Excited about New Year parties this year? Wait! Here’s a perspective. EventsHigh features 8 super fantastic parties in the city that are also going to be serving a variety of scrumptious food at the parties. Now you can pick events that serve food absolutely pleasing to your taste buds and the perfect food to your soul!  

Performing everyday tasks can seem like an uphill struggle if you’re not flexible. Try these 10 simple moves to loosen and limber up!

Many of the vegan and vegetarian recipes are recreated including meat and seafood to vary and improvise. It appears we hardly discover that there are umpteen non-vegetarian delicacies of the finest World cuisines that can come out equally well with “only vegetarian ingredients”. Few recipes like Pad Thai, Wonton, Khow Suey or Massaman dishes go unexplored in vegetarian kitchens owing to the general conception and non-vegetarian branding.

Cooking and Baking has been becoming the most sought after career prospect, as well as a fun hobby. Letting you learn, discover and master the art of cooking, Events High lists out some of the best Cooking Classes in various parts of the city. With great cooking classes and cooking events coming up in Bangalore, check out the nearest around you and don’t miss it!

Before you begin to cook vegetables, whether in the steamer or pressure cooker, it is essential to clean them thoroughly. Rinse the vegetables under running water. Wherever possible, avoid peeling off the skins, to retain maximum nutrients. And when eating peels, it is imperative to thoroughly scrub vegetables, especially root vegetables and spuds.

It is important that you cook the vegetables for as little time as you can to preserve nutrition. Although there are many different methods for cooking vegetables, I personally like the pressure cooker method as it is fast and also retains nutrition.

Measuring ingredients are important as we all look out for perfection, in every new recipe we create. Though our mums and grandmas managed without any standard measurement and used “Andaz” in everyday cooking; in today's busy life the use of measures make it easier to cook without missing out on any ingredients. Measuring and laying out ingredients before you not only speeds the process but also gives you the confidence. Measuring ingredients becomes crucial when it comes to baking, as baking requires accurate measurements to get the best outcomes of cakes, brownies or breads.

Dinnerware & Serveware is usually made of ceramic (chinaware) or stone. Collection of Dinnerware & Serveware in a home displays the artfulness and taste of the family. Ardent fans of these have a reserved space in the China Cabinet of the home. These Dinnerware & Serveware need minimum maintenance but is important that you handle them with care as they are susceptible to breakage. This article throws light on how to care for your crockery better, such that you could pass it on to the next generation, as family heirlooms.

Clove is an aromatic spice that is the flower bud of Clove tree which are native to Indonesia. The clove flower buds have a pale yellowish tinge and the clove buds are ready to harvest when it turns pinkish to bright red. The cloves are harvested along with stalks, dried in sun or under mechanical/electronic drier.

When a new house is being built or the old kitchen is being remodeled, we tend to browse a lot of kitchen designs to finalize how our kitchen would look. We also need to be aware of the kitchen ergonomics. Kitchen ergonomics is essentially keeping everything in the kitchen in a way which is easily accessible. This includes organizing the kitchen shelves and drawers orderly so that you need not clutter and disturb any other utensil, tool or container while you are looking for something. 

The most awaited holiday fun season is almost here and we’re excited to introduce some of the best events in town! There are a trillion fun ways to welcome the New Year, and what better than an absolute amazing food fest or a special cooking session this holiday season? Events High has put together some of the best Food Fests and Cooking Classes that you need to be at, for this fun December. Well, if it is a gathering of people in for some celebration then it’s only fair to include some yummilicious food to the scene!

Tofu is a block of bean curd prepared by coagulating the soy milk. With great protein in it (about 42%) tofu is considered as a meat replacement for vegetarians and a main source of protein for vegan diet. Tofu with a faint nutty taste is a major ingredient in Asian cuisines like Thai and Chinese. While its nutritional benefits are majorly talked about, the inconclusive research about its anti-nutritional properties is much debated.

Work your way to a healthy and fit life by doing these simple exercises at work. What you do for a living may be good for your pocket, but not so good for your health. Continuing research shows that a desk job and a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of heart disease significantly and can lead to chronic health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and depression.

