38

Baby Corn, Cucumber And Sprouts Salad With Lemon Basil Dressing is a perfect summer salad which is full of flavour and tastes delicious. It is yummy and takes less than 20 minutes to get prepared. Serve Baby Corn, Cucumber And Sprouts Salad With Lemon Basil Dressing with Garlic Bread on the side ...

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Broccoli Chilli Noodles With Grilled Salmon Recipe

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 00:36

Fish is said to be the best protein one can intake, low in fats and super high in Omega fatty acids, fish is excellent for health. Salmon is a fish which has a beautiful and unique flavour and hardly needs a lot of stuff to be done to it. More often than not a quick grill with salt, pepper, olive oil ...

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One Pot Creamy Spinach Lentils Recipe

Monday, 18 July 2016 09:19

One pot Creamy Spinach Lentils is a heavenly dish where we use lentils and Spinach is a match made in heaven whether it is the north Indian style Dal Palak Andhra style palak pappu or this creamy one pot spinach lentils which inspire it flavors from an American bake. It is perfect for a meal.  Serve ...

Calcutta Style Chicken Biryani Recipe

Monday, 18 July 2016 00:47

As far as biryani goes India has a fair variety, something to please everyone. Lucknowi Murg Biryani, Kongunaadu Pattani Biryani, and Hyderabadi Biryani are all the famous most regional Biryanis. This Calcutta Style Chicken Biryani is quite distinct in flavor from the rest and stands out with the use ...

Bacon Quiche Tart Recipe

Monday, 18 July 2016 00:11

Crisp shortcrust pastry, creamy egg and cream filling and smoky bacon make this Bacon Quiche Tart a dream come true.Quiche are delicacy from france which are usually eaten during the breakfast time, the basic quiche recipe is with a egg custard and flavoured with some herbs and onions and leeks.  Perfect ...

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Raw Banana Cutlet Recipe - No Onion No Garlic Jain Cutlet

Friday, 15 July 2016 00:26

A healthy gluten free appetizer, Raw Banana Cutlet Recipe uses absolutely No Onion & No Garlic Apart from being delicious, this Raw Banana Cutlet is also very healthy.  A complete Jain Recipe, as it uses no root vegetables or onion or garlic for that matter. Perfect for rainy ...

Savory Ricotta Tart Recipe

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 00:27

Sun dried tomatoes, Olives and Ricotta come together in this fantastic tea time tart called Savory Ricotta tart Recipe. The classic flavors make it a delight to eat any time of the day though. It can be included in the tea party or as an appetizer for the dinner time. Serve the Savory Ricotta Tart Recipe ...

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Raw Banana Thoran Recipe

Monday, 11 July 2016 00:57

Raw Banana Thoran is a common dish in Kerala and is widely served as a side dish. One cannot think of vegetarian food from God's own country and miss mentioning the thoran. This lightly spiced stir-fry is made with many vegetables and makes the taste of the vegetable taste yummy. In this Thoran we are ...

Chicken Mapas Recipe (Chicken in Coconut Milk Curry)

Tuesday, 05 July 2016 00:32

Thinking of the vast variety of Chicken curries available in India is a drooling affair for me. I wonder at small variations in ingredients creating huge taste range. Even with the chicken curry recipes that I know of, I can cook unique chicken curry recipes for weeks. Chicken Mapas Recipe or Kozhi Mapas ...

Nandan Kozhi Recipe (Kerala Style Chicken Curry)

Tuesday, 05 July 2016 00:29

Nandan Kozhi gets it's intense flavour from roasted coconut and whole spices. I have eaten many variations of Kerala style chicken curry as it is the case usually with all Indian food, the flavours change almost every 50-100 kms but this which I ate at a friend's house a few years ago remains to be the ...

Dal Chingri (Bengali Style Channa Dal And Prawns) Recipe

Sunday, 03 July 2016 00:56

I have to admit that the first time I ever heard of this combination it did sound a little strange to me, though meat and lentils are paired together once in a while it isn't a very common practice to do so. In this Bengali dish, chana dal, vegetables and prawns come together in a creamy curry which ...

Chicken Manchurian Dry Recipe

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 00:03

This Chicken Manchurian Dry is a lip smacking dish that is easy, quick and delicious,can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish along with the main course.  Manchurian might not be an original Chinese dish but as far as we Indians are concerned, it is our most loved Chinese dish. Whether it ...

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Mulakootal (Vegetables In Coconut Gravy) Recipe

Monday, 13 June 2016 00:13

Mulakootal is essentially a home style south Indian curry made with a medley of vegetables, lentils and coconut. A part of many routine lunches and often made with whatever vegetables handy at home. Mulakootal is also said to be the inspiration behind the famous "Mulligatawny Soup". The curry is healthy ...

Asian Style Tofu in Spicy Orange Sauce Recipe

Saturday, 11 June 2016 00:32

Asian Style Tofu in Spicy Orange Sauce Recipe is prepared with tofu, as the name suggests. Tofu is one of the primary sources of Vegan protein and an excellent addition to your weekly protein quota. It also shines in Asian-style preparations since it is inherited to their cuisine. This Asian Style Tofu ...

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Chettinad Style Chilli Gobhi Recipe

Thursday, 09 June 2016 00:02

Cauliflower or gobi is one of the most versatile vegetables I have seen. It adapts so well with most of the cuisines, whether they are Indian or International and this rendition of Chettinad style crispy chilli gobhi with pepper & chillies will you asking for more. Chettinad Style Chilli Gobhi is ...

Pumpkin Erissery Recipe (Kerala Style Pumpkin Sabzi with coconut)

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 00:26

Pumpkin Erissery Recipe (Kerala Style Pumpkin Sabzi with coconut) is a traditional recipe of Kerala which is a must have in the Onam Sadya and other festive feasts. Easy to make and healthy, this dish typically is made with pumpkin and coconut. Sometimes other vegetables are also used to make erissery, ...

Beetroot Falafel With Pita Bread Recipe

Sunday, 05 June 2016 00:08

Beetroot Falafel With Pita Bread Recipe is a Lebanese cuisine recipe which is made out of healthy vegetables and is served with pita bread. It is a traditional Lebanese food that is healthy and looks attractive also. It supplies a good amount of nutrients through beetroot and chickpeas. This Beetroot ...

Punjabi Style Spicy Arbi Sabji Recipe

Saturday, 04 June 2016 00:21

Many foodies from North India feel that this Punjabi Style Spicy Arbi Sabji is their favourite way to eat Arbi/ colocasia. It is also an easy recipe to make. Crispy and spicy, it goes really well with hot and flaky paranthas or soft phulkas with a touch of ghee and Spiced Rajma Pulao to make a scrumptious ...

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