New Year Resolution: 5 Goals That Will Help You Boost Your Health

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New Year is just around the corner and we are busy in retrospection and planning for the year to come. With every passing year, our priorities change according to various phases of life that we are in. A task we all love to do during year end is making an agenda about how we want to see ourselves in the approaching year, with the New Year resolutions.

There are many dimensions of our life that the New Year resolution should be spread across. We enlist studies, career, behaviour, attitude, health and fitness among the topmost in the list to modify ourselves in, since the resolutions made at a pivotal moment are to stay solid and be fulfilled. We drive ourselves to bring the change that we want to see. We all experience a proud feeling when we retrospect the positivity of the resolutions that we could stick to and fulfil.

Health is one of the most important perspectives of life to keep us going, and what we eat matters the most to keep our bodies healthy. Since a healthy mind is in a healthy body, we must prioritize how and what we eat. Explained are the top 5 things to cut down, with regards to our eating habits. After all, we need a great health to achieve life’s objectives and to work for the goals we resolve during turn of the tide.

1. Cut down oil

Limit the consumption of oil and oily ingredients. Work easy, by limiting daily consumption of oil to about 2-3 teaspoons per person. Resort to healthier ways of cooking, by sautéing, shallow frying, steam-cooking or oven baking. Cut down on use of any excess oil in every day recipes. See to it that you do not see any excessive grease on your food. Restrict oiling flat breads like parathas or dosas to few drops.

Oil can be minimized in the following ways, to give you an idea

2. Cut down red meat

Red meat is an ingredient with lot of fats that are not good for the body and health of heart. Red meat like pork (from adult pig), beef, wild boar, birds except chicken- tend to accumulate elements which increases the risk of diabetes and colon cancer as well. Best way is to limit red meat to one or twice a week and substitute red meat with white meat, pulses, mushrooms, healthy dairy products and tofu.

You can avoid red meat by resorting to recipes like-

3. Cut down carbs

Apart from burning down the accumulated fat, being conscious about intake of carbohydrates is also known for other benefits. Blood pressure and blood sugars are much in control, increases HDL (good cholesterol), type 2 diabetes is under check, with lower carbohydrates consumed. Rely on low carb diet and ensure the all-round nutrition is also taken care of.

Take a look at low carb foods that gives you an idea of cutting down on carbs.

4. Cut down junk

Junk is any food that is calories intense and poor in other nutrients. Fast foods often lead to obesity, depression, nutrient deficiencies, diabetes and high sodium levels. Resorting to healthier foods almost every time you feel like indulging in junk food takes junk out of one’s personal food equation.

Here are a few instances of healthy foods you can resort to, instead of junk food from food joints.

5. Eat only when you are hungry

Sometimes we tend to overeat our favourite foods at odd times. Over time, this might lead to intervention in the biological clock within oneself. Owe yourself that you will neither overeat nor tend to eat at inappropriate intervals. Consuming only the amount that the body needs is the best way to call it a healthy way of life.

Here are few healthy juice and smoothies to feel fuller when you feel you have unreasonable sudden cravings.