New to Yoga? Get your fundamentals right by these Yoga for Beginners asanas that not only help beat stress, but also improve posture, concentration and blood circulation. It’s easy to rid your skin off toxins. All you need to do is dry brush and scrub, but what should one do to get rid of the toxins present inside the body?

During current times, owing to busy lifestyles, most of us are unable to spend time in the kitchen and cook the way our grandmas once did. That said, learning to cook has never been so easy – One can learn to cook with recipes from online, join classes or even hire a personal chef to teach. Browse the Events Highlight below for cooking and baking classes around town that would help you dish out tasty, colorful, delicious, healthy and finger-lickingfood! So put on your apron, roll up your sleeves and get ready to rediscover the pleasures of cooking, baking and of course tasting!

With the local food movement gaining steam across the world, we suggest you opt for Indian Superfoods over exotic ones

Rice is the staple food of the world, succeeded by wheat, and corn. Rice is a high glycaemic index which means it is high in absorbable sugars. With few of the easiest form of carbohydrates in nature, these are light on stomach and are great idea of staple food for gluten-free diet. Since rice contains simpler carbohydrates, it is a quick energy provider, when compared with most other staple foods of the world. Easily digested despite of less fibre, unless it is wild rice or brown rice, owing to simple carbs again. Here are various types of rice you ought to know about, and their relevance in daily food.

It fits perfect to call cooking, as ‘an art’ in itself, considering there is so much more to cooking than just making the food look appetizing. While cooking can also be a hobby and a career, it works to be a great fun experience to learn from well experienced chefs on the do's and don't's of cooking. Events High provides a completely convenient platform for both organizers and participants who are looking out to conduct or take classes & workshops on cooking. 

Oil is one of the trivial ingredients in any kitchen, without which cooking becomes virtually bland. Though the cooking oil is usually not meant to add flavour or colour to the recipe that is cooked, sometimes while preparing the vinaigrettes or salad dressings, oils and the infused oils are expected to impart their flavour and colour to the recipe. While most of us know which oil to be used for particular recipes out of practice, let us shed some more light on the type of oils and their usage.

The dining table is one of the most important rooms of the home where great conversations take place and where family gets together for different meals of the day.  As dining table is usually placed in between the house, it is very necessary to make it look organised and neat. When you have a family with children, most often you like to keep certain snacks handy for mid day snacking.

Fridge is one of the most important electronic items in our kitchen. With our hectic and busy lives, we couldn't even imagine a single day without fridge. We almost store everything in our fridge so that it doesn't get spoilt within 2 or 3 days. From leftover, vegetables to other food items, we are totally dependent on our fridge to keep them fresh and edible.

Preparing the perfect meal for family and friends demands more than just great cooking. To place dishes on the table for the family so they come out hot and ready to serve is one of the biggest challenges that one faces, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many different types of casseroles and even electrical ones that are designed to keep food hot so you can spend quality time with your family.

Dried beans, lentils, and peas – more commonly known as beans and dal – are widely used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. Lentils and dry beans are the product of pulses which have two cotyledons (can be split into two). Various delicious sweet and savory recipes including appetizers, main course, and even desserts are prepared with dals and beans. Especially dals are next only to their staple food – rice and wheat – to the Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine.

There are days when we feel not being the complete person that we are. It might be an externally triggered feeling arising from the work stress, family pressure or bad events, or an internal sinking feeling we rarely encounter. That sinking feeling in women might also be a mood swing arising due to menstruation (periods), pregnancy or during early months of delivery. What if you could set your mood right by eating different mood building foods? There are a few foods which have the nutrition and enzymes to trigger the mood-influencing hormones in our body.

Black rice is the deep dark short grain variety of rice that is originated from China and Asia. Black rice is sweetish to taste and has a nutty feel about its texture. Black rice was available only for the members of the royal family for a long period. As people realized the potential benefits of eating black rice, is when the black rice was grown commercially and common people also were given access.